It is a good thing that the Juvans, although pivotal in the organization of the Krassio, were never allowed to rise to power. They would have depleted the Tigris Galaxy's resources in a matter of one full century maybe. I jest, of course, but it is all to say that they are a force of nature to be reckoned with.

- An external, alien analyst.

Yes, yes, Civatrons are powerful, one of them can take upon a myriad of demons and slay a lot of them. They can break enemy lines and rout the enemy just by showing up on a battlefield, but would they survive against a whole army of enemies as legend says? I highly doubt legend will get the chance to prove itself in a factual way. I'm not pessimistic, no, on the contrary, I am an avid optimist that such a thing never happens, for before any enemy, alien or demon gets the chance to meet with our powerful brethren they will have to cross swords and smash our shields first, feel the heat of our psionic fire and resist the crushing glory of our combined psionic presence. For we are many, we are legion, and we stand united.

- Juvan commander.

First to break the enemy lines, first to mate!

- A Juvan dare while in a battlefield (applicable to females and males alike).

The Juvans, (Tertiary, Juvax) Unstoppable Host in their language, are a race of advanced reptilians akin to the Crocodilia genus seen on Earth, albeit with their own characteristic traits. They are known for their engineering genius, pragmatic approach to all sciences regarding Byronic matter, the pseudo-matter known as Iluvium, and their practical use of Neural Physics. It is them who mine, harvest, and process all the minerals that turn to alloys and then to ships, equipment, buildings, and all other goods necessary for their empire, the Singularim Pact, to survive and prosper. Their combat prowess is second only to the warrior devotion of their Civatron kin in such a way that it is thanks to them the Universe's denizens would comment that the Krassio thrive in war. However, among their closer circle of allies (Civatrons and Andrudans, with whom they have mingled culturally, aesthetically, and philosophically for centuries.), there is yet a greater trait that stands above all of their deeds and tireless work for the Krassio Mandate of Balance: their promiscuity and great reproductive capabilities.

Like the other Krassio species, they hail from the Tigris Galaxy, cradled in the planet Juvax (a name also serving as a demonym for their entire species), and they belong to the common genus of P-DNA existing in the Krassio, and thus possess incredible psionic power, standing alongside their brethren as Psionic Lords.

Although the Civatrons stand as the most famous Krassio species, their reservedness and constant retirement from gigaquadrantic diplomatic or economic affairs make them hard to spot or see in common ground with any aliens. For this, when many hear the word Krassio, they mistakenly believe that the reptilian psionic being before them is a Civatron when it would be a Juvan. The Juvans are the most outwardly of the three species, constantly trading, exploring, mining, reproducing, fighting their wars. Without the Juvans' incredible manpower and proficiency, it is most likely the other two species would have died centuries ago.

Since the unity of Civatrons, Andrudans, and Juvans at the foundation of the Krassio Host, Juvans discovered their shared genetic code with the other two reptilian species, and their desire to perfect their lineages and bloodlines make them the most cosmopolitan of the three. The Juvans will never stop reproducing, as intercourse is an avid and dominant aspect of their cultural identity.


Early Era (7 billion years ago)[]

Juvans were genetically modified since early cellular stages by the ancient civilization of the Krass, a progenitor race that controlled a vast portion of the Tigris Galaxy. The Krass made sure the Juvans were a survivalist species, giving them the biological means to quickly climb the trophic levels of their homeworld. With Juvax, their homeworld, being a rocky, wet planet with no oceans but a complex web of water streams that made the surface humid in a seasonal pattern, constant electrical storms that traversed the planet from North to South, and the coolest caverns highly populated by molluscoid and crustacean life—most of it highly predatorial or violent in nature—the Krass' chosen evolved to be a highly adaptable and durable species, soon rising in the food chain above larger predators thanks to their great grasp at environmental manipulation, quickly securing hamlets, walled cities and outposts across Juvax.

In their early evolutionary stages, the Juvans faced challenges that other Krassio species did not, for they met with other two semi-sapient species during the tribal stage, a molluscoid species that dominated the rocky mesas as their apex predator, and the collective synapse of the flora, which was fungii in nature in Juvax. Their names are long forgotten, for the Juvans hunted down their molluscoid rivals and evolved to emit a pheromonal aura that prevented the fungus from attacking or marching through their settlements. Like this, the Juvans were able to roam the planet's surface freely, becoming its dominant species.

Down the road to planetary domination, the Juvax had developed a culture which placed fertility and the act of reproducing, breeding offspring, among the highest societal priorities, in which the more offspring you laid, the more prominent and easier your name would be remembered, thus your lineage secured. Little by little, promiscuity became a cultural and social aspect of their identity as a civilization with all its downsides and upsides. Stronger breeds would create even stroger offspring, establishing leadership based on the strongest (either physical or intellectual). Powerful clans, also called Sagduns in their language, rose to prominence and into great empires during their industrial age. Eventually, Juvans began to finish their natural resources and found themselves in crisis, prompting in-fighting among their Sagduns for resources. Before their eventual rise to space, the Juvans engaged in several resource wars that kept their population in check from finishing off their homeworld quickly. War had always been a deterrent for balance in the Juvan lifestyle.

Juvan Sagdhunate[]

Space Stage (Early Period)[]

The Juvans were the only species of the Krassio that took out to the stars relatively divided, as clans competed to win the space race and reach potential asteroids and other planets within their star system in order to provide for their members before their rivals could seize them themselves.

The Sagdhuns warred against each other for the following 200 years as the Juvans again reached peak solar system expansion, with the ten planets in the Juvax system suddenly occupied and heavily mined. Juvans used a rough nuclear technology consisting of shell shock, in which their colony ships were rocketed to space and doomed to land on the destined planet using enormous braking rockets to decrease their spread, often cracking the barrier of sound in the process. Their colony ships would be heavily fortified with the best alloys they could offer so that they would be later dismantled and used as buildings for their future settlements. Juvan colonies looked like cities built on massive rock formations during this period of time. It was normal for more than one colony ship to land on the same planet, for the Sagdhuns always sought to outwit and outnumber their rival clans, increasing the violence in the Juvans. It is worthy of note that of all the Krassio species, the Juvans were the first to reach the stars, for they did not wait for their technology to meet comfortable values. They simply worked and worked hard to achieve their goals.

However, it was here than a prominent figure arose to unite the Saghduns in a common goal of reaching their destiny across the stars.

The Great Saghdun (Early Period)[]

A Saghdun arose among the other clan leaders, tiring of senseless violence and looking at a foreboding future for the Juvans should they remain concealed at their solar system. They would drown upon their hyper-effective fertility and their inclination to always seek to be strongest. Um'ail was his name, and whilst other clans sought to fight without regard for strategies, simply looking to overpower each other, he sought to outwit them. Um'ail brought about a revolution to the convention of Juvan warfare, introducing tactics to fool and to entrap their foes, and the technology to do it. In all those centuries, four to be exact, no Sagdun had ever wondered how effective it would be to bombard enemies from orbit, and Um'ail launched the first rockets that established satellites and incinerated thousands of Juvans. Um'ail said that there was no bigger price for peace than a few million deaths, which in Juvan terms meant a small percentage. This act is frown upon by Civatrons and Andrudans, as many Juvans who admire and study Um'ail's visionary tactics to the present day somehow fail to see the carnage and slaughter unleashed upon three of the worlds of the Juvax system. However, three worlds burning was enough to have the other Sagdhuns bend the knee. With fire, Um'ail had an imperial peace upon his kin, and it allowed him to unite all banners unto a common goal, depart their solar system and into the galaxy.

Um'ail's legacy could be one of blood for other Krassio, but the Juvans have nothing but admiration for their Great Sagdhun, for he not only united them but introduced concepts like science, astronomy, engineering, spacecraft, and statecraft into the Juvan culture. It gave them a new purpose other than just consume, fight, and reproduce.

Like this, a new focus was given to the entire species, and their best scientists and engineers sought for years how to leave their star system and reach others.

Expansion and Contact (Middle Period)[]

The Juvan expansion across the stars was systematic and swift as they quickly breezed through across their neighboring systems. As more Juvans were born, and their numbers increased, a strange phenomenon began to appear upon the death of old members of the species. Their remains would begin to afloat and distill a unique substance, alien to the Juvan system. In reality, the powerful psionic noosphere of the Juvans began creating spatial rifts and dimensional portals randomly in a resonating cascade. However, the Unstoppable Host was not deterred, for these 'storms' were no different in pattern to the storms they had long endured for eons in their homeworld, only in substance. It was here that the Juvans discovered the first appearance of the essence-based physical substance called "Iluvium"

The interaction with Iluvium over the years began having effects on Juvan scientists, as their claws began to glow and so did their eyes and several scales in their bodies, the Iluvium spoke to them in mysterious ways, and both engineers and scientific circles learned to interpret them and mold Iluvium to their will. To this day, Andrudan Curators wonder how a species so single-minded could have achieved these levels of neural physics application without understanding how it worked. Juvans played with them like a child with a glass of water, and like Children, they began to experiment. The Iluvium allowed the Juvans to jump into hyperspace and instantly teleport to different locations, although its proper experimentation meant the sacrifice of a few Juvans who were lost to the Sugdhanate as they sent them to unknown locations. Juvans learned to focus the Iluvium to create concise portals so that their calculations would be fruitful and in the end, they did it. Juvans successfully teleported ships and entire colonists to new systems neighboring theirs. Following these pilgrims, came the unrelenting host of the Juvan Sugdhanate, following the directives of their revered but now deceased Um'ail.

Consequently, the Juvans began expanding with impunity across the stars.

Andross Foundation and Civa Tribal Accords (Middle Period)[]

The prominent activity of the Sugdhanate brought the attention of two local powers that were also on their way to the stars. The Andross Foundation worked as a trade and scientific empire that had just suffered a horrible pyrrhic victory against a relentless parasite, and the Civa Tribal Accords had just fought the Minos Empire and swiftly defeated it. The interaction with the Andrudans was 'friendly', although this friendship was, for the most time, one-sided, as the Andrudans did not enjoy their proximity with the Juvans. However, they both benefitted from research and trade agreements that closened their relationship further.

Things were not so uneventful with the Civatrons, however.

As the Juvans put it, the introduction of the Book of Discipline and the psionic teachings of the Valader, the hero of the war against the Minos Empire, brought societal and philosophical turns to the Juvans that ended in many uprisings from the Juvan clans, in which the Great Saghdunate, in turn, had to ask to the Civatrons for help. The Valader showed the might of the Juvan psionic potential by 'opening' their eyes to the psionic essence, and then they saw it.

They saw the glorious, massive, overwhelming potential they bore as a race, as their psionic noosphere, fed by the increasing numbers of the Juvans, coalesced into a weapon akin to a hammer, ready to crush their enemies. The Juvans vowed to be that hammer for the Civatrons, recognizing their superior psionic connection as individuals, but reveling in their collective power as one.



Juvan gender size comparison. Males (top) are significantly bigger than females (bottom).

The Juvans are reptilians who evolved from the magma filled surface of Juvax and its rocky plains and mesas, often filled with small ponds and lakes of hot spring water. As such the Juvans are incredibly resilient and adaptable to most of the weather conditions provided by the harshest of worlds. Their genetic adaptability, plus their psionic heritage given by the Krass, ensured that their claws remained always bore and ready to peel rock like butter. Their minds, albeit with psionic readings significantly lower than Andrudans and a little bit below the Civatron tuning to psionic essence, possesses a powerful empathic link to the rest of their familial group. The Clans (or Sagdhuns) formed since the early stages of their civilization are based more on biological precepts than those that are cultural. This bond with their Sagdun generates an invisible force field of psionic energy that acts like a thick atmosphere. When the group would be alarmed or endangered by predators, Juvans often saw how these very same beasts would fall unconscious to the ground, overwhelmed by their collective presence lashing out.

Perhaps their most known biological aspect is their fertility and life cycle. Juvans possess a natural short life-span compared to other Krassio species, one that has increased in the constant development of technology and attunement to the Iluvii Realm. However, in primeval times of their evolution, Juvans compensated this with a high birth rate. Juvans are binary in gender, like the rest of the Krassio, as well as dimorphic. Males are larger than females. A female Juvan gives birth to a hundred, small membrane-like eggs that were kept safe and humid in rocky formations close to water sources. Like crocodiles on Earth, the temperature was key to the definition of gender in a Juvan. There is a prevalent number of females in the Juvan population, as only a male is required to fertilize the eggs. It is important that Juvans imprint with their parents or with their nurses (who are male or female as paternal, or maternal pheromones affect both.), but that they do so within their family group. Clans are composed of hundreds of thousands of members that keep expanding and reproducing, yet all of them are connected to the prime gene pool of the Saghdun's close circle (those who possess stronger traits of leadership are said to be closely connected genetically to the founder of their clan, and thus are given preferential status).

There is a natural urge to reproduce in every Juvan, as well as there is a preference for stronger genes and stronger biological, or even psionic, traits. Juvan promiscuity not only pursues mates within their species, as their DNA is mostly compatible with the Civatrons or Andrudans. Females would often try and seduce members of said species just to acquire their strong genetic lineage to make their Sagdun stronger. If such an event would occur when an Andrudan or Civatron were to fall for the incessant advances of a Juvan, then the offspring born of their union would be based on the species of the mother, so Juvan females are the ones who try to conceive off from a Civatron or Andrudan male instead.

Nascent Ascendancy[]

As part of the Krassio genus, the Juvans are also part of the Third Dream concept in Iluviism and other philosophies, choosing mortality over life in a supreme, divine state. However, when this does happen, and Juvan shows signs of ascension powers, the Juvan would be no different from a Civatron in form, although in power they would project much less as their bondage to the mortal realm is stronger than the others. However, a group of Juvans poses a fearsome presence in the Iluvii Realm, manifesting as a giant spirit fighting for them and crushing their enemies.

Perhaps the Juvans are the most common Krassio of them all, but they are as equally feared when accessing the powers of the psionic realm. It is known that most Juvans worship Anur'Ctar, the psionic god of power, more than the other two gods of the trinity, due to his affiliation to the anointing and acquisition of more and more power.


  • The Juvans are based on The Valader's younger brother.
  • Part of their culture is based on the Mongolian Empire, and their swift expansion. However, their promiscuous behavior was based on "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.