Kralgon AI Weapons, also known as unmanned vessels/vehicles were used by the New Kralgon Empire and Unified Nation of Ottzello.



Since they are unmanned, they can perform complex hi-speed manoeuvres that standard vehicles cant, use several weapons at once, target enemies a lot quicker and not risking the crew's death (with the exception of spaceships transporting armies, although Kralgon ships rarely need to transport armies these days).

In UNO, they are often used for spearheading attacks.


The following will describe common elements/characteristics of AI weapons:

  • All vehicles contain a cylindrical Artificial Intelligence Pod. These are thought and describedto be the brains. However, the AI is, in fact, contained within the weapons along with the reactors, nanotechnology and wiring within them. The pods serve as a sign to show they are unmanned, a decoy to draw enemy fire, and a place for Kralgon to manually edit artificial intelligence in emergency and when setting them up.
  • Thanks to their electromagnetic drives, they all have electromagnetic shielding from EMP.
  • Most can use Dark Chronoscopic for a power burst in case of emergency (although this is very rare).


Commonly, AI Weapons use albative armour for defence, and zero point energy for power.



Kralgon walker
  • Task: Most common weapon, heavy infantry
  • Size: 5m high, 10m long
  • Weapons: Railgun, lasers, machine guns
  • Defense: Ablative armour
  • Tools: None
  • Major events: None

The Walkers are the most common of the AI Weapons, are used so commonly they serve as heavy infantry, to which the Loron and Tralkikianoe are light infantry; in comparison to most nations, Loron and Tralkikianoe could both be legitimate heavy infantry (Loron in particular), showing how strong UNO's military is.


Kralgon Crusher
  • Task: Larger variant of Walkers
  • Size: 15m high, 25m long
  • Weapons: Railgun, lasers, fists
  • Defense: Ablative armour
  • Tools: None
  • Major events: None

The Crushers are the big brothers of the Walkers; they are lower in quantity, but much stronger and tougher. While Walkers are restricted to long range weapons, the Crushers have incredibly strong fists in addition.

Land Weapon[]

Kralgon Land Weapon
  • Task: Fast vehicles, artillery
  • Size: 7.5m tall, 50m long
  • Weapons: Railgun, machine guns, antimatter shells
  • Defense: Ablative armour
  • Tools: Elecrtomagnetic drive for hovering and speed
  • Major events: None

The Land Weapons double as both artillery and incredibly fast vehicles. Their cannons, when deployed, can be used as railguns, antimatter shells, or anti-aircraft batteries, meaning they can cover any combat situation. Their sped can run over enemies, or simply cut huge forces of infantry apart with missile launchers; the velocity of them driving towards the force at full speed is enough to intimidate and tear apart enemy forces.

Land Destructor[]

Kralgon Land Weapon
  • Task: Artillery, battleship, leaders
  • Size:
  • Weapons: Railgun, machine guns, antimatter shells
  • Defense: Ablative armour
  • Tools: None
  • Major events: None

The Land Destructors are the ultimate land vehicle. With their dozens of machine guns taking out infantry, their antimatter shells destroying vehicles, buildings and infantry alike, and their railguns aiming at anything, the Land Destructors are unstoppable. Their AA weapons can take out aircraft, too. When they move towards an enemy, the sheer sight of a huge vehicle signifies death to any soldier.



Kralgon Killship
  • Task: Starship, most numerous space AI weapon
  • Size: 100m in diameter
  • Weapons: Electrolasers, antimatter missiles
  • Defense: Multiphasic shielding
  • Tools: Ship Tools
  • Major events: Distant Relatives

Killships are the most numerous type of spaceship in the Kralgon fleet. They are UFOs, in appearance and function, although they double up as deadly battleships. They can employ incredibly powerful space combat weaponry, such as antimatter missiles.


Kralgon Obliterator
  • Task: Capital cruiser, leaders, deploys Killer Pods
  • Size: 1.6km long
  • Weapons: Electrolasers, antimatter missiles
  • Defense: Non-phasic shielding
  • Major events: Distant Relatives

The Kralgon Obliterator is a deadly AI weapon. A huge warships, it has very deadly weaponry, and is used as a capital ship in UNO, alongside the UNO Warship and Tralkik Destructor. They are deadly it both space combat and orbital bombardment.

The Kralgon will conquer all.
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