Cloned troopers are huge in number, brilliant at scaring off the enemy and strong in numbers, they fire their weapons at an extreme rate, killing nearly all enemies swiftly.

- Kralgon Clone troopers' description

Cloned troopers are huge in number. They wear light armor and carry basic blasters, and are all exact copies of each other.


The origin of these troopers dates to when the Kralgon firearms blaster was invented. They hired soldiers to use this weapon, but with little armor, to scare off others and to kill many as quickly as possible. Later, they decided it was toomuch to waste away Kralgon lives when they would die easily, and emotions were getting in the way.

So the Kralgons developed clones. They would clone the toughest soldier and us the clone to perform this job, since no one cared about artificial Kralgons and they culd makke the clones not feel. When this worked, it began to take over the Kralgon military, and no one lost their jobs, but the military became an extreme amount huger. But Kralgons were no longer desperate for soldiers.


Making these troopers requires some advancements in kralgon technology. They create the clones using the genes of the best Kralgon normal soldier, decided by the AI in terms of:

  • Patriocy
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Most experienced
  • Least regard for personal feelings

The soldier who best fits these categories is promoted to commander of a Cloned troopers legion and his/her genes are used to create the latest breed of cloned troopers. If the soldier is chosen on multiple occasions, they will be the commander of= the ground forces. Clone soldiers cannot promote or demote, their brain is constructed differently, it is commanded by nanomachines and they are forced to fight until death for the Kralgons. However, their brain has no emotion, they simply uniformly march up to the enemy which is identified by the nanomachines and destroy it. This is known as the March of the Kralgons, since Kralgons do not run or hide, just shoot, and when something gets close, they tear it apart.


  • Blaster- A Dark Gyronic blaster which is a one-hit kill.
  • Grenade- A Dark Gyronic explosive
  • Armor- their armor is not the toughest but has built in shields
The Kralgon will conquer all.