In the tribal stage, the Kkintoran were guarded by the Kkrotids, and were protected through years of war. They are an extremely intelligent species, and they are quite resilient, making them tough in fights, and they can easily adapt to almost any environment. They are also one of the most influential species in the Mercuris Federation.


  • Tribal Stage (Guardian War)

When the Kkrotids protected the Kkintoran in the Guardian Period, the Kkintoran tribes helped them out in fending off the Tefutyrins invasion. They proved a most valuable asset in the Battle of Nortom, and they have helped the Kkrotis in every single war since then.

  • Civilized Stage (Era of Peace)

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  • The Kkintoran are directly related to the Kkrotids because when their ancestor cell, the Kkrot, traveled through space via panspermia, the asteroid holding it split and landed on both planets (Skuther and Nortom). When the Kkrotids discovered this, they placed their protection on the Kkintoran tribe.
  • The Kkintoran are a very dexterous and flexible species. Despite their generally peaceful demeanor, they can become very violent when provoked. They are excellent warriors and soldiers, and they utilize the martial art, Takramo'Eklo.


  • Appearence

At first sight, the Kkintoran appear to be amphibians, however, this is not the case. The Kkintoran are actually dragonoid reptiles with devolved wings that disappeared after they reached sentience. They have sharp claws on both their hands and feet. They have a very flexible tail.

  • Behavior

Kkintoran are a very friendly species who are nearly impossible to anger. But, when the do become angry, they go into berserker charges and are nearly impossible to stop.

  • Physiology
  • Abilities


The Kkintoran government is a democracy and is ruled by a president and his second in command, a representative selected by the president.



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