Although much of the Jovar's technology would be considered only slightly above-par throughout the Universe, there are a few notable examples of their technology that is unique and highly advanced. Here is some of the best and most well-known examples:

Stellar Manipulation/DestructionEdit

A very uncommonly-known fact is that the Jgindi Superweapon is actually capable of both stellar creation AND destruction.

Stellar creation, or stellar manipulation is the creation of stars, most simply. This technology was actually reversed-engineered from the destructive powers of the Superweapon. Jovar stellar manipulation is somewhat unique because of how fast it can occur. A red dwarf can be created in about 5 minutes, a Sol sized sun can be created in about 10-15 minutes, a blue giant in about 30 minutes, and the most massive stars in about an hour. Also, the stars created by this process will last much longer than their normal expected lifetime(i.e., a Sun-like star normally lasts 10 billion years. Stars of this mass created by the Jgindi will last over 50-60 billion years). This has become a useful way for the Jovar to gain energy:simply by creating a star and using it as a power plant.

The destruction of a power is caused by a super high powered beam of electromagnetic energies fired upon the core of the star. This can cause two things to occur:either A) the star goes supernova, or B) the star simply becomes smaller and cooler, until it is nonexistent. The two types of stellar destruction are based on the amount of power used on a star. The Jgindi Superweapon was the first Jovar weapon capable of such destruction.

  • Although newer and smaller technologies have since been developed, rendering the massive battle station somewhat obsolete, it now serves a new purpose: its presence in a star system is usually enough to force it into submission, thanks to its amazing size, firepower, and superlaser.


Juridium is a highly porous material that makes up the vast majority of capital ship, starfighter, and building construction. It is as hard as, if not stronger, as Syplasma, as lightweight and porous as sponge, and as durable as gold. These unique properties cause it to be sought after throughout the Gigaquadrant, but only the Jovar know how to create such a strong metal.

The secret to its strength is its molecular make up, which is a combination of many of the strongest and most ductile metals in the known Universe. However, as expected, it obviously takes a ton of raw material to make such a substance. To solve this problem, Juridium is highly porous, more so than most sponges, and is comparable to the spongy bone of an animal bone. It is also very light, despite its heavy density and mass. Because of these great properties, Juridium is used to build the strongest hulls for capital ships. All Jovar ship hulls are made of the material.

However, despite its many advantages over conventional metals, it has one drawback. Juridium is hard to create, as it requires several different types of metals to produce. Because of depleting amounts of resources in Jovar-controlled space in the Milky Way, the Jovar were forced to colonize the Galaxon Galaxy solely for the purpose of mining the materials to create this nearly impenetrable substance.

Jovar Computers and A.I'sEdit

Jovar computers do not normally run on manufactured processors. They instead rely on an actual sentient's brain in order to properly function.

The concept behind this lies in the idea that a organic processor is much more effective than a normally used, manufactured one. This is based on the mindset that the body itself is a computer, with the brain as its central processor and the organs as various "applications" and functions. Scientists across the universe have noted that brains serve as much better processors for their respective computers than any manufactured computer ever could. By building upon this theory, Jovar scientists were able to, over time, develop a computer that runs on brain power. These computers tend to be faster than normal, and home PCs are capable of rendering and running thousands of applications at a single time. Government and military-grade computers are even more powerful. The computers on starships are capable of routing out the fastest and safest possible route to any single destination, and because of this advantage hyperspace trips are much shorter for Jovar ships.

Of course, in the absence of an organic brain, Jovar computers are still capable of being used. They have built in processors from manufactured parts. However, these are only sub-par processors, and are only used in the most dire of circumstances. In the event that a creature from another species wishes to use a Jovar computer, special hardware must be designed and produced ahead of time in order to meet a species' specific needs. But due to the lack of a brain-powered processor, alien races often note the "weak" Jovar computers that they use. But the Jovar know the truth...

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