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Kharagka Brood Dragons are creatures naturally connected to the element of fire and are natural pyromancers. Most people who have communicated with them find their voice to be naturally alluring and they seem to have a natural charisma about them. Their gaze also has a noticeable hypnotic effect on those who stare into their eyes. They are utterly immune to the powers of flame and cannot be burned even by molten lava as well as possessing a resistance to magic. Along with these abilities the Kharagkan are fast, agile, and highly maneuverable in the air. They are slow breeders though and grow very slowly as well.

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Kharagka Brood Dragons are highly adventurous creatures that disdain being held down by anything. Thus they are constantly wandering, never sitting still always chasing the next horizon. They cannot stand to be imprison or chained and most would rather die then allow that to happen to them. While very social beings who live in packs wandering from place to place often worrying about little else then what their next meal will be.

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Kharagka Brood Dragons have a society though not one that most other beings would recognize as such. They act as one great pack which wanders from place to place only ever settling temporarily to raise offspring, lead by their leader and progenitor the great elder dragon Kharagka herself. Having existed since the exodus of the gods the Kharagkan are ancient and mystical beings with a great understanding of magic, what it is, and how it works. The Kharagkan take an especial interest in wars between mortal races and certain tribes will sometimes take a side if they find a war in their travels. It is for this reason that they allied themselves to the Praesan civilization and will sometimes allow themselves to be ridden by the bravest of Praesan warriors.

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