The Infectant Virus, also known simply as The Tyrisian Plague is a deadly virus that has, as one of its names suggest, plagued the Tyris Cluster for longer than most civilizations have existed. Those infected with the virus slowly turn into Infectants and become a part of the Infectant Horde.


Dubbed Plaga omnia (P. omina) by the Tyrisian scientific community, The Infectant Virus is more akin to a group-mind of parasites rather than being mostly singular and unthinking like typical viruses. The virus itself is three micrometers all around, making it an exceptionally large for something that is not technically living. Its body is mostly spherical and includes multiple flagellum for propulsion. It also features multiple "tendrils" that it uses to latch onto objects or defend itself. These tendrils also are used for attacking the cells of its host as well as injecting its DNA into the cells of individuals.

Once the virus has injected its DNA into a host, the host's cells begin producing more viruses that eventually overtake the host's body. The new viruses produced will also have traces of the host's DNA, which in some way the virus to "steal" genetic information and incorporate it into its own species.

The stolen genetic information can manifest itself in the form of adaptations in a different host. For example, if a virus infects a winged creature and steals its DNA during reproduction, the offspring of the virus have the potential to cause their eventual hosts to sprout wings similar to their parent virus' host. However, this process isn't perfect. Infected individuals might not show these adaptations. This typically happens because the infected may fail to properly incorporate the adaptation into their physiology or the adaptation is deemed useless in its environment.

The virus is quite resilient as well. It can survive extreme cold, the vacuum of space, and even exposure to some forms of radiation. However, most strains of the virus cannot withstand extremely hot temperatures. It should be noted that the temperatures at which the viruses begin to die would also kill most normal organisms as well.

Culture and Behavior[]

The virus itself does not appear to have a "culture" of its own. Rather, the Infectants that carry and produce viruses operate in a hive mind. The viruses within each Infectant operate as a group-mind, even if an individual is infected with different strains of the virus. The Infectants do have a culture of their own, however it seems to be a mashup of aspects from species they have assimilated into their horde. It is unknown if the Infectants have an "original" culture at this point.

The virus, while it can infect non-sapient species, prefers to infect species that are sapient, even moreso if they are spacefaring. It is unknown why this is.


There is no confirmed origin for the virus. The virus first appeared in Nyarqaeshian records millions of years ago, however even they did not know where it originated from. What is known is that it was able to spread across the Tyris Cluster and was responsible for the deaths of quintillion of people. Studies from that time concluded that the virus had incorporated DNA from other species that came and went even before the Nyarqaeshu, but they could not pinpoint which species the DNA belonged to exactly.


There are multiple known variations of the Tyrisian Plague that mutated from the original P. omina virus. These variations, also known as strains, are created when an Infectant has survived long enough and managed to become powerful enough for mutations in their genetic code to occur. Infectants created by these individuals are infected with the new strain rather than the original P. omina.

Known Strains:

  • P. omina dualius - A strain of P. omina created by an Infectant known as Beta
  • P. omina unium - An ancient strain of P. omina created by an Infectant known as Alpha
  • P. omina omega - A recently curable and possibly extinct strain of P. omina created by an Infectant known as Omega