Jooplets are small bipedal carnivores, they are closely related to the Gooplets. Jooplets looks like Gooplets, the only difference are the clawed feet and the blue color the Jooplets have. They have parts hidden in their bodies giving them Rogue skills.

Jooplet in the creator.

Archetype and situation in space[]

The Jooplets are a level 2 Warrior empire, they posses weak weapons and primitive terraforming tools, they like traveling and because of their small size, they dont try threat empires with weapons like other warrior empires. The Jooplets live close to the K'Razo, just 20 parsecs acctually. They have heard of the Gablinus-Avis empire too (from a K'Razo salesman) They belive if they join the Gablinus-Avis they will get a great ally that can protect them whenever the Jooplets need help. So the Jooplets main mission is to Increase the size of their empire then find the Gablinus-Avis.