Beware the buzzing. You here it, and you know their comin' for an attack.

- Zarbanian Commissar to his troops about batteling Kamaside

Kamaside are a unique race, native to the Mendel Pact, with traits in common with praying mantis and wasps and bees. A very energetic people, the Kamaside are a native to a gas giant, called Sornell, and frequently use their sharp, diamond hard claws, to dig through the rock to mine minerals.

Outside of this, Kamaside are common in the military of the Pact, serving as quick assault, sky troops, using their wings and high endurance to fly about the battlefield, showering opponents in Crystal shards, and pick them and flying away. The Kamaside, despite their over-exuberant attitude, and downright insane behavior, are well respected within the Pact, serving alongside many other races in their goal to spread Mendel ideology.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Kamaside came into being on the unique planet of Sornell, a half-gas giant, half-rock planet, where the Kamaside evolved to survive on the rocky islands that floated above the more volatile gases of the planet. Incredibly energetic and insane, the Kamaside evolved to act like this, as the stoic, more drone-like behavior simply didn't work in an environment where the Kamaside needed to think fast and react quick to changes in rock formations and cave patterns. Their path was one of limited technology, as they evolved into a society, what technology they did need was powered by the crystals that they found while borrowing for food and nutrients. As such, much of their technology, what limited tech they had, was powered by these high energy crystals.

As they developed, each Kamaside Hive developed on it's own island. Despite their insane, erratic behavior, the Kamaside evolved their society based off the needs of the many over the ideals of the few, believing that sacrifices had to be made to keep the greater whole alive, an ideal tempered by their fierce and unpredictable world, where every Kamaside had to do his or her part for the Hive.

Contact with the Mendel Edit

During their time, the Kamaside found a Strange group of beings landing on one of their Rock Islands. These beings tried to facilitate contact with the insects, but where largely ignored, the Kamaside not understanding what the aliens where trying to communicate, or even that they where indeed sentient. The aliens, known as Walgolorian, reported to their sovereign Lord, Casio Lwerian'ca, and asked what to do, as the Kamaside did not seem able to register the Walgolorian where fellow sentients. Casio deliberated with his comrades and advisors for many days, though the Supreme Empyreal, Ord Acaya, secretly ordered the construction of a set of Communion Helms, that would facilitate contact between the two, and allow select members to understand the Walgolorians' intentions. When Casio was made aware of Ord's decision, he approved the design.

The head drones that guarded the Queens where taken, with some difficulty, and outfitted with the Helms, allowing them to understand the Walgolorian. however, what disturbed Casio was their immediate acceptance of Walgolorian rule, without even engaging in further discussion, causing him to fear he may have approved the indoctrination of an entire race. Still, the Island Nations of Sornell swore themselves to the Walgolorian in total, their Queens joining the Walgolorian's own council as members. From there, research and production bases where established on Sornell under protection of Walgolorian and Kamaside warriors, and used to harvest the Crystal and minerals within the islands. This crystal would be used to power the Kamaside's new weapons they developed with Walgolorian aide, and the minerals mined would provide material for armor and other tools.

The Kamaside would provide their warrior-drones for the Walgolorian many times, especially during the battles with the Drakodominatus, and the wars that occurred when the Pact was finally formed.

Hand of Retribution Edit

The Kamaside, surprisingly enough, choose to remain with the Hand, even as Kirta rallied her forces, both out of fear of their Brood-Mother, but also because of the attitude the Hand was the ruler of the Pact, and, even if he had gotten the position through dishonorable means, it would do no good for any to go to war with him and divide Clan against Clan, Hive against Hive, as well as because Ord Acaya held control over most of the Communion Helms of the Kamaside. If he so wished, he could have the Kamaside turn on their Queens without a second thought. Once he was defeated in battle by fellow Empyreal Vron Shian, Shian freed the Kamaside, and allowed them to choose who they would side with, many following him, though most choose the Hand. Though many Kamaside warriors had died during the battle, and had proven difficult to combat, the Pact welcomed them back in once the Brood-Mother accepted Kirta as the new ruler.

Second Cyrannus Galactic War Edit

When the Second Cyrannian War began, the Kamaside Queens donated a large supply of their warriors to Commander Ryaler for his battle force, totalling around 900 or so Warriors ready for battle. While weary of their appearance after having fought a number of them during the Mendel Schism, Ryaler welcomed their mobility and strength in battle, and knew the empire would come to fear them as much as many of his troops had.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Kamaside appear largely different from many of the Insect creatures of the galaxy, instead of being stoic, controlled, impersonal creatures, are, much like their kinsmen within the Pact, passionate, aggressive and lively, feeling that to hide emotions is to lie to those around you. As such, Kamaside make an effort to always tell the truth to others, and, by extension, to always show their true emotions. While this causes trouble at times, they feels it is best to let others know what you are feeling, then hide it. As such, issues that would normally cause trouble in their society, are no longer an issue due to solving these problems so early, and speaking together about it in their usual passionate manner.

Kamaside live in various hives that make their livings within the various islands upon Sornell, a massive gas giant which has only rocks as land masses. These hives own each of their rock-islands, and identify with certain scents and ways of "speaking". If a drone or warrior from another hive is detected, it is immediately attacked. As such, only a special caste of Kamaside can travel between these islands and act as diplomats. However, they suffer greatly from being not trusted by their kinsmen for having a "neutral" scent. While open to these views causing them trouble, they cannot completely overcome their Hives' attitude, due to the nature of scents among the Kamaside. They do, however, find comfort and an outlet with aliens, making the Negotiation Caste, as it is called now, the most common diplomats to the rest of the Mendel Pact.

Kamaside are incapable of living with other insectoids, outside of non-sentient ones. Other alien insects cause them great distress and make them largely uncomfortable. Even the Negotiation Caste has trouble being around alien insects. Warriors who spend too long with outsider insects will commonly attack and tear them apart with their claws.

Biology Edit

Kamaside have much in common with ants and wasps, but is surprising for many scientists to find they also share much in common with the Mantis species. Their forearm claws are a sign of this, and many scientists postulate the Kamaside originally evolved as solitary, ambush predators like the mantis of Terra, before evolving the Hive-like nature and attitude seen today. They are covered in a hard carapace, durable enough to survive the blows of a full grown Ugandalorian, while being light enough to allow them to fly with their twin set of wings. The Kamaside, unlike most races, are born almost entirely male, though their ideals of gender hold little bearing for them. Drones are technically gender neutral, though ascribe to masculine personalities and pronouns when working with other races, while Warriors are required to mate with their queen to produce new Drones, Warriors and diplomats. The eldest Warrior is imbued with pheromones that, once the Queen dies, will be released into the air around it, and, once absorbed into the body, trigger it's growth and change into a new Queen. As Warriors are not nearly as long-lived as their queen, only lasting 80-110 years at most, they will die, and the next eldest warrior born will be chosen to take on the pheromone bud.

Due to the structure of their mouths and brains, they are incapable of reading or speaking Basic Languages from any galaxy, and need their communion helms to speak with outsiders. If they did not have a built in aggression towards other insectiod species, they could possibly also communicate without issue with other insect races.

Caste system Edit

Kamaside are divided into various Castes, which in theory, and, at times, in practice, have all equal rights. The top of society is controlled by Queens, large, immobile larva-producers, who manage the gathering of resources, production of other drones of the castes, and workings with the Pact's government. Having moved up since ancient times, the Negotiation Caste are now second to Queens in terms of power, due to their contact with outsiders, and ability to work with aliens. Below them are the Warriors Caste, who do much of the fighting, but are incapable of long-term planning. They are excellent shock troops and flying soldiers, but little else. As such, Kamaside are entirely incapable of making it into a command position within the Pact. Below them are the Workers, who do much of the work involved with excavation of resources and gathering of supplies.

Hive-Queens are the leaders and, by extension, mothers of the Kamaside race. They range from 5 years of age, to nearly thousands, but all share one thing in common, that they lead Kamaside hives, colonies and all answer to one great Brood-Mother that gave birth to the Kamaside race long ago. The very first Queen, now called the Honored Brood-Mother, gave birth to the first Kamaside, and divided her world up among the rule of her sisters, a group of lesser Queens. While all Hives where separated by land mass, and, soon enough, scent markings, all Kamaside are loyal in one way or another to the Brood-Mother. If Hives cannot settle their dispute, it is the job of the Honored Brood Mother to settle it, and divide any land or material equally among her sisters.

To colonize other worlds for the Pact, the Elder Queens and Brood-Mother commonly lay a special egg to lead colonization forces on a world, and, have special transports bring it there quickly, as it is dangerous for eggs to travel for too long outside of the Hive, as Worker-Drones and Warriors prepare a new hive for their Queen. Once it hatches, the Queen will take command of the new Hive, and keep in contact with Pact leaders on the surface of the world, as her forces mine the minerals and materials, and lay new eggs depending on what the Pact, and the Hive, will need.

As every drone and Warrior is a child of the Queen, all display intense loyalty to her above all else, and will fight with great aggression and blood-thirstiness to protect her from outsiders that show malicious intent. If she falls, the Hive and all it's members will fall into inactivity, as the oldest Warrior sheds his armor, and becomes the new Queen. If this Warrior falls, the Hive will die out.

The Queens command their hives with a set of pheromones, scents and telepathy that allows them to lead and direct their forces. All forces will follow their orders to the letter when in her presence, and it is for this reason that most Warriors and Drones will fall into inactivity if their Queen dies. A Queen can only be killed by external sources, hence why Kamaside guard their Queen so viciously. If it is not killed, a Kamaside Queen can keep on going, molting it's body once every 100 years, and, upon reaching 1000 years of age, will molt every 1,000 years, growing larger with each molt.

Warriors are the Kamaside Caste in charge of carrying out warfare and combat, at first, between rival hives to settle certain disputes, but later, to fight alongside the other races of the Pact. These Warriors where, at birth, chosen by their Queen to become part of the soldier caste, and, as such, where feed certain nutrients that would trigger the growth of muscles, claws and a more combat-focused mind. From there, once they grow into the adult stage, Kamaside Warriors constantly train, Warriors fighting one another with their claws to practice and prepare for actual combat. Once they finish 2 years of training, they are given their weapons, and receive further training to fire and handle their Crystal Borers.

Warriors are usually organized into Pod Units. These units are designed at birth, and Queens divide their warriors into groups of six. Any left overs are prepared to act as replacements. These six will be raised together their entire lives, feed, trained and prepared for combat all together, and grow used to one another's tactics and ideas. As such, each Pod Unit is as much a family as it is a combat unit, and Kamaside Pod units, while usually low in number, act with great skill and discipline compared to most units. The leader of the Pod, is given a special Helmet to translate outsider's language into Kamaside, so he can communicate with commanders.

After this is done, the Queen will reward each unit with something called "The Queen's Rose". Basically, each Queen will take a special crystal, and chew upon it, until it resembles a strange, alien flower, and give it to each and ever Pod Leader, giving them the strength and will, and reminder of what they are fighting for. The Queen's Rose is returned to the Hive when the entire Pod dies, and, these Roses are kept in special Halls dedicated to the fallen warriors, a column carved in dedication to the Pod, the Rose hung above a carving of the "names" of each dead Kamaside.

Drone-Workers are the most basic of the Kamaside, and are the most common of the Kamaside. They are smaller then the Warrior Caste, though still taller then most humans, and have limited wing muscles and flight usage. This is designed and biologically tailored for the task of gathering resources, burrowing through rock and collecting important minerals and materials, and taking care of Warriors, Negotiators and Queens of the Hive. Drones are grown in the largest pods, and take the shortest amount of time to reach maturity, before they begin working, Drones almost instinctively knowing their tasks and what their place within the Hive is without command from superiors, or complaint from themselves.

Drone-Workers are organized and trained with the idea of completing tasks the entire hive will need done. As such, Drones, in their early age, will handle most labor and mining of the crystals within the world of Sornell, and, when not doing that, will see to gathering the food needed for other Castes, a special paste that is feed to Warriors, Queens and others, and is needed constantly, due to the massive size of the Queen and her constant need for food. At other points, specialized Drone-Workers are brought on military campaigns, these ones knowing how to heal and sow the wounds of injured Warriors and get them into fighting shape faster.

When Kamaside help conquer a new world, the Drones will help construct a hive in a suitable area, looking for areas with high mineral wealth and material, and often earning the ire of the Togunda, who also seek such materials. After this, they will begin to burrow into the ground, and begin creating massive burrows for their hives, using recycled wood, metal and even the corpses of their foes in desperate situations, to make these hives. Once done, they, and the Warriors with them, will wait for the Egg of the Queen to arrive, while tending to the hive, and working to perfect it's inner workings and burrows for future eggs, not stopping until the Queen hatches, and begins to grow into adulthood.

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  • Loosely based off the Vespid from Warhammer.
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