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They are the insurmountable

The innumerable

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The valiant beg to them

Entire worlds bend to them

What more can define them

The Kashuthil are a race of imperial insectoids. Their remarkably vast history stems from the age and achievement of their massive intergalactic empire. Their civilized and amiable attitude, though found to be cooperative and empathetic, mostly masks their unpredictable and relentless militarism. The Kashuthil, as far as few others know, have only been witnessed as natives to a parallel universe unknown—or otherwise unaltered. They been known to have conquered at least more than one of the intergalactic political divisions similar to the First Gigaquadrant. So far, only one exception has been known to exist outside of their native universe.

With their undying ambition for conquest, the Kashuthil rule an empire that sprawls across the universe, supplemented with a vast array of species who have been allied or subjugated under the feet of the invaders, who have since lasted staggering spans of thousands of centuries.


Ancient and powerful, they were once primitive like every other species in the universe, dismissed as irrelevant to the cosmic tranquility.


Their homeworld has a very perplexing environment, the clouds in the atmosphere are large and visible, floating vapors of ash and metal bits. When it rains, it often rains metallic stones like a hailstorm. The atmosphere has an orange hue, with stars and planets visible even in the day. Animals roamed on the surface, evolved to endure the harsh storms and the metal raining on them like bullets. They took shelter in caves and preferred to sleep or hibernate underground.

Kashuthil dug their colonies underground like an ant hive, digging holes into large rocks to use as their residence underground. They lived off of oases underground, where there are trees and other vegetation laid around pools of water.

Soon, they discovered how to start fires with flint and metallic bits found on the surface. And rose from their primordial life. Experienced hunters search in the surface to hunt animals, while others searched for seeds, fruits, vegetation, insects, and rodents.

Rise to powerEdit

They grew as the dominant species, building cities underground and making synthetic carbon fibers. Later, they expanded far enough to meet other colonies, and took their first taste of war and bloodshed. Finally utilizing their military power.

Extraterrestrial objects were discovered studied through the surface. They began learning about other planets and after many years of attempting to peacefully unite, the global war ended.

The Kashuthil began adding implants to add more to their power, but they preferred to be political leaders than simpleminded warlords.

Present TimelineEdit

More than two billion years later, the Kashuthil grew into a vast intergalactic empire, often allying or overpowering other empires, despite such an advanced empire, they are still a young race, being only a few billion years old. Cosmic conquest became their most exalted goal, and they employed expendable biologically cloned soldiers. Subjugating countless races across the universe.

Discovery of technologyEdit

Gamma beam weaponryEdit

When they first achieved space flight, a space helmet was examined. Microscopic holes penetrated by cosmic rays were discovered, a theory was made that such things could be weaponized. Gamma rays were experimented on, being an ionizing radiation similar to the cosmic rays. Increasing the frequency caused the beams to burn through any material, inflicting damage.

Government PracticesEdit

While the Kashuthil are powerful, their vast empire is difficult to control, each galaxy is ruled by a Kashuthil overseer, officers that each watch over a Galaxy, because of these singular rulers, independence is common, but are often extinguished quickly. Their planets would have a chamber for each citizen or family, usually the citizens would work as a laborer or a trained militia.

Kashuthil also use numbers in place of last names, this also applies to other races that are subjugated.


Being a vast empire, the Kashuthil have technology based on thousands of races, ancient and young, powerful and weak. Overall, their technology is mediocre at least. Their armor is metallic and hypoxemia blood hued, and are more industrial than ceremonial, each Kashuthil has an exo-spine fused to their biological spine connecting to the rest of the body with a thin exo-skeleton, making their agility and durability twice as high and allowing the ability to jump to high places, despite their competence and success in conquest, they have a very weak knowledge of cosmology, and disregard the existence of parallel universes.


The Kashuthil are quadrupedal and have a very bizarre biology, lacking the characteristics of a Human, making them almost truly alien. Although they can live up to a thousand years, they age ten times slower than a human due to their abnormally slower cell cycles.

Their cranium is protected by an exoskeleton, with three eyes on the front that glows in bioluminescence, these eyes are protected with a hard surface that are difficult to break, however cutting an opening between the eyes and the socket can allow the eye to be ripped off. This method can be used for surgery or combat. Their mouth is protected by their mandibles, which also function as a "third hand" to hold objects, etc.

They lack lips, with their teeth sticking out, making them incapable of chewing or forming facial expressions. They often chew soft food with their tongue instead.

Most of the Kashuthil are born ambidextrous, with both hands being equally dominant.


The Kashuthil forces are the main factor in their extension across the universe, used with the intention to augment or eliminate any certain enemy forces. This military can come in any shapes and sizes, and retain their power and numbers via cloning and mass-production methods.

All biological clones possess a fair amount of intelligence, if not more intelligence than the masters who created them, although they are near impossible to coerce or persuade to work against their creators.

Martial TiersEdit

Will be put in a sub-page. Not to be confused with Tiers used for empires.

Martial Tiers or simply Tiers are used to categorize the power, efficiency, and effectiveness of a certain type of unit, with the third being the maximum tier (it only describes their power, not their intelligence, a unit in the first tier can be more competent than one in the third). A tier is physically manifested by the number of slits on an individual's eyes. For example, a soldier in the T2 would have two slits forming a cross on each eye.


T1 is used to define any soldier or cavalry that would not be effective for a planetary incursion. These are often reserved for more minuscule battles, such as a firefight or a boarding party. All T1 units have one slit in their eye, resembling one of a feline.



Airwatch Multi-purpose Aviators are multi-purpose soldiers created to occupy multiple purposes, including piloting and boarding parties. Armed with a deadly gamma ray rifle (which may or may not be equipped with a beam splitter, making it more dangerous), they are the most widely utilized infantry in the empire.


T2 units are the main factors of any larger scale event, often a planetary incursion. All T2 units have two slits in their eye, resembling a cross.

Cyramphus Tri-walkerEdit


Cyramphus Assault Walkers are massive armored bots utilized as the primary siege force. Standing 350ft in height, they are covered in an impenetrable hull of unknown origin. Its weapons consist of two gamma beam cannons in front of its flanks that turn in an 180° angle, and a cannon that unloads from the protrusion on its back. This cannon is loaded with a large hydrogen bomb that is more powerful than the Terran Tsar Bomba. The walker is also capable of self-detonation, so that it can still fulfill its purpose if it travels into enemy territory or is under attack. When detonating or firing its cannon, it sounds its horn to indicate nearby forces and allies in order to avoid the bomb's effect.


T3 refers to all officers and other individuals who operate in the chain of command. They would have three slits in their eyes, somewhat resembling a two-barred cross.


  • The Kashuthil won't make a true appearance in the first Gigaquadrant, they are established as simple, but powerful invaders.
  • The Kashuthil are not in contact with Zsark or the Edict, and are mentioned separately.


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