Your empire is vast. Powerful. You can melt worlds into glass and harness the very stars. But you lack the understanding. You lack the spirit of war, the sheer energy that permeats every Iteok in our empire - for every single Iteok is a warrior, ready with every fibre of his soul to kill for the Khereg and die for the Khereg, if necessary. The taste of the fallen foe's spilled blood, the scream of a warrior, thirsting for conquest, cries of our enemies, pleading for mercy... we fight for these things. It is in our blood, forged through millenia of conquest and death. You may have a million of worlds, but never, never shall you underestimate us.

- Commander Zavrhos in an arrogant tone

The Iteok Race, part of the Iteok Khereg (Itekol: Khereg Itekal, KUL: Itekak Khereg), are a race of sapient beings in the Kraw Galaxy, known for their brutish attitude and their closed minded arrogant personality.

The Iteok are huge Warmongers, and they believe they are the most powerful species in the Universe. They are arrogant as well, believing they can defeat everyone. This has led to mostly everyone hating them. Iteok only ally who is useful to them, such as weapon suppliers. (Ex: Hakonians)

Iteok have the Terridorians as their allies, and they are usually together in war.

History Edit

Tribal and Civilization age Edit

In -8876 KRE, The Iteok began their tribal age. Iteok were quite calm then, worshipping a God of Balance, who is said to benefit only the Iteok in their journey to glory. Iteok spoke gibberish then, because of their odd mouths, which produced odd sounds. They eventually developed their language into what is known in the Present as "Itekol".

Iteok were personalityless then, as they simply lived life. However, in -3906 KRE, an alien spacecraft came into Ikrhas, and noticed the primitive Iteok. Then, the aliens decoded their language, and shouted in Itekol:

You Weaklings! You will never be like us! Hahahaha!

- The Kharel

This enraged the Iteok Tribe, and they had a sacred mission to kill the aliens, who they called "Kharels". Thus they began taking out tribes, one by one, thinking they are the Kharels. The other tribes began fearing the Iteok, calling them "The Demons from Hell". No tribe was spared.

Upon wiping out every other developing tribe, the Iteok rested, thinking that the Kharels were killed. Imprints of the spacecraft were painted in Iteok caves. The forming of the Rhoikerhta Empire signaled the beggining of the Civilization Age, in -375 KRE.

In that age, there were 9 World Wars, each lasting from 8-23 years, killing 500 Million Iteok at a time. The Vyrhakta Khereg was formed within the struggle, by a descendent of the one who slayed a group of tribal beings. The Vyrhaktans then decided to wage war on everyone in World War 9, in 90 KRE. They first conquered a small country called Krhorrh, and then they moved on to larger empires, but in the end, the Vyrhaktans conquered everything. They decided to rename the country to the "Iteok Khereg".

Recent History Edit

In 127 KRE, Iteok scientists noticed an alien spaceship orbiting Ikrhas, and made a shocking conclusion that the spacecraft was similar to the UFO in ancient culture, meaning that the Kharels were not really dead. So, in 130 KRE, they made their first Spaceship, a scout spaceship. 3 years would pass until they would find the Kharels, truly known as the Asik Empire. They were known for dismotivating the evolution of to-be-sapient beings by saying they were weak and worthless in the creature's tongue, in order for the asikians to remain the "most powerful" race in the Arm of Power and Wisdom. Every creature mocked by them stalled in evolution, except the Iteok.

It was then when the Asikians started insulting their ancestors for giving them a probable threat, however, they had 240 Colonies, and the Iteok only had 1. 30 years would pass, until the Iteok had 300000 ships built. They started to rally a total of 23000 ships towards the Asik Empire, destroying half of that Empire. The weapons came from the Iteok's Allies, the Hakonians.

The Asikians surrendered, but the Iteok wished for their deaths, and kep attacking them and eating their remains. Some were captured for breeding for food, and others were tortured live. Eventually the Asikians were destroyed. However, the Iteok kept killing other Empires anyways, for entertainment. Their many wins would increase their eventual massive ego. They eventually captured 339 planets by 399 KRE.

The Encounter Edit

The Iteok expanded North towards the Tahar, and Destroyed 8 Tahar Colonies in the Process. After a Huge Battle between the Kraw and Tahar vs The Iteok, The Iteok Lost, and all of their borders were Blocked by Kraw Turrets. Inner-Iteok Empires are Given Special Attention from the Tahars in order to Survive Iteok Attacks.

The Void Star Edit

In 13/02/400 KRE, Upon finding the Void Star, Toragh 9 got the Attention of the Lanian Empire and the Fordan Empire, and the Lanians Start attacking Kiorhes, in Ikrhas. When almost all hope was lost, the Fordans forced the Lanians out of Ikrhas, and acquired the Void Star after some resistance. The Iteok got Intergalactic Travel, and are now focusing on Military Advancement, to prevent incidents like this to occur.

2nd Ottzello War Edit

The Iteok, in 15/01/401 KRE, were in a War for expansion in the Dystopian Ottzello Galaxy. They were originally going to Attack Cyrannus, but the Iteok were taken to Ottzello Instead. The Iteok's Campaign was successful, and the Iteok now have 20 planets in the Ottzello Galaxy.

War of Champions Edit

In 21/04/401 KRE, The Iteok declared war on the Kraw. The Iteok initially managed to take Jokraata, one of the Kraw's planets, but lost to the Kraw and were trapped again, this time, under defensive colonies.

Second Coming Edit

The Iteok attempted to defend the Asgord from the Xhodocto, but they were Ignored, and they failed the mission, which led to Ka'an's destruction. The Iteok also saved Diplomat Lezia from certain death.

Betrayal Wars Edit

The UNO, angry at an Iteok and Terridorian attack against them, replaced Toragh 9 and 1V407 with clones that worked for them. This caused an odd war against the Terridor Federation, whose damage is yet to be known.

After the Wars Edit

In 403 KRE, Iteok were slightly changed by the Hrezi AI. Later on, they became interested in the Rambo Nation in a negative way, though they never planned an attack, instead, they focused on weapons strengthening.

The Iteok then secluded themselves for re-militarization purposes in 404 KRE due to the anihilation, and will eventually return soon to bug the universe once more.

Iteok Culture Edit

Iteok are very warlike, enjoying the act of killing and making people suffer. The Iteok are said to have a worse personality combined than any Human dictator. They live in a harsh totalitarian monarchy, though not as bad as other fictional dictatorships such as the Ninteen Eighty Four book dictatorships.

At age 10, all Iteok are tested for strength. Should one lift 30 Kg by age 10, He would be declared fit for life, otherwise he would be killed, though this only happens due to weakness. It is known that Rhes 23 is planning to abolish this system, as has been done many times by leaders like him.

At 15 KRE years of age they enter a conscription system. Their generals are usually very cruel to recruits, and will even kill disobedient Iteok. If one happens to flee conscription, he is very likely to be caught and then executed in public, often shown on the Iteok's only visual entertainment service, the "Iteok Kharterht". After this they go to their sub-par work lives.

Iteok get around 150 Itekron per month, however that equates to 8505 KR a month, due to the strength of the Itekron. Work is exceptionally harsh in Iteok culture, however, at night, Iteok are highly active, as Iteok only sleep 3 KRE hours a day, equivalent to 3.5 Human hours. Iteok youngsters mostly watch the Iteok Khartel, as there is nothing resembling the Internet in Iteok Culture.

Iteok men outnumber the women (60%-40%), and only men can become rulers of the Khereg, and only if they're part of Toragh 9's family. The current Iteok Population is 514 Billion Iteok.

Iteok are usually interested in a sport named "Bataykharr Harhzerhtal" (English: Cruel Battle), which is similar to Unreal Tournament. The goal of one of its rounds, "Rhat-Itkal" (Deathmatch), is to kill as many enemies as possible, but after one dies, they ressurect in 30 secs through "Haste cloning", to Fight Again. There are other kinds of battles, like "Tarhaa Ketraarh" (Flag capture) "Herrharal" (Survivor, Last to survive wins, everyone has all weapons) and 8 more kinds of battles. Dyrhas Kiorhta is its most famous competitor.

It is known Iteok are sexually attracted to personality. Iteok often go for mean and arrogant men or women, though some like dominant, king-like or hateful Iteok. Rarely, Iteok are attracted to niceness. Rhes 23 is attracted to humbleness.

Iteok Multimedia Edit

Iteok music is generally rock and metal-like music, and they are often Instrumental, as Iteok sing horribly. The songs are usually about might, strength, and power, and inspires young Iteok to be strong.

Iteok movies are often war movies where there is a lot of pain, blood and explosions. Story is almost un-needed, as Iteok want to see someone or something important being destroyed. When it's an Iteok vs Alien movie, Iteok always win in those movies. Movies where Iteok lose are despised by the Iteok Community. For example, if Avatar was remade for the Iteok Public, Humans would be replaced by Iteok, and the Na'vi would become extinct, along with their culture. Also, it would be a lot shorter.

Iteok do not have Internet, so news information is delivered via the Iteok Khartel, or News-technotabs. A Website like Youtube would not exist in Iteok Culture, but there are 3 Khartel Channels for videos posted by the Iteok public, which are sent by the Iteok public to a company called "Vrhorerhta", which checks the videos for offensive material (Videos against the Iteok Emperor and the government) and then bradcasts the videos in these 3 channels. The 1st Channel broadcasts top public content, the 2nd broadcasts videos from slighty popular people, and the 3rd broadcasts random videos from the most unknown of Vrhorerhta users. The time the videos are broadcasted is at complete random, and may not show up for 3 months after the video was sent. For Iteok Teens, their prime form of entertainment is either the Iteok Channels on their Khartel, or music. Some Richer Iteok have Foreign Computers to access foreign Internet.

Iteok have Videogames, and they're Hyper-Realistic, and most of them are Violent and bloody. There is no such thing as Age Ratings for Iteok, as Iteok Believe "Children need to know what is true violence for them to grow up to be Excellent Warriors." An Example of an Iteok Videogame is "Hengwaal Bataykharr Krwal" (Virtual Cruel Battle). Multiplayer is available, but not online, as Iteok have no Internet.

Religion Edit

Iteok don't believe that any gods created them, because they think "They are too mighty to have been created". For a short period of time, Shu'rimrodir was their god.

Energies Edit

Iteok are known for being one of the Species that touched the most energies at least once.

Descension Edit

Descension was only acheived by Zavrhos Rhokeaarrh, as he was descended by Tyraz. Zavrhos was a Level 2 descended being, and was the only descended Iteok.

Gyronic and Dark Gyronic Edit

Ever since the discovery of Gyronic and Dark Gyronic on the Ottzello Colonies of the Iteok Khereg, 230 Million Iteok have Gyronic in their bodies. 68234 People died using Gyronic and Dark Gyronic, Dark Gyronic causing the most deaths. 159 Million Iteok are Gyronic Users, 33 Million are Dark Gyronic Users. 75% of Gyronic users come from Ottzello. Out of all these users, only 11% of Iteok mastered Gyronic fully, 1.6% of those mastering Dark Gyronic.

Psionic Edit

A Psionic Academy was opened in Oesrhan, Ikrhas, where Iteok could train their Psionic Powers with the Krassio Masters. The Iteok often lie in the P~ 3-5 Range. There are few good psionic users in the Khereg, as the training center only opened on 21/02/402 KRE, and it requires years before a user develops good psionic powers. However, Rhtarhiatrhos has been training psionic in free time secretly, and has now developed considerable Psionic powers.

The center would end up closing when the Krassio became the Xol'Etra in 406 KRE.

Entropic Edit

Shu'rimrodir once granted the Iteok with Entropic energy on their ships, which enhanced the Ship's strength. Those powers have been removed in an act of treason.

Technology Edit

Normal Iteok Technology has almost stalled in Development since the Space Age, because of their occupation on war advancements. Only Weaponry and Cartography have advanced a lot since 133 KRE. Now, with the help of the Terridor Federation, they are developing technology faster than ever before.

Military Edit

Main Page: Iteok Military

Relations with other Empires: Edit

Possessed Iteok

An Iteok posessed by Shu'rimrodir.


They are Glorious allies, and Respect us fully. Let's hope they'll also kill with us!


We like them. Maybe we'll kill together someday...




We don't have the patience for these Bastards!


You will die under the might of the Mighty Iteok Khereg!!!

Quotes from other Users Edit

You may Quote here.

Warmongers? Undoubtedly. True warriors? No. This race are reactive, not proactive, and show no real initiative. Indeed, their advancement to space came only due to an insult... In summary, the Grand Council should disregard this race until otherwise notified.

- Fordan Kin-leader Si'Ca'Ro's report to the Grand Council with regards to the Iteok species.

What a dumb Species! They hurried to Space just to fight back on one who just mocked them! And now they are Barbarian, killing Species to left and right!

- Jooplet

Fools. Blind, violent fools. They do not even deserve being destroyed.

- Unknown Radeon

Hah, now I understand how the mundane races came up with the term "Rolling on the Floor Laughing!" (ROFL) This race only acquired space travel because someone INSULTED them! Ah, I haven't laughed like that in centuries. Still, they seem to destroy others purely for the sheer self-gratification of it. Sounds like something a Khazerael would do... actually... it IS something a Khazerael would do. Maybe I should consider an alliance instead of enslaving them.

- (Source Unknown)

They are very aggressive, but they can be gentled, if only someone would try to do it. We would try, but then they would attack us... poor fools don't even know their folly.

- A red Meta

Hmph. Whatever. As if their aggressive nature is of anything to worry about. We'll just blow them away like dust.

- Xhodocto Elite

You no longer have a use to me. Stay out of my way or die!

- Shu'rimrodir

Monsters! They attacked us for no reason, and killed and ate our CHILDREN! We are a peaceful people, but we can see that they must die. Down to the last women and child, they will pay for their monstrosities!

- Senator from The Alliance of the Wental Galaxy

Just a step above the Loron in my opinion. Highly aggressive they may be, they have continued to lose massive forces against us and our allies, blind aggression is not a the key to victory, if they continue, they will be vanquished by someone if we didn't bother to waste our weapons on them soon, for we prefer to fight true warriors, not barbarians.

- Warlord Kilnok of the DCP


- Dark Zr'Ahgloth

All of your arrogant kind deserves to die. Expecially your loathsome women!

- Shu'wokerama

This race clams to be a race of warriors, LIES! The Iteok are only weak minded children who clams to be warriors but in reality they are nothing more than dried grass in the Lanat savannahs. They crumble with the slightest touch and the wind carries away their broken remains.

- United Lanat Empire

WE WILL DESTROY YOU A- Shut up Masuri. We will crush your adults and then enslave your young and force them to do hard labor and act as test subjects for our bioweapons. Very nice Dylan, I didn't think you had that in you! Thanks, I've been working on it for some time now. Um... we're still recording here. Oh shi-

- Masuri, Dylan, Recorder Guy, of the Wentals

They are aggressive, violent, arrogant, irrational, cannibalistic... The list goes and they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Enslavement is too good for them and I would gladly lead a campaign if it means erasing the barbarian scum from existance.

- Lord Admiral Larnus Vontarion of the Draconid Imperium

I heard they ate wental children. I have no sympathy for these cruel, warmonging, idiotic insects!

- Gora of the Shellious Imperium

We can respect Warriors,but when they are nothing but Children eating brutes,we grab our weapons and kill.Consider us At War now!

- Ugandalore the Great

Trivia Edit

  • This is Irskaad's 2nd oldest creation, first being the now-lost Lekortiig, who are now remade as the Neo Lekortiig.
  • An Iteok warcry is an insectoid screech.
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