Origin of the word JOVAR- ancient Joran (tribe) word meaning "great warrior of the nations".

- Dictionary Galactica

The Jovar are a carnivorous, four-legged and no armed creature in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are fierce warriors who tend to show little mercy to other empires. Their home planet is Jora.


  • The Jovar, like most species, have intestines, a heart, liver, brain, kidneys, and a reproductive system. Their lifespans are typically 200-250 years, thanks to their increased rates of mitosis.
  • Jovar have furred bodies, and they have mandible mouths. Their wings are feathered and their backbone extends all the way to their tail.
  • Jovar tails are extremely powerful. A fully grown tail can kill almost ALL sentient species if hit with enough strength. They also have small, poisonous appendages on their tales, making them even deadlier. their tails attack much like a scorpion, although it can make a full sweep around the body to hit an opponent.
  • Jovar mysteriously have wings, which allows them to fly short distances (due to their heavy mammalian bones). But even more strangely, their wings are blue in color, most likely a mutation. Also, Jovar wings are lined with feathers, which is not normally found on mammals.
  • A Jovar can have up to 3 healthy offspring per pregnancy. The norm is usually to be one child per pregnancy cycle, however there have been reports of 12 being born at a single time that survive beyond infancy.
  • Because of the harsh conditions of their homeworld, a Jovar is able to survive some of the most extreme (and still habitable) environments. This means that nearly airless planets can even be homes to Jovar without the need of a dome. However, this can become extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful.



In general, males are the stereotypical image that pops into one's head when the word "Jovar" is spoken. Because of this, it is important to note that this section lists aesthetic differences between males and females.

For one, females tend to be smaller and skinner, however they do sport a wider hip than males. Females also lack the club-like appendage on their tales, and the frontal talons, feet, and bone-covered mouths are typically smaller than those on males. Females also have smaller mandibles and shorter tails. Female wings are smaller, and tend to stand more erect in relation to the body than those of their male counterparts. Finally, a large gold streak can be found on all females, reaching from the top of their tale to the gluteus maximus.

From a social aspect, despite the militarism so commonly found among the Jovar throughout their history, females have usually had equal rights and suffrage when compared to males. Though encouraged to stay at the home and watch the household and family, females have always been permitted to serve in more masculine careers, even in the military. Few females, however, have attained any noteworthy status within the military (though there are exceptions).


  • Jovar are very zealous for their species and its position in the Universe. As such, many look at foreign alien races as bizarre, and racial prejudice can sometimes occur within the Empire's territory, though it is very rarely vocal and widespread. There is particular hatred towards Jarquvix, however.
  • Like their creators, the humans, Jovar music and literature is very similar in style and expression. Jovar typically despise such genres as rap and hip-hop, and have a preference towards calmer music. A huge portion of the population (at least 80%) consider the ancient human band Coldplay the best music group of all time. Also, literature similar in style to 20th and 21st century human literature is very common and widespread. Perhaps the most famous piece of Jovar literature is Desolate Plains, the story of the discovery on Hgor.
  • The Jovar are EXTREMELY militaristic by nature. It is generally recommended for a Jovar male to join the military as soon as they are the appropriate age. it is this drive to be militaristic that has made the Jovar military one of the most powerful in the Universe.
  • Jovar architecture is mixed, mostly depending on the location. In planets in the Joran Sector, architecture is vastly similar to Art Deco. This is most obvious in Chlen, the capital of the Empire. However, most planets have since evolved a sleeker, shinier style of architecture, such as on Auder-2.


Jovar have two ways of speaking: in a series of clicks and chirps (similar to Grimbolsaurians) AND by vocal speech, similar to most species. This is only possible because of the two mouths that Jovar have. Most prefer to use their more natural clicking speech to talk to one another. However, Jovar will speak with vocal cords to other alien races most of the time, despite its uncomfortability to a Jovar. Thanks to this natural gift, Jovar are usually chosen to serve as translators for inter-species affairs, especially those dealing between vocular and mandibular speech.


The vast majority of Jovar species members retain on them the most commonly known coat of orange with red stripes and blue wings; however, this is not the only fur variation. There are several others, and while they are generally accepted by Jovar society, racial issues have plagued these minorities in the past.

  • Note that all aesthetic differences between males and females remain the same among the various variants, including the gold stripe on the tail.

Intergalactic GovernmentsEdit


  • Jovar are naturally carnivorous. They prefer meat over anything else, especially red meats.
  • Although Jovar are carnivorous by nature, they are technically omnivorous because of the fact that they have adapted to eat plant material. This strange adaptation is because of previous disasters on Jora, which caused widespread shortages of meat supplies. The Jovar were often forced to eat fruits and vegetables, despite its harms to the body. Eventually, Jovar learned to be accustomed to vegetation.


Because they accidentally discovered their true origins on Hgor, most Jovar choose not to follow any religion (though many follow monotheistic relgions of humans, such as Christianity or Judaism). However, a very small group of Jovar have decided to join the Sylit faith (Eterfiammatheism) thanks to Sylit missionaries throughout the Empire.

The Jovar's Fiction
Yes, we have no arms. Now stop laughing!
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