Fahr-Mandylocytas (Mandylocytas minor), also known as sahrenes (plural for sahrenor), Xuz Fahrean Jawwhorls and Lesser Jawwhorls, are a species of spinosaurid native to Xuz Fareh.


The original name, Fahr-Mandylocytas, comes from Frenton, and means Xuz Fahrean Mandylocytas. Mandylocytas, at the same time, is the name given to the Cyardalean species, and means nasty thorn in Frenton, refering to the file of spines coming out of the creature's back.

The word sahrenor was created by the Llurebleg, and means hungry beast in Baranian. This name was probably inspired by the creature's ravenous behaviour.

The term Jawwhorl is used mainly within the New Gods Empire. It means jawed whore in Franglish. This term was probably created for despective purposes, refering to the creature's "ugly" appearance, as well as pointing out its long crocodilian jaw.





Jawwhorls are rather large creatures, although remarkably smaller than their common counterparts. The largest individuals reach a lenght of around 7 meters, a weight of around six tonnes and a height of almost 3 meters.

Jawwhorls have a rather bulky body compared to that of their cousins, but slender in comparison with the regular species. Their neck is rather long and their mouth has a long crocodilian jaw with many sharp teeth. Their arms are slender and their hands have three long digits arranged radially, ending in sharp claws and with a small thorn in the center. Their long four-digited feet are arranged in a similar way to those of theropod dinosaurs, with the first toe being small and being held in the air; however, the second toe is shaped like a long claw and faces backwards, resembling the talon of a prey bird. They have a file of long spines running down from their snout to their short tail, which ends in strange ornamentation, which consists of three long bony structures one on top of the other. They are covered in light green and yellow scales.

Sexual dimorphism is present in Jawwhorls: males usually have longer tail ornament and gem-like structures complementing it. Young Jawwhorls strikingly resemble their parents, besides their spines and their tail ornament being shorter.

Traits and abilities[]

Jawwhorls have a high muscular strenght, mainly in their mouths, and can run quite fast. They are, however, rather fragile, with a layer of scales as their only protection, and they aren't very agile either.

As the name might suggest, a Jawwhorl's main weapons are its jaws. Strong and filled with sharp teeth, they are capable of causing serious injuries and even breaking bones. Their hands can also be used as weapons, used to latch in the skin of the victim like a suction cup and sting it repeatedly with the hidden thorn; this is, however, not a very efficient method. Their talons can cause injuries as well, but it's hard to use them due to their position.


Xuz Fahrean Jawwhorls inhabit a large variety of ecosystems, prefering swampy areas. They will, however, frequently move to plains to feed on herbivores.


Xuz Fahrean Jawwhorls, similarily to their Cyardalean cousins, are ravenously hungry creatures, nearly always looking for something to eat. Unlike other carnivores, however, Jawwhorls are rather scavengers, stealing prey from other hunters and threatening them so they let them feed. Many times, however, the Jawwhorl can't avoid a fight for the prey, but their powerful jaws and their muscular strength let it stand a chance against many foes, including the formidable Fontis. Even if losing the fight, Jawwhorls will fight relentlessly for a prey, but might attempt to escape in other situations when things start going in favor of the opponent. Sometimes, hungry Jawwhorls will attack vehicles and even Snotguns, in attempts to satisfy their hunger which are doomed to fail.

Jawwhorls don't have a set mating season, and will mate at any time of the year. Unlike the extremely territorial common counterparts, the Xuz Fahrean species are completely peaceful towards members of the opposite gender, except when there is a food-related conflict. When two find each other, they will mate, and the male will leave the female with the eggs. Jawwhorls are ovoviviparous, meaning that the embryos grow inside eggs, which are kept inside the mother's body until they hatch. The mother will take care of the hatching until they reach the first year of life, when they become independent.


Jawwhorls are located high in the food chain, being above lesser predators such as Stroths and Wildcarnagers, competing with Fontis, and being outclassed by Pycari, modern Llurebleg and Snotguns. These creatures haven't specialized on one type of prey, and feed on any animal they can find, although they only hunt smaller or less dangerous creatures, such as Watoadzards and Wistompt, relying on scavenging to hunt the largest ones.

Jawwhorls aren't a common threat to the Llurebleg civilization, due to them prefering to steal prey from other predators before hunting it themselves. Hungry Jawwhorls, however, might attack vehicles they come across to feed on their passengers if desperate enough. This kind of events usually ends with the Jawwhorl stunned by the vehicle's JJ-99 cannons or being drove over and killed as a result.


Xuz Fahrean Jawwhorls have been taxonomically classified in Spinosauridae, a theropod family. They share genus with the Common Jawwhorl, and their other closest relative seems to be the Carcharodon.

Their binominal name is Mandylocytas minor. The genus name means nasty thorn in Frenton and alluded to the Frenton name for the creature, while the epithet means lesser in latin.

Notable individuals[]

There are no known important Jawwhorls.

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