The Krass are a Precursor Empire
The "Krass" are considered a precursor race, a species that existed in times immemorial, before the founding of the First Gigaquadrant's empires, and now lies exctinct/missing from the universal community in the SporeWiki Fiction Universe.

Powerful. Wise. Givers. The name Krass resonates as an echo throughout the universe, as their might remained unchallenged across the stars for eons as they expanded their empire and their vision throughout the cosmos. Today, many young races disown them and their relics are a thing of times immemorial. One thing is certain though, we, as well as the galaxy at large, owe our very existence and purpose to them, our forefathers.

- Singul'Aren

The Krass, as ancient writings and near-desolated carvings name them, are a very ancient species that predated the universe and extended over several galaxies in a time when the universe was almost completely devoid of intelligent life and the few sapient races rushed to dominate their respective home galaxies. The Krass empire is known to have extended at least to three different galaxies into what their old records name "Hegemony", which are the Tigris, Chandras, and Kaas galaxies. Whether they influenced other galactic bodies is unknown but the possibility of them colonizing galaxies beyond what today is known as the First Gigaquadrant is still kept close by scholars who dig and research archeological sites to this date.

The Krass, above everything else, were expert geneticists and terraformers who considered themselves to be "life-givers" and "star seeders". If any policy used to rule the Krass, it was probably that they considered the Universe to be their heritage and territory in its entirety, possibly driving them to expand to other galaxies whereas other Ultraterrestrial empires contemporary to the Krass preferred to remain on their galaxy. The Krass were progenitors and sought to spread intelligent life to the entire universe, making them responsible for seeding many worlds with potential sapience rates. Standing tall as their greatest creation and self-proclaimed heirs to the Krass's prerogative, the Krassio are by far the Krass' greatest progeny in the Universe, albeit the former still need to evolve to a point where they can expand and dominate as their precursors did.


It is very well-conceived that the Krass held a crushing influence over several galaxies in ancient times. The Krass used wormhole-like constructs to teleport themselves to other galaxies, capable of bending the laws of time and space thanks to their advanced technology. The Krassio, their most famous creations are still to retrieve all of the different relics and artifacts left by their mysterious predecessors. Their history is a little convoluted due to the fact that their history continued to evolve throughout millennia, and the Krass did not seem to be fond of recording their history in any format known to the modern universe. The Krassio have, however, successfully activated several aspects of their technology, such as their subspace drives and dimensional AIs to draw infinite supplies of energy as well as their mastery of gravity manipulation. Using their signature psionic energies, the Krassio have started to break down the history of their ancestors and put the pieces together on all the secrets they held.

Ancient depiction of a Krass, drawn in a temple dedicated to the "Life-givers".

Separately from the Krassio, the Krass are also evidenced by the many rudimentary paintings that fill the caverns and temples of countless worlds in galaxies such as Tigris and Chandras depicting them as benefactors, distant gods, even rulers.


One thing is certain among the amalgam of data extracted from their relics is that the Krass originated somewhere in the Tigris Galaxy and that they spread in a time span of thousands of years, defeating any possible rival and bringing their unique perspective of the universe to any species they encountered. The Krass were patronizing of other civilizations, and many were allowed safe passage throughout their territory. The Krass were evolved reptilians who had evolved to draw their sustenance from stars, or so the stories about them say. It is unknown if this meant that their technology allowed them to harness any kind of matter or substance from stars or celestial bodies or if they actually managed to alter themselves in a way that close proximity to one would provide the nutrients needed for their bodies to sustain themselves.


The Krass established an empire that influenced a known estimate of three galaxies, where they acted as a protectorate for smaller empires and less advanced civilizations. Many of these primitive species were created or patronized by the Life-givers as the latter would come to master biology, genetics and unknown concepts of creation itself. Many of these species were not even aware of the Krass as they progressed and prospered throughout the space stage of their life-cycle. The Krass were witnesses to many things such as the downfall of countless civilizations and the birth of many more.

However, their imposing authority and system made many of the contemporary species wary of them, as they promoted space colonization and expansion across the cosmos, something that would eventually cause their downfall.


With the Krass ever-expanding, many things of their history are still missing and are considered mysterious. However, one thing is clear above the other facts, and that is their downfall. The Krass expansion soon reached its climax and they were the apex civilization of their time across the stars. Few stood as worthy rivals, such as the Oikoumene or the Nauceans from the Milky Way. They even competed with the Grox Empire, who liked to spread and inhabit the massive gravitationally-pulled cores of galaxies they discovered, for territory and the influence of species, finding themselves in direct opposition to the Grox ideals of xenophobic conquest (them being extremely patronizing of more primitive civilizations). The Krass had met their neighbors and lived on, making them believe there was nothing that would be able to ever bring down the magnificent empire they had built. However, their aggressive expansion soon came face to face with the horror that will hunt them down to the edges of every galaxy until they were extinct or lost. The Krass discovered a new cluster of galaxies ripe for colonization now called the Tuuros sector. As their ships arrived, they encountered yet another primordial race that had expanded across the cluster effectively and brutally: the Zhulultu.

Their differences too great for them to ever have peace, the Krass' beneficial policies immediately contrasted the Zhulultu's view of the universe since the latter saw themselves as the ultimate form of existence. War broke out between these two empires. A war that was known to many as the battle of the gods. The Zhulultu effectively defeated the Krass with their superior essence-based technology and Ultraterrestrial levels of scientific achievement. The Krass soon saw a true predator in their way of life. The Tuurosian ancients brought their whole might to bear, and in a war that lasted approximately 5,000 years, the Krass abandoned their remaining homes and attempted to make a desperate jump into unknown space, with many of the fleeing ships destroyed by ambushing Zhulultu weaponry.

Who survived and who did not is up to speculation, but the truth is that the Krass paid a high price of their views on the universe. The most difficult galaxy for the Zhulultu to conquer was the Tigris Galaxy, the birthplace of their enemies. The Krass poured the entirety of their knowledge into creating a new species that would become their successors in their ways of life. The Krass gave them great psionic potential and left signs and wondrous temples in several of their planets in an age-spanning plan of revenge and retribution against the Zhulultu. This successor race was to be called Krassio, the Children of the Stars.


As Ultraterrestrials, the Krass specialized their technology and is considered advanced even for Krassio standards (despite being their most active observers and researchers). The bulk of their technology was adapted by the Krassio to implement psionic essence as a power source and quantum-based computing instead of the energy source the Krass used in their time, although the base blueprints of their energy cores indicate that the Krass-built cores and generators drew their power from exotic matter, possibly from other dimensions (either built or explored by the Krass).

The Krass Terraformer used by the Krassio on Civa Ghenes (center) pales in size to Krassio Vessels, dwarfed even by the frigates.

The Krass were also prominent developers and proponents of a highly advanced integrated circuitry and micro-technology, allowing them to use items, ships, and constructs that did not require entire engineering rooms or warp core decks, even additional space for hardware. This seemed to affect their culture heavily, as no traceable or derelict cruiser-sized ships have ever been found, but vessels equipped with multi-tools and a vast array of weaponry and beams. Using their agency throughout parallel pocket universes, they were able to store countless amounts of items, even individuals, on ships no bigger than freighters.


  • The Krass were thought before by their creator as a counterpart to the Grox, eventually becoming the precursors of the psionic essentials known as the Krassio.
  • The Krass have been reworked several times due to their convoluted lore and storyline before the Valader finally fixed them.