The Kalixtus are a race of scientist with a extremly powerful national culture, affiliate to the United Federation of Species. In general they are the most important historians, teachers and engineers of the Federation.
Due their huge national culture are possibly more nationalist members of the Federation, being the fiercest warriors and politicians.



  • The Kalixtus are an intelligent species from the savannahs of the planet of Kali-1, located in the galaxy called "Origin Galaxy", site destroyed along with the complete annihilation of the universe. Currently located on the planet Wexan Kali, a planet terraformed to be identical to Kali-1.
  • Their chemical make up is a mixture of DNA and RNA and they are carbon based lifeforms. They evolved to the sapience 4 millions of years ago, after 3 thousand millions years of evolution in their home planet.
  • A modern space-faring Kalixtus's lifespan can be at least 120 years, however, through nanotechnology, they can live far longer.
  • Physically, Kalixtus, are strong, being hard and tough mammals covered by a thick skin. They are much stronger, more resilient and mental strength that the other members of the Federation.
  • Kalixtus beings anatomically similar to most Mamapsida, bipedal beings, hard, calloused skin, large feet to support their weight. This creature has both powerful upper limbs, a muscular torso, and a head with two eyes. The Kalixtus has a tail ending in a peak or a series of these, previously used as a means Kalixtus the defensive.


The original Kalixtus language is based in sounds grave but elegant. This is the only language in the Federation still studying mother tongue rather than the Federal Standard, since Kalixtus insiten in maintaining their own language to keep their culture.
Their writing is much more complex than the others in the Federation, its alphabet consists of 54 characters, which are combined to form words and these reperentan concepts. There is no concept of representation of the accentuation in their alphabet.


The Kalixtus Society is based on a solid hierarchical system, where is very clear who is more powerful than who. The power is possessed by strong and intelligent, and the weak and useless up the rest, this make the Kalixtus society the most competitive, hard and aggressive between the societies of the Federation (except the Chibar). This causes their society is generally frowned upon by the other races of the Federation, but also causes its members to become the pinnacle of technology, science and politics.


Most of Kalixtus follow the same religion, the worship of the One God. The Kalixtus behavior philosophy requires them to submit to the religion of his own volition, as a way to maintain their culture and status quo to flawless and unchanging over the centuries. In fact, the same religious system has remained for nearly three thousand years, still indifferent to technological development, scientific or social.
The religion of Kalixtus is dominated by the clergy, a very high social scale within their society. They are generally Kalixtus clergy who organize, direct and manage the Councils of Fundamental, due to its enormous socio-political influence, his talents as speakers and their scientific knowledge.


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