Suprisingly friendly for clouds of superheated plasma in armoured suits.

- Unknown

Imperix (Astra mercator - Star merchants) are a species of plasma-based lifeforms living on the stars, their homestar being a red dwarf called Erix, on the outskirts of Segmentum Crepusculum. Despite being prolific within their home even without any technology, many Imperix have left it to the outer galaxy in their metallic suits containing their fiery bodies, seeking to find and meet other, non-plasma sentient species, later returning to Erix when their thirst for adventure is sated. Due to this, Imperix have gained the reputation of reckless traders and opportunistic bounty hunters.


lmperix are the peculiar sentient species, vastly different from the common life in the universe. Emerging on the stars, living clouds of superheated gas have evolved, skimming on solar winds consuming the energy of their home as well and hunting other lifeforms there. Eventually becoming the top predators among the plasma life of Erix, some of these lifeforms that would become known as Imperix attained some kind of sentience, although different to the sentience of carbon life. Having no way to build anything from plasma matter, Imperix remained primitive, only using their intelligence to huny. Nevertheless, they have developed their own culture and even a semblance of religion.

Imperix would have remained on Erix for millenia, but the hand of fate has chosen otherwise. Erix system was home to other civilisations - two grand empires vying for dominance. Exitus from the deserted Erix III and Millenis from the asteroids of Erix XI. Exitus have found the Imperix and have decided that they could be used as powerful soldiers. Abducting millions of Imperix and sealing them in black metal shells, Exitus have created the massive army with predatory instincts and fearsome weapons. This army has ensured the Exitus victory over the Millenis, causing their empire to collapse.

The Exitus War was one of the only wars in the Imperix history.

After the war was won, however, Exitus have abandoned the Imperix, having no need of broken instruments. Left abandoned on the battlefields, the Imperix were helped by the defeated Millenis. Eventually, both species have assembled their remaining forces and have formed an accord. Both Millenis and Imperix have agreed to form an army that would be a match for Exitus and would end their rule over the star system. Their plan succeded. With Imperix weaponry and Millenis' numbers and craftiness, Exitus Empire was destroyed and Erix III was devastated, the survivors using primitive sleeper ships to escape the system.

After the war, the ways of two species parted. Millenis quickly turned back into a congregation of clans and tribes, while most of the Imperix, using Exitus technology, have returned to their homestar. Some, however, did not, deciding to stay on Erix III to form a civilisation on the planet. A bridge was estabilished between Erix star and Erix III, and myany young Imperix became interested in the outside world and technology. Soon, Erix III housed a large population of Imperix, and the Consulate of Erix was founded, a republic with a consul at its head.

Following the next century, Imperix advanced in technology and expanded in Andromeda, eventually becoming a small yet formidable tier 3 nation of traders.



Imperix in its nautral form: a cloud of plasma.

Imperix are star life, made of superheated plasma. As such, their senses and physiology is different to that of carbon lifeforms; they can sense mass of the objects and its electromagnetic "aura", allowing them to "see" and to communicate, respectively. They have no recognisable form, instead being amorphous; their bodies. Despite this, they are able to move by "skimming" on electromagnetic solar winds, in a similar way to a ship's sails.

In their suits, Imperix are semi-humanoid lifeforms, protected by a layer of a highly resistant alloy and an energy field powered by atomic or, if an Imperix can get the technology, zero-point generator. The force field is not perfect however, and some of energy breaks through it, giving Imperix their green colouration. Imperix have no arms, but inside their "heads" (which are actually little more than machines turning light and sound signals into something they can comprehend), two large tentacles are located hidden inside the "mouth", used for grasping objects.


Imperix, like most of the plasma life, have abilities to change their form easily, as well as process information and do things at high speeds due to the high temperature of their homes.

When in their suits, Imperix are highly resistant to damage and can even survive laser fire, but are ill-suited for combat due to being slow. During the times of Exitus/Millenis Wars, however, they were extremely powerful, dreaded benemoths herded to battle. These times, however, are over, as new technologies have been developed, leaving Imperix suits behind.


Imperix and Millenis make a deal.

Imperix's mentality is, obviously, different to that of carbon lifeforms. Evolving with no technology, they have little concept of property. Given their pack instincts, conflicts within their own species are fairly rare; but they do happen none the less. Knowledge, at other side, is an important part of their life, being their main currency both on Erix and outside. Imperix have constructed vast internet network, ErixNet, using the sheer energy and computation power of their homestar, creating large web encyclopedias and communication networks for making deals and negotiations; so far, it is only used in their home sector.

When they are outside their homestar, Imperix have the reputation of playful and curious beings. Having limited time before returning to their home, Imperix travelers want to savour all experiences. They are often seen as traders due to the fact trade is often a good way to find out more about alien cultures, but they have little interest in products themselves, certainly less than in people they trade with. Often reckless, they do not care that some deals or their endavours may ruin their further life - mainly because this further life will certainly be away from the source of danger, back on their homestar of Erix where they would enjoy peaceful and primitive life again once they would have enough.


Imperix originally did not have any government on Erix, existing as numerous clans; outside it, however, they have adopted a democratic, decentralised system - and formed a government called the Consulate of Erix. Imperix form local councils on planets they do inhabit, using their communication network technology to start discussions in order to achieve a consensus in their political decisions. As such, the Consulate of Erix is a direct democracy. However, in order to maintain a semblance of order and not split into multiple warring clans like Millenis, the Imperix also elect a unified leader, the Consule. Consule maintains the overall welfare of the Consulate and oversees the local councils, as well as acts like a head of state for diplomatic meetings.


Imperix's natural habitat it, as stated above, stars; with their suits, they can live on planets, well protected from heat or cold. Imperix travelers are known for making towns to settle in, but they do not construct huge, bustling metropoli, their buildings laconic and simple.


Originally, Imperix existed without technology completely, living in their home like their insentient ancestors. When they had left Erix in metal shells however, it changed. Imperix travelers' technology is a mixture of their own designs, Exitus legacy and whatever they have bought from other Andromeda species.


Imperix have simple weaponry, limited to mere lasers and rocket launchers. As a civilisation that does not want war, they maintain peaceful relationships wth others, and their weaponry is only used for the last resort. Their weaponry is largely what remains from the times of Exitus slavery, although many Millennis designs are used as well.


Imperix have developed other technology as well, not related to war. Imperix care a lot about utility and as such they primarily make technology that would be efficient, not beautiful or unique. They have created a vast database of information in their network, and any Imperix can access its knowledge. Other famous Imperix inventions are their computer technologies that are considered the best within Segmentum Umbra - small and highly effective.


Imperix Merchant.png

The mainstay of Imperix fleet is composed of their merchant ships, large vessels sparking with green energy. A hundred meter tall, Merchants can carry large amounts of resources and can be used, as the name would imply, for trade. They are famous for their powerful and endurant warp drives, allowing them to wander the galaxy freely.

Merchants have a certain strange design, looking a bit makeshift. This look does not decieve, for there is no official production of these ships and Imperix usually build them themselves out of whatever they can find. As such, all of them look different and no ship is truly the same.




Green face.pngCome here, friends! We'll give you a discount.

  • Millenis - Our ancient kin and our closest allies.


Blue face.pngYou are welcome to trade!


Yellow face.pngEverything you see is for sale.

  • Oriito Federation - We are somewhat similar in philosophy.
  • Solarites - We trade sometimes, but they are way too violent.
  • Tertanai - Okay, there were rumours.


Orange face.pngWe do not like to fight, but when we do...


We earned our freedom side by side and we shall always stay side by side.

- Millenis

What an extremely interesting species. We would love to know more about them.

- Jerkon

-Translating Signal- ... ... ... ... They are like us, but live on the cold outside of stars... ... ... ... ... ... we hope they will not become a threat... ... ... ... ... or we will have to destroy them utterly ... ... ... ... that would be a cruel fate indeed. -Signal Complete-

- EM Gods
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