A key or founder of the Noble Alliance and long time allies of Rambo Nation. Considered the most wisest in the Noble Alliance and are considered the peacekeepers. But don't be wrong, if they consider you an enemy they can be relentless and very agressive.

An Insector Eldarion

They are insect like creatures and they are lead by a Council of Elders.

The Insector have a strong believe in the "Watcher", which they and the Serindia know as Inuthiaewë. Legends say that in ancient times, the Insectors met this being, and due to this meeting she became the "Watcher" as her precessor had vanished. Arriving in a massive ship, the Insector based there future spaceships upon this design and now believe the Universe has to be in balance, or a great Evil will be unleashed.

History of the Insector Eldarions[]

Pre-Noble Alliance[]

Before the Insector joined the Noble Alliance, the Insectors lived an isolated live, making sure there defenses were powerfull enough before exploring the Galaxy.

When they finally went to explore the Galaxy, the Insectors were already space capable for over 185 years, during there explorations they met with the Victreeions, the Kloppig Empire and witnessed the first space ship launched by the Rambo Serindia and there early years of allying the other Ramboidae which were friendly to the Serindia.

After the lost of the Rambo Founder the Insectors made contact with Rambo Nation and the two became great allies. They eventually decided to make an alliance, namely the Noble Alliance.

Noble Alliance[]

When the Noble Alliance was formed out of differant species and nations, the Insectors (as they are often called) were tasked with intellegence, because they intellegence network is the best within the Alliance, something the Rambo Nation is jalous off. Mostly they keep the Alliance together just like the Fairy Girls Society and they dislike the Victreeions. But they managed to put their differances aside to form the Alliance.

An Insector D'Kyr Class


During this Alliance, the Insectors build the large and powerfull D'Kyr Class, the strongest vessel in Quadrant 82 and the Noble Alliance (however Lizardian ships proved to be stronger, but they are not allies but enemies).

However during the Noble Alliance an incident took place between the Insectors and the Victreeions. This incident almost led to a Civil War and took place shortly after the Algernon War. Due to some stupid actions of the Victreeions, by blowing up a small sqaudron of ships the Insectors demanded their surrender. Both Empires already were on tension relations and almost escalated. But thanks to the Fairy Girls the incident remained an incident, and did not became a war.

During the Galactic War the Insectors aided Rambo Nation, Capricorn Sector Alliance and the Tralor Freedom Force to liberate the Dissia System. During this war, the Insector Captain El'd'Shar (the most famous Captain of the Insectors) was involved with an incident which ment the loss of the USS Bellerophon and his Rambo friend, Captain Ramkoty.

Quadrantia Federation & Cyrandia Alliance[]

After the Galactic and the out breaking of the Second Galactic War the Noble Alliance fell and was disbanded. Due to this face, the Insectors joined Rambo Nation, there long time allies and friends, but were allowed to keep there own ships, as the Insectors did not want to serve on Rambo Ships.

The Novae destroys the Insector homeworld's sun!

As the Second Galactic War raged on, the Rambo Capitol was taken by the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance. After heavy battles the planet was saved and Rambo Nation joined the Quadrantia Federation, a new organisation. As now the Quadrants were unifying (or at least made a start) Empress Ramashe declared the Insectors indepence again, and in gratituted the Insectors joined the Quadrantia Federation and remained close allies of Rambo Nation.

Upon the forming of unified alliance between various empires of the Quarantia Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Insectors also joined the Cyrandia Alliance. Yet there moment of joy was not to last for long, as several Imperial Ships arrived in the home system of the Insector Eldarions, there new super weapon, the Novae was with them. As Insector Ship began targeting the Imperial Star Destroyers they were too late, the Novae was able to launch an energy beam at the sun and it went nova, destroying every ship and Insector in their own homsystem. With great losses, they now have to make an important decision, as they face near extinction.

Soon after various Rambo ships came to aid the Insectors, but were shocked to find out what happened. They soon re-located there capital and began living there lives again in peace.

The first and last battle of the Insectors!

Though a few years later, at 04 AQF the Insectors lives came to a shocking end. The dreaded and feared Cult of the Deathmarch invaded the Quadrant Galaxies with aid of the Xhodocto Dhazhrak, whom was mascerating as Empress Ramashe, the Supreme Empress of Rambo Nation. The first victim of the Cult's attack was Captain El'd'Shar of the Seleya. Taken by surpise the massive Insector ship soon exploded and El'd'Shar and his crew became the first victims. Soon after, the Cult managed to overrun the Insectors. In a last effort, the Insectors hide there databases and knowledge at a secret facility, hoping there allies to one day find it and prepared for the Cult's final arrival. And arriving they did and all ships opened fire and destroyed all life on the Insectors planets. Within hours, the Insectors were destroyed and there presence gone.

Afterwards, Rambo Nation tried to investigate the disaster, but could not find out what happened to the Insectors, and their loss was greatly felt.

Insector Eldarion Ships[]

Insector Surak Class.[]

This class is a cruiser class star ship and has powerfull weapons. The ship is around 340 meters long and has long range

Insector Surak Class

weapons and sensor arrays.

The ship as an odd design, which marks the unique creativity of the Insectors. The ship is capable of Warp 6 and has very powerfull shields.

The ship is equall to that off a Steamrunner and Nebula Class.

Insector Sh'ran Class.[]

This large and massive ship are the Capitol vessels of the Insector Eldarions. The ships weapon powers are very impressive, but the ship lacks speed and manouveribilty. But none the less, the ships can stand their ground and when drawn into battle, they can inflict heavy damage.

Insector Sh'Ran Class

The ships are mostly found as protectors of the Insector Planets.

The ships fire power can match that of a Galaxy Class. The ship resembles the Surak Class, but the ship is way larger, measering over 600 meters.

The ship is capable of Warp 7 and has the most modern shields, just like Galaxy Classes.

The Sh'ran Class is based upon the mythical Katra, a ship of the "Wather" of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Insector Surak Class II[]

A smaller cruiser of the Insector Eldarions. They are an upgrade of the original Surak Class, they even painted the new one. The ships are just a bit stronger and have better shields.

Insector Surak Class II

The ship is measering about 350 meters, and is just the same size as the original Surak Class.

The ships are not often seen and have been recently produced and launched into action by the Insectors.

Insector D'Kyr Class.[]

This ship is the strongest and largest ships of the Insector Eldarions, measering over 600 meters, the ship is equal to that of a Galaxy or Sovereign class and is the most advanced ship of the Insectors. It also carries a support ship.

Insector D'Kyr Class

The D'Kyr class are the finest pieces of ships of the Insector Eldarions and they are used in their battle fleets. When a allied fleet is needed, the D'Kyr class is always present in Fleet Battles, even more than the Surak Class, since that is also used for exploration. The D'Kyr is not, and is only used for battle.

Due to it's size it is only capable of Warp 7.

Notable Individuals[]

Captain El'd'Shar[]

Captain El'd'Shar is an Insector from the Insector Eldarions. He is one of the less notable Captains of the Insectors, but is greatly respected by Rambo Nation. He is a great friend of Captain Ramkoty and he commands the Seleya.

Insector Captain El'd'Shar


Captain El'd'Shar is a very old Insector, one of the older ones still in excistince. He was born during the Mozel War, over 300 years ago. Must of his early years is unkown and lost to history, but it is known that during the Heer Stekeveel War, which happened 260 years ago he was already a Captain within the Insecor Eldarions. A few years ago he was given command of the new D'Kyr Class Ship, the Seleya, the most powerfull Insector Ship to date.

Captain of the Seleya[]

When commanding the Seleya he often was send to patrol the borders of the Insector Space and frequently encountered the Rambo Species. He was facinated by them, but also a little bit carefull for them. They were in the Noble Alliance, but they were known not to hesitate to use forbidden weapons like the planet busters.


He was also part of the Noble Alliance Fleet that attacked the remaining Algernon Colonies and made sure the Algernon lost the war.

After that he was reassigned to patrol the borders.

When at one day he noticed that a Rambo Ship, the USS Bellerophon of Captain Ramkoty entered an unexplored Nebula. He kept track off the ship and wanted to know how long they would be in there. When they didn't came out of the Nebula after almost 28 days, Captain El'd'Shar ordered to retrieve the ship from the Nebula. They found them and tracked them out of the Nebula. Captain Ramkoty was very pleased with this and they later became close friends. Captain Ramkoty often asked aid or guidiance from El'd'Shar. He was later given by the Rambo Emperor a Medal for it and was very proud of this. The Insectors see him as a Rambo Friend, which is why he also acts as a sort of ambassador for them.

He awaited the repairs of the USS Bellerophon so they could join for an inter Galactic mission between the Insector Eldarions and Rambo Nation. This turned out to be a diplomatic mission to meet and explore the Human Republic.

The Seleya under attack of the Valdore, and the USS Bellerophon moments before destruction

However, halfway the Seleya and the Bellerophon were taken under attack when the a Rambulan Valdore Class, the RSS Soterus, decloacked. Taken by surprise the Soterus badly crippled the Bellerophon but was forced to withdrawn when the Seleya damaged the Rambulan ship in service of the Imperial Alliance.

The Bellerophon engines were destroyed and a Warp Core Breach destroyed the Bellerophon with all hands, and as such Ramkoty perished.

Saddened and grealty hurt by the loss of his friend, he informed Rambo Command and the Noble Alliance. He was soon withdrawn from his mission and headed to the Rambo Capitol to inform Empress Ramashe of the events.

As the Second Galactic War started, El'd'Shar witnessed the fall of his beloved Noble Alliance and later joined the Rambo, as all Insectors did. Although he did became part of Rambo Nation, he did not want to abandon the Seleya and thus remained an Insector Captain instead of a Rambo Captain. After the forming of the Quadrantia Federation and the regain independance of the Insectors he remained Captain of the Seleya and particapted in numorous campgains, most notable the Liberation of the Rambo Capitol and Rambo Prime. He later went back to the Insector Homeworld where he was promoted to Fleet Captain. When the Cult arrived at 04 AQF, he was taken by surprise and was the first victim of there onslaught at the Insectors.


The Seleya is an Insector D'Kyr Class Cruiser and measures over 600 meters. It is the strongers and most advanced ship of the Insectors, but not the fastest, it can only reach Warp 7.

Seleya Aft View

The ship was given upon her launch to Captain El'd'Shar and has since been commanded only by him.

Seleya below view

Once the ship was damaged when it became involved in the Victreeion-Insector Incident and later was also damaged by the Algernon and a Lizardian Attack. When the ship entered the Nebula to retrieve Captain Ramkoty and his ship it was lighty damaged by electrical charges. The ship was teamed up with the USS Bellerophon on her last mission. It was later desroyed by a Cult of the Deathmarch attack.

El'Sukriahe'K'Thell (Insector Representative)[]

Insector Eldarion Ambassador

The Insector Eldarions Ambassador is one of the wisest and longest sitting Ambassador in the entire history of the Insectors. He was the one whom made an alliance with the Rambo and kept Galactic Relations close with them. Upon the devasting start of the Second Galactic War the Noble Alliance fell, where he also represented the Insectors and he saw no other option than to join the Rambo.

Upon the Quadrantia Threaty and the liberty of Rambo Nation, the Insectors were given there independance again and they joined the Quadrantia Federation, where he would be the representive off.

He is very wise, but can also be stubborn as he dislikes force or individuals who think they are smarter them him. But he is very kind and honest, and wishes the Quadrantia Federation (something which he sees as the new Noble Alliance) to become even more powerfull than the Noble Alliance was. The funny thing, he is an ambassador because none of the other Insectors wanted the position. He is often called the Insector Ambassador, as other species find his name difficult to pronounce.

After the destruction of the Insector homeworld, he became the new ruler of the Insectors. He re-settled the Insectors at another world and they lived in peace. A few years later, at 04 AQF the Insecors were taken under fire, destroying all homes and planets by the evil forces of the Cult of the Deathmarch. He is now the last Insector alive in the entire Quadrant Galaxies and beyond, because at the time of the destruction he was visiting a Rambo Nation colonie.