Natra galaxy

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Discription, judicial system and laws Edit

The N.E. is the allegiance that the Introi founded. This Empire will try to be the good guys in interstellar wars, although we make an effort to make evil defect to us. Anyone wishing to join would become allies in the game of Spore, being given protection by other member races, and would only have to follow these rules: No murder, theivery, or torture of any kind, on any planet, city, or starship, without due procces of law, i.e. Forcefully fining a theif, even if theivery itself is required to carry this out, and the torture of prisoners who are suspected to be members of a larger orginization. The torture or kidnapping of any being would mean almost certain warping of the mind, and would constitute for 20-30 year sentences. Slavery is prohibitid as well as changing someone's personality and memories. Capital punishment is banned everywhere except higly unstable areas, where it would put innocent beings at risk to keep them imprisoned. Intoxicating drugs are banned if they cause damage to the user, either through biological backlash, loss of judgement, or addiction that requiers expenses that shatter the users finances. Trials are to be conducted by a five man jury, who will also determine the sentence. The jury is selected from the local judicial headquarters. To allow a species to develop the full range of technology and culture that makes a species unique, beings that have not developed faster-than-light technology are to be left alone, though studied (in the event that a pre-spacetravel civilization develops something that sold on the Galactic market, the sellers have to give full control of the buisness, and at least 80% of the sales profit over to that species once they do achieve spaceflight). If a pre-sapceflight civilization is about to wipe itself out, intervention is required.

Genetic EngineeringEdit

Aside from genetic therapy done before birth, any changes to a sapient genome are illegal. Offenders will recieve a lifetime prison sentence, and probably a substantial fine. However, the grand council can approve certain species-wide changes, for example: The Introi omnivore transition, which was deemed a harmless way for the Introi to enjoy life without altering their core beign and the Suratean/X'nee anti cancer gland to help them cope with their planets high levels of radiation.

Energy Edit

84% Fission to Fusion, 14% Hydro-hexium Fuel, 1.43% Solar, .57% Other.

The only requirements are that the laws above are to be followed as well as the Planetary discovery policy concerning all planets encoutered.

Planetary discovery policy Edit

Scenario A. The planet is barren:

Terraform and then seed with life.


Scenario B. The planet has non-sapient life.



Place monolith.

Wait until species has been uplifted.

Scenario C. You encounter a spacefaring race.

Try to ally with them.

If they refuse, explain that we need every planet we can find, and that we will take them over if need be.(Again, only applies to Spore fanfiction)

If they start an interstellar war do not destroy any planets.

Call for help anytime a large scale war is occurring.

Do not utterly destroy them, but simply absorb them into the Empire.

Scenario D. You encounter a vastly superior fighting force.

Call for help, that's the most important thing. Stay on the defensive, protecting your planets in this order:

1. Your home world. This is your base of operations, and without it your U.F.O. can't function.

2. Highly populated worlds. They are the foundations of the Empire.

3. Sparsely populated worlds.

4. Worlds with life.

5. Lifeless worlds that are easy to terraform.

6. Lifeless worlds that are hard to terraform.

Those who wish to join click here: Natrian Empire Members.