We like dark. It's harder for them to see us... before it's too late.

- Durzhan

The Katel are a member of Union Republic of Ottzello. Associated with the Ioketa, they are masters of the Dark Chronoscopics, and live mostly in tribal villagers amongst URO. They were formerly notorious for their membership of the sinister Blyro'Tralzorca cult, which was led by the now-reformed Durzhan.



The Katel are a race who grew up on the planet Ioket, with the Ioketa. For a long time, they weren't as intelligent as the Ioketa tribes, and thus, didn't have as advanced a culture. They were a parasitic race, adapting to the Chronoscopic sciences in their planet. They became parasitic, for draining the blood of larger creatures. However, they later learned to drain something else; essence (quite possibly Chronoscopic holomatter, assuming the theory is correct). They became soon reliant on it, however, even if it made them powerful.

Ioketa warsEdit

The Katel evolved Dark Chronoscopic powers (although this was the only essence they mastered). These powers attracted the attention of the Ioketa, who were adept at all essences, and saw the Katel as a threat. There were many tribal wars, and thus, the Katel became near-extinct for a long time; for this reason, the wars aren't so prominently remembered in Ioketa history.

Joining UNOEdit

Later, when the Unified Nation of Ottzello formed, they saw the Katel as a weapon, and implemented them into their military. The loss of the Second Borealis Galactic War led Durzhan to join the Unified Nation.

The formation of the Union Republic of Ottzello led many Katel to become members.



The Katel are small, bat-like mammalian creatures. They are mainly red in colour, but also have many blue spots and purple colour around their joints.


Katel are intelligent and aggressive by nature. They needed to be like this to survive parasiting from larger animals. After joining URO, the Katel have become far friendlier, but still have aggressive bursts, expecially after consuming Dark Chronoscopic. The Katel were led by Dalverat, until his death during Da Ice Cube Trials. After this, Durzhan became their leaders


Katel are capable of absorbing the blood and chemical energy from those they bite, and also Essence, and can especially absorb Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic. This energy their bodies convert for themselves, to make Dark Chronoscopic energy, rather than chemical energy; they don't run on chemical energy or food like normal creatures do. This causes the victim to lose their will and strength. Katel also have really sharp claws, which can easily pierce most armor.


Katel don't use much equipment except clothes, but they can use URO's standard firearms and weapons to defend themselves when needed, although this is rarely done.



  • Created by OluapPlayer for Technobliterator's fiction
  • Technobliterator already wanted an URO race who were Dark Chrooscopic users
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