Talk about an amazingly useful piece of technology.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

The System is a Kralgon developed advanced network operated by a series of AI cores. It allows its operators to monitor and enhance the performance of all soldiers deployed in combat via the nanomachines within their bodies, in addition to monitoring and keeping the psychological state of citizens and all personell in check. All information of an individual starship, organism, device and more is collected by the nearest AI core, which is linked to a huge network of AIs across the Unified Nation's territory and beyond.

Notably, the system is used by the Unified Nation of Ottzello as UNOS, the Unified Nation of Ottzello Sysetm, is an advanced network operated by UNO's AI cores, centrally controlled by the UNO Omega Commander. UNOS is all linked into the Borealis Grid, where it gathers information and sends to the other AIs, as well as of course making decisions. The System is the basis of UNO's government.


Early history[]

The System of the Kralgons was developed when Kralgon War AI cores, whose task was to look at the military and find improvement, noticed there were still nervous soldiers and that the soldiers needed to be controlled. So they developed nanomachine technology. The technology would control the nervous system, and the emotions in the brain. It was very complex technology which took the very brightest Kralgons and most advanced AI's to nail it. The Nano machines were undergoing improvements for some time, and they allowed the clones they developed to be literally emotionless, and made Heavy troopers into harder soldiers quicker. It also meant that Kralgons could essentially control the person's body, which proved rather useful.

Perils of Ottzello[]

Second Ottzello Galactic War

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon Invasion Force found another use- to control the Loron hordes. Thisproved a very effective way to keep the Loron under a leash.

However, Zaarkhun found another use for it; they counterfitted it and used it to lead his own armies, as well as to ensure prisoners he kept could fight for him.

Third Ottzello War/UNO

The System as the New Kralgon Empire's downfall in the Third Ottzello Galactic War. They were using this to control their slaves, the Loron, and when UNO hacked it, the Loron turned on their masters, allowing UNO to destroy the Kralgon's sources of power. Another chain of events led to the Kralgon joining UNO. Afterwards, the System's secuirty was made much more advanced, using Taldar artifacts which not only boost security, but means that no one can enter the locations where the system can be tampered with (time will reverse for hackers and intruders, meaning they never arrived to hack, plus they'll be killed by Dark Chronoscopic strikes, or nearly killed and put in prison).

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

The sudden arrival of the Second Borealis Galactic War required many new developments to be made for UNO with The System. For one, the nanomachines made the standard brain implant mandatory, which was much more efficient as it required less work from the individual nanomachines. It also allowed the nanomachines to develop implants with little surgical involvement, making implants more cost effective.

Possibly the most important upgrade to The System was the Borealis Grid. This provided a new medium for energy supply (added with zero-point energy extractors), as well as a new, much more powerful medium for transmitting data to the AI Cores; it was faster, smoother, and the Grid was a source of new information about the galaxy that The System's AI Cores could decipher, manage and interpret, making strategies and micromanagement more efficient.

AI Network[]


Not to be confused with the AI Netspace

The System is, essentially, a collection of every intelligent consciousness in UNO; any brain, computer, robot or anything with any form of intellect, biological or technological, is part of The System's network. The AI Cores of the system gather this information and send it to a larger AI core, which processes the informaton and makes calculations with the help of the smaller cores and all the individual species. Any important calculation or decision being made that concerns a member of The System will be consulted, and will be able to make their decision within an hour, making decision-making a lot smoother and faster. If an AI Core in an area fails, a backup core will come online. AI Cores will come in many forms (and are often made of multiple parts); in individuals (with AI brain implants), in supercomputers, and in database intelligences (such as the Vida'Rranlora).


Higher ranking authorities in The System's hierarchy have more control than others; a military General would have more control than an ordinary citizen, and an AI core in charge of an entire planet would have more control than an AI core in control of a city. All these major AI cores collect the data of the smaller intelligences that are transmitted through, process the data, and make calculations, but an intelligence such as an individual, who has personality, is normally required to validate and help calculate these decisions made.

The largest AI core is the UNO Omega Commander. The Cores, ranked from highest to lowest in hierarchy, are as follows:

  1. UNO Omega Commander
  2. Sector
  3. Subsector Cores (or Colonial Area Cores depending on the area covered)
  4. Solar System Cores
  5. Planetary Cores (Starship Cores, depending on size, have the same authority)
  6. Settlement Cores
  7. Home Cores.

The Home Cores, for example, gather the information and messages from anyone living in said house and make calculations based on their decisions; the Settlement Cores then gather that information from all Home Cores, and transmit it to the Planetary Core, where, should it concern an entire solar system, shall be sent to the Solar System Core, and should it concern any other area of the Subsector shall be sent to the Subsector Core; if it is a colonial planet in a non-UNO subsector, it shall be sent to a Colonial Area Core.


It is known that the System also passes through devices, such as vehicles, AI Weapons, handheld weapons and robots like the Tralkikianoe. Each device has its own AI (whether it is small or large), and can make calculatons and thoughts for itself, but will always transmit all information to the AI Core in charge of it, which will process the information and make all necessary calculations referring to its decisions.


Every organism part of The System is required to contain nanomachines (through injection or from birth). The nanomachines aid the individuals' performances, and also gather the information of the individuals' real-time data and send it to the AI Cores. Nanomachines also construct a miniature AI implant to the individuals' brain (although implants are now made as part of the individuals' genetic code); this implant improves the performance of the brain and is in charge of the bodies' nanomachines, and the transmission of data.

The System use extremely advanced nanomachines in order to heal faster, kill diseases and keep body temperature, blood levels and bones in check. They also enhance growth, strength and toughness, making The System's soldiers greater in war. furthermore, they can even alter emotions by editing the nervs in the nervous system. They could be used to examines the creature's DNA. Essentially, they could control a creature this way. The nano-machines' energy comes from body heat, and several can have solar chargers attached to the user's bodies. Users constantly get nanomachine "injections" which either update the nano-machines or replace old, broken ones.

The CSC - Central System Co-ordinator - is a device consisting of several chips inserted into the brain of an organism or simply added into a robot or computer. From here, the nanomachines and electronic signals inside the body are all controlled, monitored, relayed to The System's nearest AI core in authority and processed.

The nanotechnology used in The System serves many purposes in everyday life.

  • In regular city life, it is very important; as all citizens carry weapons at times, it'd be very difficult to maintain the city without it turning into a battlefield. The nanomachines can surpress certain nerves and chemicals, meaning that crime only occurs when UNO want/allow it to, meaning that crime is maintained to the point it's essentially simulated.
  • A good feature is the ability to improve genes and genetic composition. As the tiny robots can access anywhere in the body and are remotely controlled, they can be used to access certain cells, and even chromosomes. They can modify these chromosomes, making improvements that are set to them. In this way, parents could make a child appear however they please, and it is possible to create extremely strong soldiers. In addition, this ability allows the nanomachines to heal, by repairing certain parts. The System has been able to 'mutate' a species, adding several features. For example, it was used to add a zero-point inside all species' bodies, as well as electronic attachments. It does this by building the devices within bodies.
  • The System is capable of identification and communication. Communication is used for social networking, emergencies, and for talking to the work group. To communicate with an individual, one only needs to know their identity, which is a name, species, and where they were born. There are also identity shapes used for more important individuals, but these important individuals cannot be reached so easily. Identity is used in the same was as human passports; scanning for nanomachines can prove someone is a genuine resident and isn't using fake ID.
  • The System can also be used for music. It can send sound waves directly to the brain, meaning the creature can hear music from a radio or their own computers that way. It is often used in the military, for sending music- often Flo'Sikka's music, due to its call and response nature, catchy beats and lyrical content- to get soldiers in a mood for combat, as well as in general fitness classes.

The System also boosts military and combat performances in many ways with its nanotechnology.

  • The System provides the ability to allow multiple members of a military unit to share each other's senses and work more efficiently as a team. The System basically ran a unit like a network of computers, each man able to see what the others saw, feel what they felt, and rapidly coordinate tactics. This provided a massive tactical advantage to whomever used it.
  • Another function was to monitor the chemical balance of every soldier engaged in combat. This allows the nanomachines to induce an artificial "combat high" by controlling the release of adrenaline and endorphines, elevating the senses and accuracy of every individual. Furthermore, it allowed accurate monitoring of a individual's oral intake and excrements (water, food and sweat). This refines information allowed AIs and Commanders to make more informed decisions on the flow of combat. Individuals also have their emotions suppressed so that they feel less fear and remorse than individuals prior to the system might have. One's sense of pain is subject to the same treatment, preventing minor injuries from distracting a soldier during combat. Its use of nanotech means that, through genetic coding and improvements, it can extend lifespan to up to 2,000 years.
  • Another main function was to monitor and control the use of weapons on the battlefield. As each soldier's weapon (excluding a few illegal weapons) were locked by ID, only authorized individuals could use that particular weapon. It could also prevent soldiers from firing on their own, preventing them from committing crimes and violating the laws and rights, as well as preventing individual clones from dysfunction, or for rebellious individuals to pose any threat. The System controls all arms and ammunition, as well as AI weapons (unmanned vehicles).
  • The nanotechnology can be used for repair of weaponry and cybernetics, as well as boosting the performance of them.

The System's nanomachines provides the following enhancements to organisms:

  • Monitoring body temperature and cells
  • Controlling what goes in and out of the body
  • Repairing body parts and cybernetics
  • Modifying and improving genes
  • Constructing cybernetics
  • Central nervous system - The body's central nervous system is attached to the CSC, and more advanced and fast nanomachines replace nerves, allowing better compatibility with cybernetics among other improvements
  • Communication of thoughts, senses and keeping in contact
  • Power generation - The nanomachines construct a zero-point energy extractor inside the body, creating a near limitless source of power (in Borealis they can extract the Grid's energy)

With UNO, The System served a larger purpose. It was used when first harnessed to make Loron capable of knowing who their allies are, and who not to attack. It was also first used to enforce law; while some criminal activities are allowed, if one takes it too far, the System will detect this in the nerves, and take over their body, bringing them to UNO's Court Martial for beating. Another role of the System is to aid Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic powers, making it easier to channel them; even the Ioketa were benefited.

For more uses of UNOS in UNO's current society, see here.

Other versions[]


The Zaarkhun System, used by the Borealis Consortium Network is an advanced system of nanomachines in the bodies of Consortium members, based on the Kralgon system. It can create better control over people (but doesn't form a group mind), mainly to make force new slaves into working. It is also used to boost soldier's strength in battle, making sneaking missions better. This is especially good considering that the consortium has a small military force compared to other nations. It can also serve as a fake ID. Aside from not exerting as total control over individuals for permanent periods and the inclusion of other things, it is identical to UNO's system.



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