The Indy yod's are a species of Lizards from the planet Molmol. They have dark red hair covering their bodies, they have strong jaws and two horns placed near the ears. These lizards are a friend of the K'Razo Boid's.


The Indy yod's are a 4 star warrior empire, they posses many weapons, and they control about 30 systems (possibly more :P i dont really know it is my brothers species) in their small sector in the outer regions of the Arm left to the Orion arm (where sol is), they have encountered the Grox several times, and have also built a colony on a system close to the grox, mostly for trade and negotiations with the Grox. The Indy Yod's have entered the Core of the galaxy one time. The one that acomplished this brave thing was the Indy yodian captain Denize. Well, you know what happens with the space empires that tries to enter the galactic core. Yep, they are at war with the Grox, so they are living in harsh times, luckily the K'Razo Boids often brings them materials to repair damaged structures and veichles.


  • Their creature stage name was Yodoking
  • My brother didn't know you couldn't change the name after entering tribal so he was stuck with Indy Yod.
  • He had planned on changing their name to Yodo Civilus in civ stage.
  • And later into Yodosaur Galaxica.
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