The Javareki are cute, small birds favored as pets by many civilized races. They are relatively unremarkable, except for the fact that they are cute to look at and make funny squawking noises when they see their owner. Another useful trait is that they can learn to repeat phrases, just like parrots. This and the fact that they are very clean and friendly animals contributes to making them THE fashionable pet for much of the universe.


Javareki have two legs, which end in small feet. These feet have two toes pointing forward, and one pointing backward. These toes end in small claws that are not generally used any more. The Javareki have two very large wings capable of supporting them in flight for hours.


Javareki are very social animals, and get along well with just about anybody. When happy, they may start to sing or dance, and often flap their wings emphatically while they do so.


Perhaps the most notable feature of the Javareki is how many different colours they come in. The original Javareki were green, but now Javareki can be bred to any colour, and any mix of colours. The main colours traded are Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple, however other colours like Orange, Black, White and Brown are readily available. Breeders can also mix colours, resulting in a Blue Javareki with yellow stripes, or a Pink Javareki with blue polka-dots.