Conquest, order, and power. That is what my race is built on, and will continue to build on!

- Kralgon Emperor

The Kralgon are a species famed for their highly advanced nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, well known as the greatest scientists within the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy (and the late Ottzello Galaxy). They have previously conquered much of the galaxy in both the Empire of the Kralgon and the New Kralgon Empire, before becoming major members of the Unified Nation of Ottzello and the Union Republic of Ottzello.

The Kralgon are known to be conquerers, a warlike species that has used their advancements in AI and nanotechnology to develop weapons of mass destruction, that have allowed them to conquer vast areas of Ottzello. Their greatest advancement in nanotechnology was their creation of The System, a network of nanomachines placed within the bodies of all organisms and mechanisms that would link all life together under a group of artificial intelligences that would make decisions on behalf of the entire species. This became a key defining trait of the New Kralgon Empire, as well as the Unified Nation of Ottzello when it was applied to most Ottzelloan species. The Kralgon historically favoured totalitarianism and AI rule, though many Kralgon decisively rejected it along with most Ottzelloans when founding the Union Republic of Ottzello.


Early history[]

The Kralgon began as cells, and later evolved to creatures on their homeworld of planet Kralg. The Kralgon made frequent use of tools around them, and would often fight other tribes with sticks and rocks, and evolved mostly through studying the environment around them, developing new weaponry, and conquering other species and other Kralgon tribes.

The Kralgon unified as a single faction on planet Kralg when one emperor conquered the entire planet through weaponry. At this point, under his totalitarian regime, the Kralgon expanded to the stars, making use of extremely powerful machinery and nanotechnology to construct their new starships.

Empire of the Kralgon era[]

The Empire of the Kralgon was formed under the first Emperor Thyros and took to the stars. It was an incredibly expanstionist, nationalistic empire which promoted values of Kralgon supremacy, and was noted for crimes of genocide, conquest of worlds without question, and enslaving people (similar to the Grand Ottzel Order) before soon replacing them with robotic labourers once the world's ecosystem was terraformed to acommodate the Kralgon. The Kralgon technology was at the time unmatched, allowing it to expand to hundreds of thousands of colonies.

Their aggressive expansionist nature led to numerous conflicts with the Federal Government of Ottzello, with the greatest and most notable being the Great Blyro War, when the Empire was led by Emperor Thyros XII, against the Federal Government. Allying at first with the Blyro'Tralzorca, a chief scientist known as Roshisiz who invented a nanomachine network known as The System implemented it across the entire Empire, and was able to make use of it to practically mind control its people and claim ultimate command over all organisms and machines in the Empire, allowing Roshisiz to easily overtake Thyros XII and become the new Emperor.

With his newfound power, Roshisiz turned on his Tralzorca allies, betraying their leader, Durzhan. However, he sorely underestimated Durzhan's power, and Durzhan destroyed much of his race, aside from his forgotten son, who remained frozen in cryosleep for hundreds of years.

Kralgon Invasion Force and New Kralgon Empire[]

Roshisiz' son, the unnamed Kralgon Emperor, was frozen in cyrogenics on planet Kralg, a world abandoned aside from a few Kralgon Pods. Upon reawakening hundreds of years later, the Kralgon Pods' AI network reactivated and swore allegiance to the Emperor. The Emperor simply sought vengeance for his people, and created the Kralgon Invasion Force, in which he would make use of all the Kralgons' unmanned AI Weapons created by his father, and create thousands of clones of himself to use as footsoldiers. This instigated the Second Ottzello Galactic War.

After much conflict and wars with the United Nations of Ottzello, the war was won by the Kralgon, who successfully drove most of the United Nations away, while enslaving Da Propa Big Loron Empire, and keeping the vast majority of his adversaries at bay, mostly confined to the outer colonies of the galaxy, aside from the Ottzelloan Grox stuck at its centre. Roshisiz was able to return many of his people back to him through spacetime defects, and formed the New Kralgon Empire.

After this, the Third Ottzello Galactic War was instigated when a new threat, the Tralkikianoe, which had largely led to the destruction of the old Empire of the Kralgon, mysteriously returned to the galaxy. Eventually, the Kralgon Emperor realised he had no choice but to work with the United Nations to win the war, and after a single strike on the System, the Emperor submitted to them and helped push back the Tralkik menace.


The Kralgon then joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, which adopted many of its policies, but was far more moderate and inclusive of far more aliens. The later Union Republic of Ottzello abandoned much of the New Kralgon Empire's policies, but took on board a lot of its technology.



The Kralgon are physically weaker than most Ottzelloan species, with weaker limbs making them inferior soldiers to most other Ottzelloans. Their most useful biological trait is their intelligence, which allows them to make use of machinery to compensate for their lack of strength.


Historically, the Kralgon were stereotypically viewed as mad scientists or vindictive warmongerers, and have tended towards conquest and totalitarianism. However, this stigma mostly vanished when they became more peaceful in the Union Republic.

Within the Union Republic, as with the Unified Nation before it, the Kralgon were particularly involved within research and development, leaders of nanotechnology and creation of synthetic machines. Since the Unified Nation reformed to the Union Republic, more Kralgon became economists or bankers.


Kralgon society is typically strict, as most Kralgons are born into science or war. They historically lived in police states, with little control over their own personal freedom, but were proud of their efficiency. Since joining URO, the Kralgon have mostly taken residence within big cities, but still often reside in insular areas.


The Kralgon are known for living in Pods, which house thousands of Kralgon, and clusters of Pods together form a city. A Pod is either created with nanomachines on a planet controlled by the Kralgon, or landed on new planets during the invasion and colonisation of a planet. Aside from housing Kralgon, Pods are capable of terraforming with small ability to influence the climate, and of employing defenses and warping Kralgon down from a space station to the surface.


The Kralgon are most known for their nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and powerful weaponry. Their technology is extremely efficient, and much of it works with synthetics as servants for the Kralgon. While the rest of Ottzello were initially strongly averse to it, it has become a very key defining trait of all Ottzelloan civilizations since, particularly the Unified Nation and Union Republic.

The Kralgon do not use vehicles of their own, making use of unmanned machines, known as AI Weapons, as a demonstration of their power. While many aliens within the Unified Nation and Union Republic preferred to pilot vehicles, the Kralgon themselves rarely would, and more unmanned vehicles were created due to Kralgon influence.

Kralgon mostly use turbolasers and plasma cannons in their weaponry, although several weapons are based on nanomachines usage. They tend to shy away from melee weapons due to their weak physiology.

The Kralgon will conquer all.
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