Do not confused large muscle mass and power for brute strength. The Kodalorians may seem more brutish then their other kindred, but do not for a second think they are stupid. Only a fool would make that gamble.

- Zarbanian Commissar to his troops.

THe Kodalorians are a larger, stockier race of Ugandalorian sub-species, that, while taller, stronger and less flexible, compensate with equal intelligence and natural resistance to mind control and essence, having no need to train to resist mind-controlling powers. They are known for a variety of names, such as the Second Clan, Second Children and the Mendel Secundus.

Kodalorians are extremely intelligent, on average, slightly higher then that of their smaller cousins, the Ugandalorians. While not as flexible or as aggressive as the Ugandalorians, are still expert warriors and fighters in battle. Strong, resilient, and intelligent, the Kodalorians are among the most important members of the Mendel Pact.

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Creation Edit

The Kodalorians came to be when the Multus Esse, desiring to see where their prized creations, the Ugandalorians, could go evolution wise, resulting in them seeding the developing race another planet. The Kodalorians evolved in a much more peaceful existence, though still had a tendency to squabble with each other. However, due to be separated, the tribes and clans rarely interacted.

Evolving a society similar to the Ugandalorians, the Kodalorians reached space much later, and their large transports soon made contact with the Gardeili, right after their ceasefire with the Ugandalorians. Seeing them as genetic cousins to their new allies, the Gardeili directed them to the Ugandalorians' homeworld, where they contacted the Ugandalorian clans and formed an alliance, soon, joining their races together with another subspecies, the Welagorian to form the Mendel Pact, consisting of races distantly related to the Ugandalorians.

The Kodalorians enjoy a high standard of living in the Pact, but often disagree with the more radical Ugandalorians, but respect their fellows none the less.

The Kodalorians later fought in Aterro Dominatus.

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Culture Edit

Kodalorians are a highly secretive and Closed-door society, wishing to be left alone with close friends and loved-ones. They believe in a guiding oversoul, that means they must strive to defend their comrades and battle-brothers from any insult or attack. Otherwise, much of their culture remains the same as the Ugandalorians. Their secretive nature also leads into how they hold onto grudges against other cultures. Where's the Ugandalorians would work and speak outwardly and stubbornly resist, the Kodalorians would withdraw, plot and resentfully wait years before striking back.

Due to how their tribes and clans are more close-nit, they tend to only celebrate wildly with people they know, unlike Ugandalorians, who are social and out-going. The Kodalorians are far more religious, and tend to be superstitious, as well as very spiritual. Within their Clans, victory in battle is the highest honor, though they view dying on the field a pyrrhic honor, as it is better to live and fight 5 battles, then die on 1 great one seeking glory. Failure, however, is taken very seriously, with the more spectacular failures resulting in the lose of mating rights or even the deaths of children to keep such weakness from infecting newer generations. This practice is usually, however, only practiced by more zealous and "primal" Kodalorians, with those from the inner-core territories and other regions frowning upon such a practice, with their High Clan King stepping in to try and curve this practice.

It should be noted that, in Kodalorian society, there is no marriage. Instead, 2 are selected from their warrior troops to go through the Mating Ceremony, or To'vosa. Usually, the 2 best warriors, or whatever career choice they chose, are picked to mate and produce off-spring, with the hopes that they will be breed to be even better then their parents. As such, Kodalorians are pushed to succeed in all their crafts, for it will ultimately allow them to mate sooner and have more children. After conceiving children, the mother will raise them, with the father providing support. After they reach 7, the 2 will split off again, in order to potentially either find new mates, or continue the To'vosa ritual again.

Leadership Edit

Kodalorians chose a leader the same way their comrades usually do, with the strongest noble men taking the position of Wall'aci'sian after the last one falls. Now serving as advisor to the Ugandalore, the Wall'aci'sian acts as leader of the Kodalorians, with his power kept in check via a Council of Management.

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Kodalorians resemble the Ugandalorians, except they are larger, bulkier and much stronger. They, instead of human-like hands, tend to have paw-like hands with sharp claws, and tend to have larger canines.

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Kodalorain biology is the same as a Ugandalorian's, except more muscle-bound, and more focused on a high protien diet.

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Ground Forces Edit

Kodalorians served as heavy shock troops and gunner units, deploying with the Ugandalorians as a base-line force. While some, such as the Orgaat and Kadalians, emphasize close combat and melee, and others like the Walgolorian put much practice into fighting at long range, Kodalorians generally fill many roles like their Ugandalorian kin. However, due to their greater strength and power, tend to prefer close combat.

In battle, it is common for them to ambush enemies, or, as is more common, deploy from drop pods into the enemy lines and begin their attacks. With their heavy armor and powerful ballistic weapons, allowing them to tear through weaker enemies, and able to shrug off all but the most grievous forms of injury to themselves. Most bullets, even those of the armor piercing variety, can be stopped short or deflected off Kodalorian armor, and most Plasma weapons lack the punch needed to burn through it. This allows the Kodalorians to work fully well as perfect shock troopers in battle.

Kodalorians also find themselves often pressed into service as ambush units in battle, as their tactical doctrine often favors striking their enemies at the right place, at the right time. For this reason, they common attack enemy camps at night, destroy supply lines, or raid enemy cities in order to weaken them, and "break a bone". This extends from their tribal days, in which hunting did not go for an immediate kill, as they believed beasts where more dangerous then, but instead weakened them so they would be easier to kill, or went after an already weakened beast.

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