- Iolestin

The Iolestin are a race of non-sapient cyclop creatures known for being popular pets among the Radeon.


The Iolestin originated from Vendespode, the planet were the Radeons evolved. The Radeon noticed the Iolestin shared some of their traits, such as changing colours depending of their current emotion, and domesticated the species as companions and attack pets. Until today, the Iolestin are still very numerous pets of the Radeons, currently living in the the Divinarium's planets.



Iolestin are small yellow creatures with a single, large eye that composes most of its body. They have a pair of insectoid wings and crystals in their backs which serve as a tail. Iolestin are omnivorous creatures. They also have a pair of spiked, bony tentacles which they use to fend off predators and consume food. They have genders and reproduce through eggs, but the different between males and females are usually too few to be noticed by individuals who do not understand their biology.


Iolestin are usually calm creatures who like to live in large places where they can fly freely. They make up nests on the top of trees and buildings similar to Terran birds. Iolestin dislike living in cold places and have preference to forests or jungles. They are known to change colour and some parts of their body depending of their current mood through the use of psychic illusions. When they are especially happy, the Iolestin turn blue in colour, their insectoid wings becoming feathery, and their tentacles spikes become significantly smaller. When they are angered, the Iolestin become red in colour, their wings becoming bat-like, and their tentacle spikes become larger. At this state, the Iolestin are likely to attack anything in their way unless calmed down.


Much like the Radeon, the Iolestin possess a degree of psychic powers, though nowhere as much as their owners, which they use for creating the emotional illusions described above. When properly trained, they can also use them for intimidation.

Notable Pet Owners[]

  • Iovera IX - Owns a female Iolestin called Celestia.
  • Matheoward Alvarie - Owned a trained male Iolestin "hound" called Dominion.
  • Hellhuntress Telfinne - Owned a male Iolestin known as Fluffy.
  • Baptarion Light - Owns a female cyber-enchanced Iolestin called Zion.
  • Geltastra - Owned a female Iolestin called Eliphani, who was killed by a horde of undead Zazane during the Holy Shadow War.



Heh, they are cool creatures.

- Baptarion Light

I miss you, sweet Eliphani...

- Geltastra


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