The Kralgon will conquer all.

This page will explain full capabilities of Kralgon technology. Note that Kralgon technology utilizes Dark Chronoscopic found in Ottzelloan Kralzelloan planets (the galaxy they inhabit).

Destructive forceEdit

The Kralgons are masters of biology. In this way, they can perfect their soldiers' genes, as well as clone soldiers. In this way, they can have unlimited numbers as well as extreme strength.

The Kralgons utilize Dark Chronoscopic to sap power out of stars (which they feel is much better than solar power), creating a huge energy force. In this way, they can use the huge heat from the star to channel into extremely powerful energy (their starships can be extremely efficient in this way; mixing Dark Chronoscopic energy with a star's energy), creating a huge force of power. This gives the Kralgons a huge edge in space combat, which they are near experts in. Since vehicles are housed in star ships, this energy can be channeled to vehicles (for a short time), making tanks and other ground vehicles hugely effective. This same power is used to power large Kralgon planets and superweapons, but can make the star run out of energy too quickly if overused.

Another thing they can do with Dark Chronoscopic is create black holes. Artificial black holes in battle can not only destroy space fleets, but entire planets, star systems, and even larger spaces.

The System is another thing which makes the Kralgon really efficient. It means that all Kralgons they control will feel no fear and will immediately obey orders, as the nanomachines controls their thoughts.


As mentioned previously, Kralgon can drain stars for energy. This helps their ships gain huge propulsion, mixed with Dark Chronoscopic. Dark Chronoscopic reactors give their ships unlimited power as well as huge power, but have to be large, otherwise they wouldn't be capable of containing Dark Chronoscopic. In addition, Dark Chronoscopic allows them to warp through space and time.

Living technologyEdit

Kralgon living technology is very efficient. It is all controlled & dictated by machines which run on Dark Chronoscopic. After millennia of research, Kralgon discovered how to safely use Dark Chronoscopic, first used in their living technology. It sped up their technology by around 500 years.

In Kralgon society, it is operated by machines, which run in the Kralgon pods (buildings). Robots perform tasks like cleaning, cooking, gathering and other things. Robots are run by a network of AIs. Artificial Intelligence computers give orders and commands to these robots, as well is dictate what goes in, what goes out, and security.



  • Utilization of Dark Chronoscopic
  • Unlimited supply of clones
  • Draining stars
  • Creating black holes
The Kralgon will conquer all.
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