Look at nature, it all collected as one being, and it so beautiful. We make this world perfect as nature. We the Union Republic of Ottzello, and we prosperous and strong

- Tuolog

The Ioketa are an Ottzelloan race and a major member of the Union Republic of Ottzello. A humble and wise race, the Ioketa are mostly known for being masters of all forms of Essence, though particularly in the Chronoscopics. Living mostly in tribal villages and living a traditional life and eco friendly life, it is said that the Ioketa's race is the hugest contrast to the rest of URO's society.


Early history[]

The Ioketa evolved in a similar way to most species. They evolved through the tribal stage, but stopped there. Rather than focusing on growing their habitat, they focused on communicating with other beings around them, sharpening their hunting and growing skills, and discovered Chronoscopic energy as well as Psionic and Elemental. Spending many millennia mastering these techniques, the Ioketa were still tribal, but lacked hunger, dangers, uncleanliness or anything unpleasant to inhabitants.

The Ioketa's world was beautiful, as everything was in perfect harmony. The jungles and forests were filled with brilliant and wonderful plants. Unlike other plants, which are in competition for food and nutrients, all their planets' roots are joined, and all plants grow and feed together, meaning their plants are very unique and growth is controlled. The planet's wildlife, while they were in competition, different species with similar predators and prey always worked and lived together.


The Ioketa spread throughout the planet, which was mostly jungles. They eventually learned how to survive in other locations, namely volcanic, desert and cold locations. However, the Ioketa who lived here grew very different, and became different tribe entirely. There were also the Katel, who were the opposites of them, who caused conflict. This sparked a war. Using powers of essence, the races sharpened their skills and fought brutally. Their skills improved, but as they did, the war only became more vicious. This was all thanks to the Dark Power; a huge enbodiment of Dark Chronoscopic, that would go to any planet with large Essence activity.

After many decades of wars, they decided to all unite together as one people. While they still live in separate tribes, the tribes do not separate them as a people. They sealed the Dark Power away in a single mask, and had to protect it so it could't be unleashed again. This did also mean that the Dark Chronoscopic on the planet was no longer existent, resulting in the Katel's near extinction.


For many more millennia to come, the Ioketa were away from all the wars, tyranny and dystopia in Ottzello, despite the fact that they could sense it. This helped them become calm and at peace. However their energy powers meant that others could detect them. So the Telzoc eventually discovered them, although it was considered too dangerous to land on their planets, as the planets were full of essence activity.

It was not until the Third Ottzello Galactic War, when the Hostile Xenoform Threat arrived, that the Ioketa were in trouble. The HXT Swarm, hungering for food and essence, swarmed the world and took the planet by force. The Ioketa put up a huge fight, as well as energy disruption, which is why the HXTs couldn't kill everyone so easily. The Ioketa hid to several points where the HXTs couldn't find them, and were depressed by the horrors that were happening to the planet. The HXT were after the Dark Power, which they were about to take for themselves.


Zelfron and his force, however, found the several locations of the Ioketa tribes. The Ioketa refused to join UNO unless UNO made the 'spirit run free'. UNO didn't know how to do this, but still eventually managed to prevent the HXTs from transforming the wrld into a Tyra-Hive, after killing a Mother HXT. The Ioketa revealed after that the planet itself was a spirit, as all planets are, and that they had freed the world of the HXT plague. As a result, the Ioketa joined UNO. They fitted in well, making their own habitats out of jungles and forests on UNO's worlds, and serving as an excellent addition.

The Ioketa joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and later, the Union Republic of Ottzello.



Adapted to their environment, the Ioketa are agile but short creatures. They can traverse environments often through swinging, jumping and climbing, making them very adaptable to most natural environments. They are in also excellent at stealth, largely due to their hunting adaptation. Their bodies have adapted through Chronoscopic and Psionic energies.


Ioketa are a very peaceful race, similar to the Galotians. They have a strong love of nature, and are very quick to try and preserve the environment. They are often calm and tranquil, and would be less quick to panic or have a rash reaction.

Ioketa can be heard using their mouths to communicate, but in fact they don't talk in a language that is anything like the rest of Ottzello; they don't portray messages through sounds, words or pronunciation. For some reason, however, the people they are talking to can understand what they're saying. This is possibly due to Psionic Energy, but has been suggested that it is their mental power.


A valuable member of URO, they are masters of nature, Chronoscopic and Elemental energy, and are also skillful at Psionic Energy. are greater than most, if not all, three dimensions mortals at the energy and at most energies, as it is central to their community, culture and society. By shaping time with Chronoscopic, talking to animals through Psionic as well as helping/manipulating nature through Elemental. The only known races they can't match at these energy abilities are the Krassio.

It is a common misconception that the Ioketa's intelligence could have allowed them to rival the Kralgon in technological development had they not stubbornly stuck to their ways. However, Ioekta felt that simple life was better for their lifestyle, psychology, health, community, productivity and for the planet. They also saw possible futures leading towards the race becoming corrupt and self serving, which they wished to avoid.


Ioketa society is peaceful. They are mostly focused on keeping the species alive and well in the habitats they live in, by hunting, working and talking to wildlife. Since meeting UNO, Ioketa do sometimes use electronic devices such as computers, and listen to music (besides tribal music) as well as watch films. Several other UNO members (and friendly empires) are allowed to be tourists to live like Ioketa for vacation.


Ioketa, in addition to living in UNO's habitats, live in tribal locations, such as in trees, forests and jungles. This is where they survive best. The Ioketa use wood chopping to help make their habitats, which are mostly tree houses or simple huts.


While all other URO races feature a cybernetic implant in their bodies, the Ioketa do not. This is due to the Ioketa's spiritual nature and being attached to the more natural side of the universe than technology, so they rejected any technological engineering.



  • Irskaad created the name.
  • They are based on the Guru from Sly Cooper series (who was based on Yoda from Star Wars) and the Asari from Mass Effect.
  • Classification of the Ioketa had help from Ghelae.
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