JOmnivore is a bipedal omnivore. It will also appear as a tribal, nation or empire creature, as well as a cell.

In Creature Stage, it possesses S'gnarly mouth, Beady Eye, Croak Masseur graspers, Sassyquatch feet, Meekling and Phatella limbs, Elkegent, Porcupain and Spurprise! weapons, and Crestacean, Triterraflops, Pool-Party Foul and Cassoworry details.

In Tribal Stage, it is clothed with Oba Shaka Mask, Tiki Gamba Mask, Charm Plate and Singuard chest.

In Civilization Stage, it is clothed with M. Poly hat, Leather Back, Mini Frials, Civil Senator chest and Seashell Cuff shoulders.

In Space Stage, it is clothed with Snogtib Cap, Waspen Jet Pack, Cubewano Disk, Radio Way Plate, Inconel 625 Plate and Air Propellar detail.

Tycoon JOmnivore, the captain and leader of the JOmnivore empire, is clothed with Singuard chest, Bladed Knuckles, Plasma Pulser, Lightning Striker, Missile Flinger, Compact Generator, Compact Battery, Stam-Booster, Super Invigorator and Protecto-Shell.

In Cell Stage, it possess Proboscis, Beady Eye, Jet and Spike and Poison weapons.





  • The JOmnivore uses the most efficient omnivore mouth of the vanilla Spore, according the creator.
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