Kelkate are small, dragon-like beings with canine-like snots, and yipping voices. They are cunning little creatures who evolved alongside the Vanara on the planet of Alastor. Small, skittish creatures, the Kelkate did poorly surviving on their own and thus sought to go live with the Vanara. The Vanara accepted them and Kelkate now a days live alongside the Vanara. They frequently hire themselves out to serve alongside a Vanara in exchange for food and housing.

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Kelkate are small reptilian beings usually standing about a foot and a half in height with darkly colored scales, four eyes, canine-like snouts, and yipping voices. They are cold blooded beings who prefer to live in warm places, preferably near geothermally active areas. Kelkate are expert climbers with their sharp claws, prehensile tails, and sense of balance. While very fast and agile they are on the fragile side, but can fit into ridiculously tight spaces due to their small size and collapsible skeletons. Kelkate can turn invisible which they frequently employ in ambushes. They also have acidic saliva which they use to eat through rock and metal.

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