Krann Are quadrupedal reptiles native to Alcanti's northern continent. Due to their widespread domestication and habits, Krann can be considered the Draconis alalogue of the dog. This widespread domestication means that they can be found on almost any world the Draconis have settled and are frequently used in hunting, warfare, sport, as companions and even food. Krann meat is very popular within the colonies. Within Draconis culture the Krann embodies ferocity, dedication and the hunting instinct

War Krann are significantly larger and heavier than other breeds and can measure up to 1.6m in height and come close to weighing 380kg.



The body is covered in a thick layer of scales on the top and a thinner layer along the stomach. These scales vary in colour but most frequently they would be coloured based on their terrain. Krann are born a muddy brown colour but three months after birth this colour changes to adapt to the surroundings and this trait is prevalent even in domestic breeds.

They stand on four muscular legs and have a very flexible spine allowing them to reach speeds of up to 50mph, their large lungs provide the oxygen they need to maintain this speed. Krann have voracious appetites and a high metabolism, which is often more potent in running breeds such as those used in racing or for warfare. Their eyes are protected with thick eyelids, gving them a narrow-eyed look. Krann posess a few bone extrusions on their bodies - most noticeably a small pair of horns and a row of studs on their backs - that provide it with added protection from above. Their muscles are very elastic which help it reach such high speeds. Krann meat (A popular ingrediant in Draconis quisine) is very tender when cooked.

Unlike the Draconis, Krann have dichromatic vision; they have only red and blue colour receptors and as a result are unable to recognise shades of green. Their noses and ears outperform human senses and the base of the foot is very sensetive - this sensetivity does fade with age as the foot takes on a more leather-like texture. Krann vocalise similar to other crocodillians and make various hissing and grunting noises.

Krann are egg-layers and lay between 3-7 eggs at a time. These eggs typically hatch after seven months and the Krann themselves have three distinct mating seasons within a 420-day period.


Krann require long periods of rest between hunts and can sleep for up to 10 hours per day. In the abscence strenuous activities they can go for days without sleep and are highly energetic. Wild Krann can often be found hunting in packs of seven or more, one or two will leap onto the back of the prey while the others attack the legs and force the prey to fall over. A Krann will launch itself at a target before pinning it down and will primarily attack the prey's throat.

They are very protective of members of their pack (This mentality can extend to owners if the creature has lived with them for long enough) however there is evidence they are both intelligent and empathic, able to wark out which strangers are good and which ones are bad. This behaviour has coined the phase "Hiss of lies" which refers to a Krann's ability to notice when someone cannot be trusted, emitting a low-pitched hiss when agitated.

Juveniles are cared for by a mother for three years before they are ready to fend for themselves. When one approaches a nesting mother she will emit a low-pitched hiss (a typical sign of aggrevation and anxiety for them) unless the mother has a relation with whatever is approaching - such as a mate or owner. Adolescents and older are very wary of strangers and their trust must be gained before they will accept the person. Once this trust is gained they become very loyal and it is common for a one of them to rise up in defence if their owner/friend/pack member is threatened, standing in front of the agitator and arching their backs.



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