Do not waste our time with mundane concerns.

- Lord Ornith

The Innitian are a race of beings native to Segmentum Exterioris of the Andromeda Galaxy. Though many outsiders consider them to be pushy and brash, they are in fact logical and emotionless preferring to fraternize with their own kind rather than with other species. This attitude was formed during the devastating Vartekian invasion of Innitian space several thousand years ago which left the Innitian people without a homeworld. With many escaping the wrath of the Vartekians, they formed a great fleet known as the "Innitian Flotilla" which has recently come to the attention of the Andromedan galactic community by joining the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth in the aftermath of the Andromeda War.


Early HistoryEdit


The Vartekians destroy the Innitian civilisation.

Originally native to the icy planet of Sungsam in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Innitian were originally a friendly race that enjoyed making contact with new and alien civilisations. However, their obsession with immortality ultimately resulted in the sterilisation of their race which from that point forward forced the Innitian to clone themselves to indefinitely avoid extinction. This dark time ultimately became worse when the Innitian's advanced technology drew the attention of the dreaded Vartekian Empire which annihilated the Innitian's interstellar empire and sacked their capital, reducing it to a smoldering nuclear wasteland. However, a group of two million Innitian managed to escape the carnage, ultimately forming the Innitian Flotilla, a fleet of ships carrying the remains of their civilisation into deep space.

Entering Galactic CommunityEdit

Travelling the galaxy for centuries under the leadership of Lord Ornith, the Innitian Flotilla managed to avoid the horrors of the Andromeda War, though in its aftermath they joined the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth in the hopes that maintaining ties with these alien civilisations with result in the rebirth of their society, thus beginning a time of glory for the Innitian.

Biology and AppearanceEdit


An Innitian up close.

At first glance, the Innitian bare a resemblance to the common depictions of "Gray Aliens" though unlike the archetypical alien, the Innitian are generally very colourful with most individuals possessing bright blue, green or red skin. Most Innitians have thin bodies adorned with a large head with striking black eyes and no visible mouth. This is due to the fact that Innitian are cloned without the ability to eat orally, rather they gain sustenance from their body suit. Though attempts to live without these body suits have been attempted throughout the history of their species, all of this attempts at self-sufficiently have thus far failed to have any effect, with all Innitian alive today needing these body suits to survive.

Culture and SocietyEdit

Little is known about the enigmatic society of the Innitian people though it is clear that they greatly value efficiency, logic and the pursual of scientific research. The few visitors who have visited the Flotilla in which the Innitian inhabit often comment on the sterile and colourless environment of their ships due to the near obsession that the Innitian have with cleaniness and order. Those who encounter Innitian often comment on their emotionless nature, though whether this is a natural aversion to emotion or the result of xenophobia toward other races is unknown.


  • Name: Ornith
  • Title: Lord
  • Cloned: 230 CE
  • Fact: Leader of the Innitian and their Flotilla

Lord Ornith has been the leader of his civilisation since the days of the devastating Vartekian invasion. A being as enigmatic as the people he rules, Ornith is seen by outsiders as being cold, distant and distracted from the affairs of the outer galaxy while simultaneously being deeply concerned with the future of his species and the galaxy as a whole. Well regarded by his people as a just, if at times distant, ruler, Ornith carries himself with a great deal of prestige and dignity, wearing a large hat to signify his weighty position as Lord of the Innitian Flotilla. Since his people joined the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, Ornith has been searching for ways to cure his people's infertility by appealing to the three ruling empires of the Commonwealth.


The Innitian Flotilla carries few weapons and instead relies on its sheer number of ships as well as their extreme speed for defense. Nevertheless, the Innitian have learned from the past and in recent years have begun to trade with other species to outfit their soldiers and fleets with highly advanced anti-matter based weaponry in the hopes of warding off pirates and other examples of enemies that are found scattered across the galaxy.


  • Class: Replicator-class
  • Size: Varies
  • Weaponry: Anti-matter based weaponry

Embodying the mysterious Innitiain are their even more mysterious starships which range from small one-man fighters to massive multi-kilometre long dreadnoughts. Despite the advanced technology that exists within these unusual starships, they carry few weapons with the Flotilla relying on numbers and speed rather than firepower for defense. Since the creation of Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, the Innitian gladly offered up their technology to the new galactic government in the hopes that a new beginning was dawning on their people.


Such mystery...

- Admiral Votarah

I would be eager to learn what secrets they possess.

- Senior Illuminate Drake Senvinus

I'm sure they will quickly become a prized asset of the Commonwealth. I wish good prosperity to all of them!

- Crown-Prince Maxios Telvenum



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