The Desert of Kaguria is a harsh mother. Indeed, while it raised us and strengthened us, it has proven to be able to take from her children at our weakest moment. As such, we must always be ready to fight. One lives, one dies, as is the eternal rule of nature. As such, it must always be us and our kin that survive.

- Kaguran Elder

Kaguran are a feline race of warriors, hunters and scholars, known for their independent nature, and association with the Ugandalorians. The Kaguran come from a harsh desert world, where survival was difficult, and forced them to develop a ruthless, cunning nature, combined with a warrior culture that believed in social Darwinism and survival of the fittest. This translates in battle as a ruthless need to survive over their enemies, and doing whatever they can to win, commonly being more prone then other races of breaking the honor codes set up by the Mendel Pact, or atleast bending them to their rules.

Due to be absorbed at the same time, and their conflicting ideals about battle and war, the Kaguran and Kadalian peoples tend to clash and share a strong rivalry with one another. This rivalry, is more a test of skill, then outright hatred, however, as, when push comes to shove, the two people do respect each other, though their rulers acknowledge their differences give them more strength then anything.

They do not, however, share such an attitude with the Lagorthene, another feline race near their systems. Long ago, they contacted the tribal Largorthene, and attempted to broker peaceful relations with the more primitive people. For their trouble, they where attacked and scalped, and the Kaguran swore to leave the savages on their dustball world. With the Largorthene getting absorbed into the Ugandalorian Empire and Mendel Pact, the Kaguran have grown to loath their neighbors, and made every attempt to limit their abilities within the Pact.

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Kaguran developed on the desert world of Kaguria, the center of their population. As they developed as a society, Kaguran began to drift apart, as 2 different societies developed. One sought to be modern and built a massive city near the lake of G'neri. The other sought to live a more traditional tribal life. Instead of fighting, the leaders of both, agreed to live in peace.

As such, Kaguran scattered amongst different city-states and tribes, keeping close contact with each other, despite their separated lifestyles. The Kaguran attained space travel, and established some colonies, before discovering the Lagorthene, another feline race that lived in the deserts near their home systems. The Kaguran attempted to uplift and raise the Lagorthene up to their standards, but, for their trouble, their diplomatic entourage was attacked, scalped, and sacrificed to the Lagorthene Gods. Disgusted, the Kaguran left them to their devices, and focused on taking care of the running of a massive empire.

During the Ugandalorian expansion, millennia after their disappearance after the War of Arbitration, the warrior-clans absorbed another race, the Kadalian Giants, when they came across the Kaguran. Believing them a divided race, the Ugandalorians and their allies landed, trying to unite the tribes. The Kaguran tribes who first encountered them where frightened by their appearance, and attempted to attack them, though where driven off.

Despite this, the Kaguran gathered all their tribes and city-states together, and launched a massive attack on the Mendel, managing to drive them off despite inferior technology. Impressed with their tenacity, the Clans once again sent Artiko Torga Clett, to secure their membership. Meeting the leaders of the tribes, and cities, they both complimented the others' skill, and after a long discussion, the Kaguran agreed to join the Ugandalorians as members. While expanding their empire together, the Ugandalorians came across the Lagorthene again. The Kaguran bitterly argued against meeting them again, telling their new allies of the atrocities committed by the Lagorthene. Intrigued by such warriors, the Ugandalorians sought them out anyway. Torga Clett and his warriors landed on the surface, and where immediately set up by Lagorthene raiders and marauders. Though savage, their primitive weapons where easily turned aside by the Ugandalorian, Human, Kadalian and other advanced races.

Seeing that the Lagorthene would never accept peace by any other way, Torga Clett ordered the fleet brought into low orbit above the planet, and destroyed the stolen Kaguran diplomatic vessels, and the sea-bound fleet of the Kaguran with their turbolaser canons. Intimidated, the Lagorthene accepted peace settlements and integration into the Empire, where it was hoped they could be brought up to a modern standard, like the humans before them. Instead, the Lagorthene continued their raiding, now attacking their new neighbors on the colonies they landed on that they set up with the Ugandalorians. The Kaguran rebuked these attacks with violent prejudice after the Lagorthene attempted to steal away with Kaguran women, emasculating several of them to punish them for daring to step out of line. Using this, the Kaguran Clan Leaders convinced the Great Clan Council to isolate the Lagorthene on their own worlds, and to not be allowed to colonize worlds with other Mendel races. From then on, the two races would very much hate each other from then on.

Dominatus Edit

Kaguran, like most members of the Mendel Pact, would be involved in the fighting during the Dominatus wars, alongside the Kadalians and other races.

Gigaquadrantic Conflict Edit

Battle of Ventia

During the Battle of Ventia, a number of Kaguran aided Mentrex and the other commanders from the Waptoria Alliance and Vanara, in finding the weakness of the World Eaters employed by the Bisistar. After the Mou'Cyran victory, the Kaguran would join the other members of the Mendel Pact in colonizing Cyrannus and joining the Accords.

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Kaguran society is divided between the 2 styles of living, those that prefer large cities and urban areas, and those who prefer to live in the deserts and wild areas as hunter-gathers, these two referred to as Strain. The more urbanized Strain, is referred to as the Su'ai, and the more rural, hunter-gathers, the Sa'foi. Males seem to prefer the out-doors, with most living in the nomadic caravans that travel the deserts of their homes, and the females prefer the metropolitan areas, however, both genders can be found in small numbers in both sites. In extra-stellar colonies, males and females live together in more joined settings. Females tend to have stronger positions within Kaguran society and culture then other Mendel species, commonly acting as Clan leaders and war-party leaders.

The Kaguran, like all Mendel species, share a great propensity for war. Their expertise comes from fighting in deserts and scrublands, and has benefitted the Mendel greatly in times of strife and war. Although more aloof and stoic then other, more boisterous races, specifically the Kadalian Giants, a race they share a rivalry with. Due to their harsh home world, Kaguran Warriors are known to be utterly ruthless in battle, and very resourceful and pragmatic, stalking their prey with little emotion. For them, for one to die and one to live is simply part of how nature plays out time and again.

Kaguran, as they grow older, tend to retire to the positions of librarian, chroniclers and teachers, passing on their knowledge to younger warriors who come to them seeking wisdom. Kaguran Pride Elders tend to make it difficult, believing knowledge should not be shared too easily, and one must always be prepared to sacrifice time and energy to attain it.

Kaguran are very serious, and almost chaste of their romantic interests, believing the idea of sex far too important to simply waste on causal encounters, and, both genders, and all sexes, Gay, Lesbian, etc, will wait patiently and take their time with their partners in order to build trust and know each other. This is considered learning the "soul" of the partner, and one should never have a sexual encounter without learning the soul of their partner. This makes them slightly more awkward around other Mendel races, who are little more relaxed about such ideals.

Biology Edit

Kaguran have a biology perfectly adapted for life in the desert, designed to conserve water and resources so a Kaguran can remain active for days at a time. While not the strongest of races, their bodies are incredibly durable, capable of healing all but the most grievous of wounds in seconds, and allowing them immunity to all but the most powerful venoms and poisons in the known universe. Kaguran, once they reach a certain age, reach a stage known as "Ancient Stage", allowing them to effectively become practically immortal and immune to the effects of further aging and disease. Kaguran who reach this age usually retire to the archives to pass on their wisdom, but a few stay warriors and fight on the field for the rest of their days.

Behavior Edit

Kaguran are a highly organized, very pragmatic race, a life in the deserts of various worlds has crafted them into a very realistic people, not prone to making mistakes on or off the battlefield. From their point of view, everything is survival and no mistake can ever be made. Kaguran, due to their upbringing, a regarded as a sneaky race. While not cowardly, they are experts at moving with complete silence and attacking their prey when they least expect it. Their predatory nature, however, does not translate well into everyday life, and as such their settlements are usually out in the deserts.

Kaguran are a very religious people, holding to their ancient tribal traditions, with little change. This bothers the other Mendel very little, as the Kaguran's culture is as important as any other member, and the Mendel would not go out of their way to change their ways, as the Kaguran have not bother anyone since their joining. They tend to view certain figures as servants or messangers of the gods, and honor such figures who come to them and save them from a certain catastrophe, or assist them in a hunt as saints.

Military Edit

Kaguran are, like many within the Pact, a warrior people, and as such, come to the Pact's military to do their part in battle. Kaguran warriors are fast on their feet and adept at desert combat. Their movement is as silent as a desert wind, and as fierce as a sandstorm. Their most common tactic is to flank the enemy as their allies lay down covering fire, and covertly cut their way through enemies in battle. Their build is more slight then other species, and they cannot afford to fight on the front lines as much as other races, though many a Kaguran can still be found amongst the ranks of frontline troopers and other such warriors.

Their role is mostly scouting and ambushing in deserts, taking out other scout units and observing enemies for weeks on end without water or food, due to their evolution having tailored them so. Indeed, Kaguran are considered the best scouts the Mendel can field, as none other can navigate the desert quite like they can. For particularly large armies on the move, Kaguran are commonly used to find underground water reserves for regiments that find themselves stuck in a bad position in battle.

The Kaguran also maintain their own ship design, the Kaguran Bird of Prey. These swift, raiding vessels are used by the Mendel Pact to raid trading lanes of their enemies' borders, as well as support the main battle fleet during battles that are joined. While some Pact members question what the Bird of Prey can do that the Crusader-Class Corvette can do and better. The Kaguran, however, maintain these vessels, regardless of what the rest of the Pact does.

KagBird of Prey
  • Length - 600 meters
  • Weapons - Disruptor Canons, Photon Missile launchers
  • Defenses - Armor, phasic shielding.
  • Equipment - Communications jammers, cloaking device.

The Bird of Prey is the Kaguran vehicle of raiding and attacking enemy forces, often used by their war parties to attack enemies and their supply lines, while the main fleet attacks the enemy armada, raiding vessels, taking prisoners and stealing technology from their enemies for their science teams to study and keeping the enemy on their toes. With their equipment, a Bird of Prey can appear, block out communications and escape plans, board, take what they wish, and disappear before the enemy can catch wind of their assault. The Bird of Prey is a standard among Kaguran vessels, and, due to it's effectiveness, it was kept when the Kaguran joined the expanding Ugandalorian Empire, assisting their fleets many times when the time came to be called upon.

The Bird of Prey is armed with heavy disruptor canons as it's main weapons, it also makes use of Photon Missile Launchers, launching highly destructive missiles at a target, each blow overloading shields and weapon systems, with horrible results. With these weapons, the Bird of Prey can cripple most enemies with ease, then board and raid the vessel for anything deemed important.

The Bird comes armed with good armor systems, and phasic shielding to protect it, as it quickly moves in on a foe to disable their weapons and defenses. The Bird also comes armed with several Communications and targeting jammers, to keep foes from getting a lock on them, or to throw enemy guided missiles off target in battle. To top this off, a Bird of Prey can also disappear at a moment's notice, with their advanced cloaking device, allowing them to hide from all but the most advanced sensors.

KagBoP file

Religion Edit

Kaguran tend to keep their beliefs private, choosing only educate those that seek them out and follow their ways. A number of races outside their own follow their religious believes, including Ugandalorians, Walgolorians, Orgaat and humans, among others. Their set of gods and beings are different from the Mendel's own, but tend to follow similar roles in Kaguran myth cycles. The Religion of the Kaguran has been a sour point in some eras within the Ugandalorian Empire, with High King Jurango Yukon, a depraved and insensitive king, targeted their religion with pogroms, calling them savages and pagans who dappled in child sacrifice, due to believing their religion false, and executed several Draiiud who refused to go along with such an atrocity, believing all Religions equal in Mother Zaraturai's eyes. However, such pogroms where stopped by Reago Clett, who made every attempt to bridge relations with the Kaguran at once.

  • Title - God of wisdom, leadership, the suns and stars.

Kungar is the mightiest of the gods and the leader of the pantheon of the Kaguran. Said to be the creator god, and creator of the Kaguran and their allies, Kungar is a being of infinite wisdom and valor, said to represent everything that would make a leader great. As such, he is without equal in warfare, philosophy, and politics, and is said to be the most cunning of leaders among the Kaguran. It is said Kungar does not bother with arguing with his enemies, merely using his persuasive abilities to convince them his path is right, and, if this fails, Kungar at least imparts them with a high level of respect towards him.

Kungar is said to keep the sun of Kaguria in place, as it said that without his mental concentration, Chogia would drift away and begin to consume other worlds. It is said that Kungar created the stars from pieces and fragments of Jabrol's soul, and fired them into space to create the great spheres of fire that planets orbit today. He then used his claws to cut pieces of flesh from the Earth god, Kutoko, and morphed the planets and moons from his pieces. To create Kaguria, Kungar took a piece from his own heart to make the planet so. The breath of the War goddess Hagarku then was used to bring the chosen planets to life, including Kaguria.

Kungar is viewed as the highest of the gods, and is honored at all times by the Kagurian Tribes in battle and in peace. All leaders aspire to be like Lord Kungar and lead like he, with a mix of fear, respect and intelligence to back up their leadership.

  • Title - God of the desert sands, fire, the hunt.

Jabrol is the God of the Great deserts and plains of Kaguria, and represents the acts of hunting and creation of fire. He is a cold and pitiless god, who believes that strength comes from facing death constantly and becoming immune to it's psychological effects and learning to cope with it. His position as Patron of Hunting helps in this regard, teaching the Kaguran the cold fury and skill needed to track, take down, and prepare their prey and themselves for the hunt. Jabrol is isolated from most of the gods, as he is a solitary figure by nature, and exists only to test his skill. At times, however, it is said he courts Hagarku, Goddess of War, and that great rulers are descendants of the two gods.

Jabrol is often called Lord of the Timeless Hunt, and the legends live up to this fact well. As Kungar created the universe and rallied the other Gods, Jabrol kept to himself, hunting the greatest beasts in all the Heavens, and in the 11 Territories of Damnation. Whether with his rifle or spear, no creature could escape Jabrol's gaze for long. Be it across snow, fire or the void, Jabrol would endure all punishment once he declared a creature his prey. His flesh and hide had grown thick and gnarled from his years of hunting, and his exporsure to the elements, and so, when Kungar was creating Kaguria, he asked Jabrol for his assistance, and, after removing his armor, Kungar was allowed to tear chunks from Jabrol's flesh to creature Kaguria, home to the Kagurans.

  • Title - Goddess of War, ferocity, courage.

  • Title - God of Earth, invention, farming and plant life.

Individuals Edit

  • Name - Alfrooda Groot
  • Position - Leader of all Kaguran
  • Gender - Female

Alfrooda Groot is the current leader of all Kaguran within the Mendel Pact. She was born into Clan Groot as one of it's many warriors. The Shamans of Clan Groot grew to respect and be amazed by her abilities and skills in battle, moving through the position of the Clan quickly and gaining much position in the Clan. By time Torscka Nitrocon had become King of the Ugandalorians, Alfrooda Groot had become leader of her Clan entirely. After the death of the last Kaguran Margrave, Alfrooda Groot came forward, believing she had a chance of becoming the Margrave herself. Her and her rival candidates went out into the desert, going through the great trails and challenges of becoming Margrave. As the week went by, Groot and only a few remained, and went to the great mountain to secure the Great Spear, the weapon used by the Margrave to signify their rulership. Alfrooda secured it after climbing the mountain, and was attacked by the remaining three Clan leaders, who also wanted the position. She managed to fend them all off, defending herself and defeating the three with non-fatal blows.

Alfrooda Groot returned to her people, and the Shamans, after confirming her story, amazed everyone with her abilities to defeat her foes without killing one of them. The Clan Lords gathered, and agreed to approve her ascension as Magrave, even her rivals who had ambushed her. Alfrooda's rise was celebrated through Kaguran space, and was welcomed into the Grand Council of the rest of the Pact with open arms.

  • Name - Abu Kolotai
  • Position - Clan Lord of Kolotai
  • Gender - Male

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  • Based on the Togorian from Star Wars, and given a somewhat Middle Eastern/Mongolian vibe to differentiate them from the rest of the Pact.

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