An Introduction to the Jucolin Mentality[]

The Jucolin have recorded their history since they discovered fire. From the first few arguments in the first village, to the invention of steam powered war machines, to the inevitable venture into the Void of Space, every moment was written down in the exact same language to preserve knowledge. And preservation is the single most driving force in the history of their species.

Tribal Habits[]

Two Sides of the Coin[]

Jucolin tribes were either extremely peaceful, or extremely aggressive. The daily lives of peaceful Jucolin tribals revolved around food. Food's collection, it's consumption, and it's use as a currency between tribes. Easily agitated tribes also found food to be a cornerstone of life, but they had much different ways of obtaining it. Many would demand a tribute from the less violent villages, and would see it to be paid. If bloodshed was involved was left entirely up to the other tribe, and whether they gave the food to their aggressors.

Olive Branches of Conquest[]

On one continent, however, a peaceful tribe was meeting hate with love and over coming it. They would send gifts and play songs to the barbarians, and were rewarded with undying loyalty to their new main source of food and entertainment. Eventually, the peaceful tribe, known as "The Forest People" due to both the forest green color on their limbs and backs and their resemblance with trees, gained knowledge of metal working and masonry, though where exactly is still a mystery. The combined tribes under The Forest People built a city, today known as the great Jucolin capital of Desparada.

Global Domination[]

The Horns of War[]

The city of Desparada was quick to expand. It converted the militarily minded city of Chlet to their beliefs. From that point on, using Chlet's factories, many armies were raised in an attempt to unite the world under one, Forest Green flag. One by one, city after city, the Forest nation had spread it's influence all across the globe using great displays of military might. The conquest is, so far, the bloodiest war in all of Jucolin history. Seven hundred years after the conquest, the Rulers of Elpheus, a council called "The Tune", decided their best interest were among the stars. And among the Void.

Current Times[]

The Jucolin have been expanding rapidly, with a colony always within five parsecs of any other colony. They have established several alliances with close neighbors and defeated three empires tainted with the curse called Spode.

Nature of the Forest People[]

Everyone's gotta Eat[]

The Jucolin can use photosynthesis due to the leaves on their heads and upper backs, but prefer instead to eat fruit or other types of plant matter. They reason that if the energy of the stars of the galaxy is left alone, more plants may come into existence. This both provides more food and furthers the expansion of life (in their minds at least).

Branching out on Biology[]

The Jucolin have four arms, a trait that has proven its value many times during their evolution. Not only does it help them with picking more things up or make controlling ships easier, it also helps them camouflage themselves as trees more easily by grabbing the leaves on their head, so their arms look like branches. Most Jucolin describe this as a painful thing, and prefer to keep their distance while posing as a tree, so that whatever their hiding from doesn't notice the "tree" has hands. They also have actual branches in a V pattern on their middle-to-lower backs. This is normally used to hold containers, such as packs or baskets. To complete their disguise, the Jucolin have grass-like nerves extending from their feet. This allows them to experience changes in the air much more vividly, possibly helping them on their road to becoming "environmentally minded."


Jucolin cities are classified into two different sections, one of which is divided once more. Either the city is on the homeworld of Elpheus, or is on a colony. If they are on Elpheus, then they are further divided into "Religious" or "Military." There is only one Religious city, the capital, Desparada. All other cities are military installations, focusing on the protection of Desparada, Elpheus, and all Jucolin currently on the planet. The Government is headed by The Tune, a council of Jucolin of all ages. Currently, they have 224 members. These are the 224 most powerful Jucolins in the Galaxy. They are chosen by throwing themselves of the top of the capital building in Desparada, the tallest building in the Jucolin Empire. If they survive, they are given a place in The Tune. The oldest Jucolin to ever live, Sofrotu, was 1,930 when she was thrown from the building in a political dispute with Fanjuput, now regarded as the most evil Jucolin to ever live. Sofrotu is still alive today, now 2,330.

Jucolin Politics[]

Jucolin government is, as mentioned earlier, spear-headed by The Tune. Their power is over every Jucolin in existence. If a Jucolin was ever to disobey The Tune, they would be cast into space, and any record of their existence would be destroyed. Because of this, no one knows exactly how many have disobeyed The Tune, if any at all. Coups for power have been attempted, though none successful. The average Jucolin citizen isn't aware such a thing ever took place, due to the effectiveness of the group, whose name will never been released, born and bred to defend The Tune. They have a constant watch over every Jucolin in the Galaxy, part of the reason the coups were all unsuccessful.


Rustlis has been the main language of the Jucolin since they starting living together in bushels. It uses a long, breathy dialect, and any other way of speaking it turns into mangled garbage. The average sentence takes four earth minutes to complete. Because of the way Jucolin speak, it will normally take them a very long time to say something in a different language, as they simply aren't used to the quicker words of other languages. Jucolins who can speak more than Rustlis are in high demand by The Tune, as they are essential in diplomatic relations with non-Rustlis speaking empires.