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Kralgon technology... it seems light years ahead of ours yet it is in fact 2000 years behind in age!

- Dakster

Kralgon, being a highly intelligent species, have very advanced technology. However, the majority of it goes toward their military strength, since they are an aggressive empire. It is mostly enhanced by Dark Chronoscopic, making it supernaturally powerful.

Kralgon Pods[]

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The structure of Kralgon planets are based around pods. The pods are spread around in a hex-shape, linked by skybridges which transport things such as energy, and Kralgons can traverse. All pods are the same size, with the exception of the Killer pod. These pods are across the entire planet, including the sea (there are underwater equivalents to the pods), and thus, Kralgon do not have "cities" like other empires. The space in between the pods is used for things such as agriculture.


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Kralgon use extremely advanced Nano-machines in order to heal faster, kill diseases and keep body temperature, blood levels and bones in check. They also enhance growth, strength and toughness, making Kralgons greater in war. furthermore, they can even alter emotions by editing the nervs in the nervous system. They could be used to examines the creature's DNA. Essentially, they could control a creature this way. The nano-machines' energy comes from body heat, and several can have solar chargers attached to the Kralgon's bodies. Kralgon constantly get nano-machine "injections" which either update the nano-machines or replace old, broken ones. Current nano machines use Dark Chronoscopic, this experiment was tested for the original kralgon Empire but was only used when the Kralgon Invasion Force was formed.


Cloning technology of the Kralgons is possibly the greatest in the known universe. Using someone's genes, the clones could accurately recreate these genes, and using the nano-machines examining the brain, they could recreate every memory and the personality. Cloning technology is useful, and has meant that people can have children without reproducing if they wish, or an important/legendary Kralgon figure could be recreated without having them born again. Cloning can write things into the genes, such as accelerated aging. Thanks to this technology, the nano-machines adn AI, Kralgon could send an entire invasion fleet consisting of no normal Kralgons.

Artificial Intelligence[]

Kralgon AIs are artificial intelligence computers used by Kralgon fo military, economy, science and much more usage. They are extremely advanced, and designed based on the Kralgon brain, recreating functions of parts such as the Cerebellum and perfecting them with computer technology. AIs can be used in AI Weapons (essentially unmanned vehicles), science projects, AIs and war strategies. They were once used as personal computers, and technology was developed to recreate Galot social thought process, in order to make a virtual friend.

Thanks to the AI, besides these leaders making up the UNOL Council, there are no/very few leaders in any way; jobs such as generals and marketing are done when the UNOL aren't available by AIs created specifically to replicate the thought patterns of UNOL. So, rarely will one find an organic General who's been promoted, just an AI that replicates Zr'Ahgloth and Yogtam's thought patterns. And a Chief General would be exactly the same, but a slightly more capable AI which was created for one specific purpose.

The Kralgon will conquer all.
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