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The good thing about the Kicath is that their efficacy in the arts of war is often unparalleled. The bad thing about them is that their arts of war are generally abstract.

- Unknown

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Quotes from other species Edit

They're the meanest allies my race ever had. Any other day, I'd have suggested shooting them right in the face, but turns out demon incursions are really good at bringing people together.

- Koluap

Hmph. Barbarians.

- Laurinn Ma'fest

Big, dangerous and fearsome. They remind me much of my own kind... well, save for the former.

- Xerkea

The Kicath value order, and for this, they have our respect.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

To Overseer or not to Overseer, that is the question.

- Imperator, Honor Guard, Admiral Phlegethon, Belplegus Meshuggah Metallicus of the Drakodominatus Tyranny

Orderly, but unrefined and unrestrained.

- Venoriel

They're no fun. Too serious or cynical or perhaps just crazy.

- Unknown

In a sense, the Kicath are our siblings. Ancient, respected, stubbourn. Like all siblings we have our differences, perhaps most noticeable for them are their...violent and short-fused tendencies. Despite this they are indeed worthy of the bond shared only by siblings, for my understanding is that we have fostered a connection deeper than any written language can state. I believe this to be true even if our genomes say otherwise.

- Lord-admiral Larnus Vontarion
The Kicath
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