Paracato, also known as Red Kaburians or simply as Kaburians, are a tiny filter-feeding chitenofish species native to Rachantes.




Kaburians appeared and evolved in the planet Rachantes. Besides their role in the ecosystem, they haven't participated in any historical events yet.



Kaburians are tiny critters, never longer than 3 centimeters and with weights ranging between 2 and 8 grams.

Kaburians have round bodies covered in an exoskeleton, which is usually either red or reddish brown. They have four tentacle-like limbs and a long flagellalike tail. They have a radial mouth filled with barbs, with two long articulate appendages around it, somewhat resembing insectoid jaws. Above their mouth, there is a small thorn-like structure which contains most of the Kaburian's sensitory organs. Their armor, as stated above, varies in color, but their flesh is always bright red.

There are no known differences between male and female Kaburians. Infants highly resemble adults since their birth, with the exception of their jaw-like appendages being much shorter.

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Large Kaburian populations are known to inhabit the beaches of Rachantes's only ocean: Faraterea. The sand of the shallow seafloor allows the tiny critters to find several microorganism species to feast upon, as well as to hide from predators. They also can be found in riverbeds, but they are fairly more uncommon in these areas. It is thought that these creatures might live in the open sea as well, but no populations have been found there so far.






Kaburians have been taxonomically classified as chitenofish in the family Mandiblobidae. It's hard to determine which is the species' closest relative, since it's the only one in it's family to be strictly aquatic, while sharing several features with various terrestrial creatures in the taxon. This classification might be incorrect, though.

Their binominal name is Cancerichthys rufus. The genus name means crab fish in a mix of Latin and Greek, while the epithet means red in Latin.

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There are no known important Kaburians.

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  • Kaburians were originally going to be brown-colored, but this was changed due to the animal sharing many similarities with another of Dinoman972's creatures: the Kataro.

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