The Javinic are one of two dominant species native to the T3 paradise planet known as Moriartys, the other being the Rodians. The Javinic are large, winged Raptor-like creatures with sharp claws, teeth and Talons. They are civilised and are currently a 5-star Bard empire controllng 50 star systems. The inventors of the best alchaholic drink ever made, the pans-universal graggle blaster, They like to have fun and enjoy life, and are arguably the best dancers in the galaxy.

Biology and Creature Phaze[]

Almost as soon as the Javinic's Snake-like ancestors squirmed out of the sea, they slithered up to the nearest mountain or hill and threw themselves off, allowing the eventual evoloution of big powerful wings. First there was their supreme aerial advantage. Being the first creatures to take to the sky gave them instant control of the air and wind. Their skills were on par with that of a modrn day Fighter plane. They could glide and soar faster than anything else on the planet, divebomb at sonic speeds and gain altitude effortlessley. They also allowed them to see prey thanks to razor enhanced vision, swooping down, Talons outstretched and BAM!. Feast for the pack. Of course the sky wasn't the only way to hunt, Javinic were excellent swimmers, using their wings like a manta ray to glide through the lakes and seas, and Powerful leg-muscles and a streamlined body allowed Javinic to run faster than a Galactic express train when they needed to. For animals that proved a little more difficult to kill, they evolved near indestructible Teeth, Claws abd Talons, aswell as a Blade on the tail that could hack off a tree with a single swipe and could pierce the armour of any wild beast. Another development was an acid venom laced in their fangs. It could be secreted through a bite to pack extra punch, or spat like a projectile for faster more agile prey. Males would compete for females by spitting at rocks to see who could dissolve the most with a single projectile. The crest on the head acts as a secret communicative device, sending off invisible waves of sound to contact pack members during a hunt (killing the need for a mobile phone in the future). The only weakness of a Javinic was that they were rather lanky. Their scales could withstand heat and low calibur bullets even, but a single hard and sturdy strike with something like a mace would mean instant broken bones and even death. Luckliy they were fast enough to avoid such attacks. The Skulls were elongated, better for fishing or snapping at prey that could dodge other attacks. The Final key development was a bigger brain, so over time the cranium grew. Until it reached a stage that would change life on the planet forever.

Tribal and Civilisation Phaze[]

The whole Javinic species discovered language when a single one of them was chewing on the rear end of a Great Buttotherium that had been freshly killed. He accidentally swallowed a mouthful of the creatures waste, but instead of Roaring and spluttering in Disgust through a series of growls, screeches and hisses, he actually said in perfct english: "EUGH!!! I JUST SWALLOWED A MOUTHFUL OF SPACE-COW CRAP!!!" Both he and his pack were shocked by this. But ne by one every Javinic on Moriartys found they could speak. They pooled together to form Tribes and Villages, where some sort of Civilisation had taken place. Each Javinic tribe had:

-A Chieftain







-Huts and houses

-A corral for farm Animals

Tribal Life was happy for most of the species. Of course that wa until something very strange happened. The Rodians arrived. A Second species of powerful sentient creatures had also set up tribes around the globe. This made the Javinic a little angry, so they gathered up their warriors and marched towards the Rodian tribe. Halfway there, they encountered a Group of Rodians Carrying a very large bag. They dropped the Bag infront of the army and the Javinic chieftain opened it. A Massive pile of Meat, Fish, Eggs and fruit stood infront of them! The two Tribes prospered from this day, both becoming strong allies and sharing resources. It was this friendship that saw the javinic through the Tribal stage. After evolving their villages into cities, the two went their separate ways, the Rodians created their own Nation, and So did the Javinic. The javinic nation was a very economic one, realising the preciousness of the almighty sporebuck. They were very prosperous, claiming nation after nation to create the Javinic Empire. Life still wasn't easy even as an empire. Some rogue cities were reluctant to join and war all over the planet ensued. Despite their Bard like nature, they were a very brutal race. Eventually the empire claimed their half of the planet though and continued their economic way of living. The Rodians of course did the same. Eventually the two Empires met, having done the impossible and conquered half the world each. there was only one thing left to do.

Space, the fnal frontier![]

As soon as the Javinic stepped out into space, they were greated by the Rodians, who had also finally ended their race to space. After a farewell, the two races went their seperate ways one final time, off to build their own galactic empire. The only method of communication between the two species was now was the planet Moriartys itself, and numerous trade routes. After approximatly a week of exploration of the galaxy, the Javinic came across a Zealot race called the Apeox. The Apeox dspised the Javinics playful ways and immediatly without consulting anyone declared war on the Javinic. There was an era of vicious galactic War for many years, but finally the Apeox were pushed against the wall. But they refused to give up however. And the War still continues to this day, but it only leads to the conquering of other Planets.