The Kralgon will conquer all.

Kralgon Pods are the unique Kralgon buildings. They are interlinked structures powered by Dark Chronoscopic, sorted as a hexagon. They were used by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, who use these on planets in addition to their own cities and colonies.

Common technologies include usage of Dark Chronoscopic channeling for power and defences, as well as storing perfect genetic information of an individual to later recreate him/her.


Living Pods[]

The living pods are a Kralgon's home-sweet-home. They have several floors, each with large rooms, capable of housng 2 Kralgon in each. The ling pods also contain places for Kralgons to cook, and sometimes to work.

Work Pods[]

The work pods are usually factories in which Kralgon work. The factories are operated by advanced robotics, which produce and develop AI weapons that Kralgon design.

Gathering Pod[]

These pods are placed near areas with good vegetation or water. They gather the nearby water and vegetation, supplying it to the living pods.

Mining Pod[]

The mining pods are placed anywhere near rich resources, so that the Kralgons can sweep the planet for rich metals which are later transported away so the robots can create more pods or more AI weapons. This pod has very few Kralgons who work in, since the work is mostly done by robots who dig underground and search for resources.


Research Pod[]

Research pods are for Kralgons and super computers to research new developments, usually in AI technology.

Entertainment Pod[]

These were once used for Kralgons to enjoy forms of entertainment, such as singing, and developments in entertaining technology reveals. These are now obsolete and not used.

Power Pod[]

Kralgon Power Pods dig into the planet, gathering up Dark Chronoscopic energy (which is found in all Ottzello planets) and send it into the Dark Reactor. This rector is a huge structure, which provides power to the whole colony. Since Dark Chronoscopic can react with itself to multiply and create huge amounts of power, it is easily used to power the technology, but is also very dangerous.


Defence Pod[]

Defence pods deploy Kralgon clones and create AI weapons to defend the planet should it come under attack. The pods are similar to Killer Pods but they are bigger, and create small AI weapons rather than relying on ones to be teleported into them. The weapons consist of surface-t-surface weapons, such as machine guns (all weapons move to fire at enemy positions and are controlled by AI), surface-to-air/space weapons- Ion cannons and Hyper velocity guns.

Killer Pod[]

Kralgon Killer Pods are smaller, military versions of their Living pods. They deploy Kralgon clones and warped inside Kralgon AI weapons, to serve as a spearhead, raid, or several are launched for an invasion. The pods are later converted into larger defence pods, as one killer pod is half the size of ordinary pods. This pod digs deeper into the ground than others since it does not have multiple other pods supporting it. In addition,

UNO's Military utilizes these pods for the same purposes as their original. Also, the Pods have been designed to clone Multi-species forces and Loron forces (but tend to use Loron forces more these days) and can clone several Kralgon engineers or Ioketa.

Prison Pods[]

A huge pod containing thousands of chambers for criminals awaiting execution, Prison Pods are built normally on volcanoes or blizzarding locations. They use this environment to gather their methods of torture (as well as through Dark Chronoscopic) to instantly kill those who deserve painless death, or slowly kill those who deserve no respect whatsoever. Along with the

Seen as a superior method of dealing with criminals to what UNO previously had, these Pods replaced UNO's former methods of prisons. Before the target is killed, theri genetic information is stored for records and in case the target can be recreated but controlled via The System.

The Kralgon will conquer all.
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