JSlugger is a slug omnivore. It will also appear as a empire creature.


It's not sure when the JSlugger species appeared in the JSlugger planet, as they has been the dominant species of the planet as far as they remember. There are some rumors that the JSluggers are an experiment of the JCreepy Empire, and that the JSluggers are related to JBots, but these rumors were never confirmed.

The JSlugger Empire eventually decided to reach the stars, and spent many years exploring the JSector, establishing contact with other spacefaring civilizations and starting trade routes with most of them, while defending themselves from hostile civilizations.

When the JSector was taken over by the JWar, the Empire decided to join the JAlliance until the end of the war, when both the JAlliance and JHorde got merged into the JCompany.


In Creature Stage, it possesses Proboscis mouth. In Space Stage, it is clothed with Eyebot detail.

Intergalactic Traveler JSlugger, the captain and leader of the JSlugger empire, are clothed with Bladed Knuckles, Plasma Pulser, Compact Generator, Compact Battery, Invigorator, Sprint Pack, Glider Pack, Stealth Helmet, Jump Jet and Protecto-Shell.





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