The Kralgon Military is the dominant military. our military technology is light years ahead of anyone else', with technology, why do you need strong troopers when you can create them? And woith powerful technology, troopers become stronger because it's near impossible for them to die. And why waste lives, when we can clone? Our military is perfection.

- A saying among the Kralgon military.

This page describes the Kralgon methods of war and their troopers, for the Empire of the Kralgon, the Kralgon Invasion Force and the Unified Nation of Ottzello.

Note that within the Unified Nation of Ottzello, this military is abandonned, with the exception of the AI Weapons


The original army was the first Kralgon Army. it consisted of brave Kralgons who risked their lives in battle, carrying little armor and being forced to march forward. It was tough being in the army, but the army was stronger than most others.

During an early part of the Expansion Era, a military advisor, General Flatzok, came up with a theory- the Cloned Trooper theory. It was an idea based on Proffessor Galvat's iinvention of cloning technology. The thoery was that ordinary Kralgons would fight battles as heavy troopers, and the harder work (which was for huge organized squads to fight with blasters) would be given to clones. This reduced the fact the emotional impact of war to the kralgons, as few 'actual' lives were ever lost.


Kralgon have few types of troopers, as their army does not work like others. They have only a couple of trooper "types", but their military needs very few.

Cloned Trooper[]

These troopers are huge in number. They wear light armor and carry basic blasters, and are all exact copies of each other.

Heavy Troopers[]

These troopers are smaller in number, they wear strong armor and shields, but are not clones, they are soldiers who took a job in the military. They could, however, be split into several types, but they are, instead, just known as "heavies" since their jobs, battle positions and armor is the same.

AI Weapons[]

Kralgon use several "AI weapons" in their army. they are essentially the equivalent of tanks, gunships & speeders, although have several walkers. Since they are unmanned, they can perform complex hi-speed manoeuvres that standard vehicles cant, use several weapons at once, target a lot easier and not risk a pilot's death.

They were used since the early days of the original Empire of the Kralgon. When they were rediscovered by the Emperor for the Kralgon Invason Force, he swiftly painted over the rusting metal, rather than spending much time. However, those used by the New Kralgon Empire have better colouring.

Methods of conquest[]

Kralgons only destroy planets if they can't be bothered with them, using the Kralgon technology, they can make use of any planet. Kralgons drop their Killer Pods down, which lands and then spews out the Kralgon clones it creates, and vehicles warp to it's location.

Whole armies can spew out this way, and it uses Wind, Solar power and any other energy it can collect from nearby. Once one has been dropped, it deploys it's weapons, such as a hyper velocity cannon, to attack the surface and the defences in space or the air, freeing up room for more killer pods and, thus, increasing the Kralgon armies' size. The Kralgons then destroy all lifeforms and everything that poses a threat in any way, the clean the surface to add Kralgon living Pods, also morphing Kralgon killer Pods into Kralgon Defensive Pods.



  • Originally, this military was going to be used for the Unified Nation, along with the Inalton's military. This was changed, however, when Technobliterator decided to put the Loron in UNO, whic hwas a late decision.


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Cloned troopers are huge in number, brilliant at scaring off the enemy and strong in numbers, they fire their weapons at an extreme rate, killing nearly all enemies swiftly.

- Kralgon Clone troopers' description

Cloned troopers are huge in number. They wear light armor and carry basic blasters, and are all exact copies of each other.


The origin of these troopers dates to when the Kralgon firearms blaster was invented. They hired soldiers to use this weapon, but with little armor, to scare off others and to kill many as quickly as possible. Later, they decided it was toomuch to waste away Kralgon lives when they would die easily, and emotions were getting in the way.

So the Kralgons developed clones. They would clone the toughest soldier and us the clone to perform this job, since no one cared about artificial Kralgons and they culd makke the clones not feel. When this worked, it began to take over the Kralgon military, and no one lost their jobs, but the military became an extreme amount huger. But Kralgons were no longer desperate for soldiers.


Making these troopers requires some advancements in kralgon technology. They create the clones using the genes of the best Kralgon normal soldier, decided by the AI in terms of:

  • Patriocy
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Most experienced
  • Least regard for personal feelings

The soldier who best fits these categories is promoted to commander of a Cloned troopers legion and his/her genes are used to create the latest breed of cloned troopers. If the soldier is chosen on multiple occasions, they will be the commander of= the ground forces. Clone soldiers cannot promote or demote, their brain is constructed differently, it is commanded by nanomachines and they are forced to fight until death for the Kralgons. However, their brain has no emotion, they simply uniformly march up to the enemy which is identified by the nanomachines and destroy it. This is known as the March of the Kralgons, since Kralgons do not run or hide, just shoot, and when something gets close, they tear it apart.


  • Blaster- A Dark Gyronic blaster which is a one-hit kill.
  • Grenade- A Dark Gyronic explosive
  • Armor- their armor is not the toughest but has built in shields

The heavy troopers. They command, they fight, they carry greater weapons, and they eventually produce Kralgon Cloned Troopers. It is such an honor to be one.

- Kralgon description.

The Heavy Troopers are actual Kralgon; they were trained, it is their job, and their genes could later be used to create Kralgon cloned troopers.


Originally, these troopers worked like pretty much every empire's army- they were soldiers who had been promoted. This chaged when a Kralgon Commander, General Flatzok, came up with the Cloned Troopers theory. When the Cloned Trooper project went successfully, the Heavy troopers were rethinked. Flatzok decided that all ordinary Kralgons would take greater training and become Heavy troopers, whereas the clones would take the genes of the greatest Heavy trooper at the tme. The heavy troopers would command squads and, once promoted, command armies.


The troopers, if they chose, lead squads of cloned troopers. Their brain is linked to an AI radio transmitter which can command the clones to do as they wish, while not taking away from their concentration. They perform difficult tasks and work more as solo than group, only taking on commanding role if the chose.


Unlike the Cloned Soldiers, the Heavy troopers can chose their equipment:

  • Machine Gun- Dark Gyronic aided bullets which rip through enemies
  • Flamethrower- A Dark Gyronic aided flamethrower which is brilliant at taking down hordes of enemies
  • Laser- A laser similar to that of the Kralgons, bigger, and better for taking down mechs.
  • Missile Launcher- A missile that is great for surface vehiles, air vehicles and infantry, with the settings desinged for each task
  • Armor- the ost armor is thich and heavy, with a shield generator, however, soldiers can wear what they wish, and the less the wear, the harder they will become (physically and mentally)

The Kralgon will conquer all.