JCreepy is a bipedal carnivore. It will also appear as a tribal, nation or empire creature, as well as a cell.


Cell Stage[]

The JCreepies originated on JCreepy homeworld, when a comet carrying the JCreepy cell fell into the planet.

The cell survived in the seas of the planet by feeding itself with cells of other species.

Creature Stage[]

After evolving for around 1.2 billion years, the JCreepies emerged from the sea and scattered to the land.

At this stage, the JCreepy creatures managed to become a very successful predator, causing the extinction of many other species on the planet.

Tribal Stage[]

After evolving for more 200 million years, the JCreepies managed to develop sapience, among other things, and started to organize themselves into tribes.

As tribals, they attacked or formed alliances when necessary, and became known by their industrious behaviour.

Civilization Stage[]

After around 2 million years, the JCreepy tribes started to organize themselves into cities, and to create vehicles.

The Green JCreepy tribe founded the JCreepy City, and decided to deal with the other nations of the world via economic takeover, using cash and trade routes to influence other nations, and forming alliances.

After dealing with enough nations, the remaining nations merged with the Green Nation through Global Merger, giving birth to the JCreepy Empire.

Space Stage[]

After around 7 thousand years since the foundation of the their JCreepy Capital, the JCreepy Empire decide to reach the stars, and spent many years exploring the JSector, establishing contact with other spacefaring civilizations and starting wars with lesser spacefaring civilizations whenever the Empire needed resources.

When the JSector was taken over by the JWar, the Empire decided to join the JHorde until the end of the war, when both the JAlliance and JHorde got merged into the JCompany.


In Creature Stage, it possesses Maccobjaw mouth, Celestial Stare eyes, Suckerpunch graspers, Starfoot feet, Tendonikes and Centilegs limbs, Elkegent, Porcupain and Spurprise! weapons, and Jeweled Rampart, Waddleweather, Fleshscooper and Cassoworry details.

In Tribal Stage, it is clothed with Oba Shaka Mask, Tiki Gamba Mask, Charm Plate and Singuard chest.

In Civilization Stage, it is clothed with Seafairy hat, Aqua View Mask, Col. Primer chest, Circumgear and Rankhatchings symbols, and Metal Cap and Eril Medallion details.

In Space Stage, it is clothed with Smarnocker hat, Oort Beam Mask, Waspen Jet Pack, Cubewano Disk, Radio Way Plate, Inconel 625 Plate, Crested Pear detail, and Eyebot detail.

Genius JCreepy, the captain and leader of the JCreepy empire, is clothed with Singuard chest, Waspen Jet Pack, Crested Pear, Bladed Knuckles, Plasma Pulser, Lightning Striker, Missile Flinger, Compact Generator, Compact Battery, Super Invigorator and Mega Stam-Magnifier.

In Cell Stage, it possess Jaw, Stalk Eye, Jet, and Spike and Poison weapons.





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