The Inthra are a proud, insular species native to the Eupherion Galaxy, hailing from the planet Shyyavrannaith. Their history is marred in brutal racial conflict, and while they are not particularly warlike, they greatly value strength and valour and are generally highly capable fighters, at times with a tendency for excessive eagerness. Though they are heavily divided at present between two vehemently opposed warring factions, both sides share the same sense of superiority and disdain for outsiders that is characteristic of their species.

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Aryavai Edit

The Aryavai Inthra are the race found within the Divine Kingdom of Rhainash, distinguishable by their white skin marked with faint black stripes, large bone ridges, and pronounced tail spikes. Originating from the temperate plains, steppes, and valleys in the Northwest, they eventually expanded their domain throughout the entire planet, adapting to a wide range of environments. They have considered themselves to be the superior Inthra race throughout their early history; in more recent history, they have long been the only Inthra race until the Republican secession - or as they call it, the Rise of Vermin - with the others having been wiped out.

Ghovrash Edit

The Ghovrash Inthra make up the population of the Inthra Technocratic Republic, and are descendants of the Aryavai race. Their name translates to "heretic" in Inthari, a pejorative used by the Aryavai that they mockingly adopted. Centuries of extreme reliance on technology has left them almost unrecognisable, their limbs and tails severely atrophied, their faces deformed, and their bodies shrunken and bloated. Their skin colour is roughly similar to that of their ancestors, albeit somewhat discoloured, mottled, and sickly. They are looked upon with utter disgust by the Aryavai, who see them not only as traitors and infidels, but also as repulsive abominations who deserve nothing short of total extermination. The hatred is mutual, as the Ghovrash view the Aryavai as primitive, dogmatic obstacles in the path of progress.

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The Karrash Inthra were a race native to Shyyavrannaith, originating from the vast mountain ranges in the Southeast. They lived by a martial culture, and were highly skilled in the arts of war; at least until they met their match in the Aryavai, who, after centuries of conflict, scaled their mountain fortresses and wiped them off the face of the planet. They were of slightly stockier build than the Aryavai, with flatter, wider faces, smaller bone ridges and tail spikes, and thick grey hide.

The Veiassar Inthra were native to the dense rainforests in the Western tropics of Shyyavrannaith. Their bodies were more adapted to life among the trees, with shorter statures, slimmer figures, longer arms, and hooked tail spikes that could catch onto branches and vines. Their skin was green with pronounced black striations, serving as camouflage among the foliage.

The Sephrai Inthra were a desert-dwelling race native to the Eastern Equatorial region.

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King Vaeshas XIV is the ruler of the DKR.

Ecclesiarch Sovryathain Varaethi is the leader of the Rhainashi Ecclesiarchy.


Captain Ryphias Amarrash is the head of the elite Heaven's Claw special ops unit in the DKR. Utterly dreaded by his enemies, he is revered among his kind as a great hero, albeit a somewhat bloodthirsty, psychotic one.


Chairman Saeromar Ozkash is the leader of the Central Committee of the ITR and the Republic's head of state.


Grand Admiral Skorunas Masshaor is the military head of the ITR.

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