The Omnipotent Kkrotids Empire is very successfull in all of their operations and military campaigns. They are the leading empire in the Mercuris Federation. They entered space approximately 2,600 years ago and have thousands of colonies around the galaxy and in other galaxies.



Early Space Stage (Age of War)Edit

  • Oppression War (2 DKS-3 DKS)

Most of Kkrotids expansion revolves around war. In the year 2 DKS, the main Perseus Sector superpowers were the Quabart Empire and the Distronom Imperium. Being two years after the Kkrotids' expansion into space, they had only about twenty colonies. But that gave them an advantage. The superpowers underestimated them after the open declaration of war.

The Kkrotids planted false information to both sides and began a conspiracy to turned them against each other. The two superpowers quickly destroyed most of the each other's colonies, and the Kkrotids finished off the rest of the remaining enemy planets. This increased the Kkrotids' colony number from twenty to over two-hundred. They were then one of the dominant superpowers of the Perseus Scetor. But, the demise of the Quabart and Distronom allowed for other races to expand...

  • Guardian War (8 DKS-21 DKS)
Battle of Nortom

The Battle of Nortom

In the year 4 DKS, the Kkrotids found a tribal planet called Nortom. On it was a tribe of creatures called Kkintorans. Further Kkrotids study show that they have almost the same genetic makeup. Being before the creation of monoliths, the Kkrotids fleet perpetually guarded the planet. They allowed no foreign ship within a parsec of the system. But, the restriction of trade on the local empires in the area caused them to become angry at the Kkrotids. One of the most powerful empires in the area, the Tefutyrins Republic, became isolated from most outside trade. Them and their allies began to colonize areas around Nortom. When the Kkrotids attempted to halt this development, the Tefutyrins Republic learned of the location of another planet thatvthe Kkrotids were ask guarding. After a solid year of cold war, the Tefutyrins and their allies launched a full miltary strike on both planets simultaneously. Though their attack was mighty, they were crushed shortly, and the Kkrotids launched a counterstrike on the Tefutyrins home world, Nageriai. Many years later the Kkintoran and the other species, named themselves Skutherans in honor of the Kkrotids home world, reached space and joined the Kkrotids. This formed, the Mercuris Federation.
  • Eight-Day Ilegan War (Beginning of 32 DKS)

The Ilegans, one of the former Tefutyrins allies, had been plotting their revenge on the Kkrotids for eleven years. They made a quick and decisive attack on the Kkrotids capital, Skuther. They nearly succeeded, but the Kkrotids responded with a huge frontal assault on every planet in the Ilegan Empire at the same time.

Unlike in the previous wars, the Kkrotids did not permanently destroy the Ilegan Empire. Instead, they decided to place them on an enormous craft and cast it out of the galaxy. The Ilegans, however, did not die. What happened to them, is another story entirely.

Formation of the Mercuris FederationEdit

After the Kkintoran and Skutherans eventually reached space, delegates from the two empires and the Kkrotids met and decided to form the Mercuris Federation. After it was formed, they went about the business of expanding across the galaxy. They encountered many civilizations, most of which opposed them. This led to wars with various factions. In about fifteen years, they controlled most of the Anthar Sector of the Perseus Arm.


Great MacrosizingEdit

Andromeda AffairsEdit


Biology and AppearenceEdit

The Kkrotids are warm-blooded lifeforms that have wings and poison glands on their tails. While they are not very great in size, they are capable of possessing great strength and speed as well as agility. They are capable of overpowering most species twice their size and are easily faster than most terrestrial lifeforms in their galaxy.

They have two feathered wings and a toothy mouth with small antennae for audio percaeption and avid color-perception. They have five clawed toes and fingers as well as green skin and a barbed tail capable of generating a toxin more potent than almost any other biological neurotoxin, which they themselves are immune to.


MF Council

The Mercuris Federation Allied Counicl.

The Kkrotids Empire has always been ruled by a monarch from one of five dynasties (Ricioles, Maddini, Sninands, Pintor, and Mercuris). But, there is a council that represents the member species of the Mercuris Federation. They all have equal power in the Allied Council.

The Federal Senate decides things like battle strategies, who to declare war on, what major areas to colonize, and who to form an alliance or trade route with.

The Governors control large areas of space called commonwealth states. There are a number of states in all of the Mercuris Federation territories. There are five states in the Milky Way, two states in Andromeda, one state in Bunsen, one state in Borealis, and one state in Cyrannus (now evacuated).

Total, the Kkrotids have over 200,000 colonies all over the Gigaquadrant (over 1 million in the Federation overall) and it is rumored that they are planning to colonize the Small Magellanic Cloud.


The Kkrotids do offer freedom of religion, but blasphemy is a crime punishable by life in prison.





From other MembersEdit

My people, hold fast to your honor in these dark times, and victory will reign!

- Emperor Mercuris

Brothers, stand strong, for we are Mercuris!

- Kkintoran

The Guardians protect us, as they have for centuries.

- Skutherans

Protectors, join us in the time of the Atamolos!

- Scorsh

You guys need to chill, but we couldn't have gotten where we are without your help.

- Moosloose

From OthersEdit

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  • Before my game crashed and I had to re-install it, the Kkrotids got stuck in the tribal stage.
  • The Kkrotids have three big spans of time: EKE (Early Kkrotids Evolution), SKS (Sentient Kkrotids Stages), and DKS (During Kkrotids Space).
  • The Mercuris Federation has this many languages: Derna, Ancient Kkrot, MFCL, KTT, Skutheran, Ancient Skutheran, 4 Scorsh Tounges, Moosloose Trade Language, Spartanos, Actinapste
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