Kelodhres (singular Kelodhros) or Dragons are a clade of winged reptilian species native to Koldenwelt.


The different names for the genus come from seperate languages. "Kélodhros" is a term in the Primordial Tongue meaning "snake". It has been speculated that the word was originally used as a racial slur by Deiwos tribes against their reptilian neighbours, but if so, it was soon adopted by the Kelodhres themselves as a symbol of pride.

The words "dragon" and "drake" come from "drakô", the name used in a later Kelodhros language and adopted into the Old Tongue of the Elves as "draco".


It is not easy to determine any common history of the Kelodhros races, or even to confirm if they indeed share a common history. The True Dragons date back to the Prehistoric Age, and their ultimate origins are lost to time and mythology. Meanwhile, most of the Lesser Kelodhres appear to have originated in the Tropical Lands during the Orichalcum Age; they are widely (although not universally, as conclusive evidence is usually lacking) believed to be descendants of True Dragons.

Biology and Races[]

Although less numerous than the Deiwes, Kelodhres are nonetheless diverse.

True Dragons[]

True Dragons are characterized by being the ancient, original Kelodhros races. They are the most "primal" looking dragons in appearance, but are also the most intelligent and powerful as they have existed on the surface of Koldenwelt millennia longer than the descendant races of their kind. Each race is known by the moniker Drake preceded by the name of their represented element. They are believed to be closely associated with the Colossi, with each Colossus having an affiliated Drake race who may or may not serve them.

The True Dragon races are:

  • Poison Drakes (Woisoskelodhros)
  • Sand Drakes (Samdhoskelodhros)
  • Shadow Drakes (Unksrākelodhros) ‡
  • Sky Drakes (Porākelodhros)
  • Storm Drakes (Ṃbhroskelodhros) †
  • Sun Drakes (Sā́welkelodhros) †
  • Time Drakes (Daitiskelodhros) ‡
  • Water Drakes (Aqākelodhros)

Greater Kelodhres[]

Greater Kelodhres are characterized as draconic creatures who do not sport a humanoid body shape like the Lesser Kelodhres do, but at the same time, they do not serve as representations of elements of nature. Their intellect ranges from fully civilized to bestial and their origins are varied, with some Greater Kelodhres being direct or indirect descendants of True Dragon races.

The Greater Kelodhros races are:

Lesser Kelodhres[]

Lesser Kelodhres are the more recent Kelodhros races. They are far more common than Drakes, and most have their own thriving civilisations, hence in practice the distinguishing terms that are more commonly used are those which differentiate the larger varieties from these other Kelodhres (i.e. "Drakes" and "True Dragons") instead of the opposite.

Lesser Kelodhros body plans feature a huge degree of variation: height ranges from greater than five metres down to one, and tails range from nearly as long to nonexistent. However, all of the share share the common features of being carnivorous, winged reptilian bipeds. The colour of their scales is typically a variant of blue, grey (sometimes black), or blue-grey. Psychologically, many Lesser Kelodhros races are aggressive or territorial, likely as a result of their carnivorous nature, but peaceful civilisations such as the Ar-Klith Sky Empire are not unknown. Similarly, a superiority complex is quite common, often focusing on individual clans or races but sometimes encompassing all of the Kelodhros species.

The Lesser Kelodhros races are:

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