The heavy troopers. They command, they fight, they carry greater weapons, and they eventually produce Kralgon Cloned Troopers. It is such an honor to be one.

- Kralgon description.

The Heavy Troopers are actual Kralgon; they were trained, it is their job, and their genes could later be used to create Kralgon cloned troopers.


Originally, these troopers worked like pretty much every empire's army- they were soldiers who had been promoted. This chaged when a Kralgon Commander, General Flatzok, came up with the Cloned Troopers theory. When the Cloned Trooper project went successfully, the Heavy troopers were rethinked. Flatzok decided that all ordinary Kralgons would take greater training and become Heavy troopers, whereas the clones would take the genes of the greatest Heavy trooper at the tme. The heavy troopers would command squads and, once promoted, command armies.


The troopers, if they chose, lead squads of cloned troopers. Their brain is linked to an AI radio transmitter which can command the clones to do as they wish, while not taking away from their concentration. They perform difficult tasks and work more as solo than group, only taking on commanding role if the chose.


Unlike the Cloned Soldiers, the Heavy troopers can chose their equipment:

  • Machine Gun- Dark Gyronic aided bullets which rip through enemies
  • Flamethrower- A Dark Gyronic aided flamethrower which is brilliant at taking down hordes of enemies
  • Laser- A laser similar to that of the Kralgons, bigger, and better for taking down mechs.
  • Missile Launcher- A missile that is great for surface vehiles, air vehicles and infantry, with the settings desinged for each task
  • Armor- the ost armor is thich and heavy, with a shield generator, however, soldiers can wear what they wish, and the less the wear, the harder they will become (physically and mentally)
The Kralgon will conquer all.