The Khalinan are the ancestral reptilian beings of planet Eyowa, were they protect a temple called Palantiri, where it resides an unimaginable power.


They are a very old race, created by the Krass, thought their purposes are not as big as the Civatrons, but to defend a very unusual arthefact called the Temple of Palantiri, where a massive psionic storage of Psionic energy is being guarded by the Khalinar, they were designed to don't create any advance technology, but just to remain in Eyowa to defend this important temple, their worst enemies are those who want this power for their own ambitions, such as the ones that destroy the Nature of the planet. They act as tribal people, making an enormous town surrounding the temple, they are closely united and nothing breaks this union, as is their strongest factor, they developed the enough intelligence to create weapons and other tools, as their own architecture, copied of Palantiri.


They are loyal to their people and to their mission, but they are leaded by a Tribal leader, called Hyarmen, the one that was first created, he leads the Khalinar people with wisdom and strength, is told that he has the power to activate the Temple's powers, he is a great warrior and knows Eyowa just as he knows about himself.


The Khalinar have a basic culture, they are very strict with living with nature, they adapt considering the circumstances, and their very influenced by the palantiri temple, that means based on the Krass, leaded by Hyarmen, they are living according their purpose, preventing some one and evil races to take the temple's energies. They also made their own tents and their own tools, like axes, knifes and spears for weaponry, their technology is poor, as they are meant to be like that forever. However they are aware of other races living in the space or what they call the expanse, they also developed a language and literature, they are capable of communicate with each other.


The Khalinar people like to be friendly with nature and only take from it what is necessary, they are a harmonious people too, having fun, socializing etc... But when a species that does not belong to the planet arrives, attracted by Palantiri energies, they become really aggressive, they became outraged if they even try to harm the nature of Eyowa, they are capable of a great compassion, but also capable of great aggression and cruelty if given the chance.


  • The Khalinar are told to defend the temple since childhood.
  • The Khalinar are also creations of the Krass.
  • Some say they are the oldest species, after the Krass, that appeared in the Bor'eaa galaxy.
  • The Khalinar people later joined The Allies formed against the evil Ssik.