JGoofy is a bipedal omnivore. It will also appear as a tribal, nation or empire creature, as well as a cell.


Cell Stage[]

The JGoofies originated on JGoofy homeworld, when a comet carrying the JGoofy cell fell into the planet.

The cell survived in the seas of the planet, first by feeding itself with pieces of plant matter and seaweed, later by developing proboscis to suck the blood of other live beings.

Creature Stage[]

After evolving for around 1.2 billion years, the JGoofies emerged from the sea and scattered to the land.

At this stage, the JGoofy creatures managed to become a very successful predator, causing the extinction of many other species on the planet.

Tribal Stage[]

After evolving for more 200 million years, the JGoofies managed to develop sapience, among other things, and started to organize themselves into tribes.

As tribals, they soon started to befriend other tribes, and became known by their friendly behaviour.

Civilization Stage[]

After around 2 million years, the JGoofy tribes started to organize themselves into cities, and to create vehicles.

The Green JGoofy tribe founded the JGoofy City, and soon converted the nearby economic city and anexed it to the Green Nation.

After learning about the economic lifestye, however, the Green Nation decided to deal with the other nations of the world via economic takeover, using cash and trade routes to influence other nations, and forming alliances.

After dealing with more hostile nations, the remaining allied nations agreed to merge with the Green Nation, giving birth to the JGoofy Empire.

In 1981, the Green JGoofy civilization founded the JMTV channel, that started to be broadcast to the entire JSector soon after the Green JGoofy civilization started their Space Stage. It being able to broadcast to most of the First Gigaquadrant since 2815.

Space Stage[]

After around 7 thousand years since the foundation of the their JGoofy Capital, the JGoofy Empire decide to reach the stars, and spent many years exploring the JSector, establishing contact with other spacefaring civilizations and starting trade routes with most of them, while defending themselves from hostile civilizations.

When the JSector was taken over by the JWar, the Empire decided to not join the war, and made the JMTV broadcasts propaganda of all parties involved in the war instead.

In 2817, the JCompany have grown enough to merge JMTV into the company, and increased the amount to pro-JCompany propaganda the JMTV broadcasts.

In 2819, the JMTV started a cooperation with the Quadrantia HoloNet, so the Quadrantia HoloNet started to broadcast JMTV programs across the Quadrant Galaxies.


In Creature Stage, it possesses Tuskaloosa mouth, Eyly eyes, Suckerpunch graspers, Suckerkick feet, Meekling and Phatella limbs, Elkegent, Porcupain and Spurprise! weapons, and Jeweled Rampart, Waddleweather, Fleshscooper and Cassoworry details.

In Tribal Stage, it is clothed with Oba Shaka Mask, Tiki Gamba Mask, Charm Plate and Singuard chest.

In Civilization Stage, it is clothed with Aqua View Mask, Leather Back, Civil Senator chest, Snokelicious symbol, Cury Coif and Eril Medallion details.

In Space Stage, it is clothed with Waspen Jet Pack, Radio Way Plate, Inconel 625 Plate, and Dishlious, Lock Of Goldie and Coil Tron details.

Galactic Star JGoofy, the captain and leader of the JGoofy empire, is clothed with Singuard chest, Toxic Crystal, Swarm Magnet, Icy Band, Hypnomelder, Super Invigorator, Mega Stam-Magnifier, Harpolizer and Hop Gogs.

In Cell Stage, it possess Proboscis, Beady Eye, Cilia, and Spike, Poison and Electric weapon.





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