We have our own way, and nothing can stray us from it.

- Lord Minister Anarath

Imperions, also known as the free people of the Quadrants, are the species of amphibian creatures hailing from the Quadrant 21. They are among the most important species in The Divinarium


Early history[]

Imperions originate from Imalith, a swampy planet within the outer rim of the Quadrant 21. The early history of this world is fairly similar to that of Earth, and various plantlife and animal life evolved in Imalith's seas during this period. However, the major cataclysm caused by the tectonic shifts caused the oceans of the planet to dry out, resulting in lifeforms adapting to the changes and becoming terrestrial. For the next millions of years, the land of Imalith was constantly shifting and changing, islands appearing from the sea and sinking again. That forced the animals on the world to become equally adapt on both land and sea, allowing amphibian lifeforms to flourish. Eventually, sapient life appeared.

The Imperion civilisation known today started on so-called Manteis archipelago, a relatively stable group of islands which periods of sinking and reappearing were known and predictable. Fierce wars for Manteis have started, various factions fighting for resources, metals, females and slaves. After the centuries of war, however, the warring factions were finally united by the enigmatic figure known only as the Oracle. During his life, the Great Manteis has expanded and conquered a large part of the planet. After his death, however, the empire created by him fell into chaos, civil war destroying the law and order again. The Middle ages of the Imperion civilisation has began, known by them as the Millenium of Darkness. The Millenium was filled with wars, new empires being found, dying like mayflies and rising from the ashes once more. Despite the conflicts, however, the Imperion civilisation was also advancing in technology and culture, developing bookprinting, gunpowder, steam engines, and other technology during this grim time, the light of mind reigning supreme in spite of the eternal war. During the late centuries of the Millenium of Darkness, a new religion arose, worshipping the ancient Oracle as a god. Under the banner of faith, many Imperions were united, and the new theocratic regime finally reigned supreme, ending the Millenium of Darkness. However, even darker age has come, now known as the Century of Blood.

While appearing benevolent and ending the great war, the supreme priesthood of the Oracle, the Talanars, have turned out to be cruel tyrants. Massive police forces were formed, protecting the regime and destroying anyone who disagreed with their rule. Further scientific advancment and many forms of art have been banned, plungin the Imperions into a new dark age, even darker than before. Finally, the Imperions felt it was enough, and the great revolution has started. During the revolution, the Talanars were deposed and then executed, and the new, democratic goverment was created instead. The following century, the Century of Light, has been generally peaceful, and soon, Imperions have launched their space program towards the other star systems. The Imperion Pan Empire has been formed.

Indoctrination into the Church of Spode[]

For the next decades, the Imperion Pan Empire advanced and increased its power, eventually becoming the most powerful empire in their sector. However, their supremacy has been challenged when a mysterious fleet of golden spaceships have arrived in their astral territories. Their ambassadors, calling themselves Radeons, spoke about the salvation and power they could get if they would join their divine empire, of the glory of their faith and their rulers. Imperions immediately refused to join, aliens reminding them of the horrific empire of the Talanars - and attacked the fleet, destroying it. Radeons have responded, and the war has started again. Even though Imperions were winning at first, their empire was eventually conquered by the Church of Spode thanks to its new ruthless ruler, War Predictor Jaharan. After the war, his reign of blood has started. Many Imperions later helped Telfar and his followers to depose Jaharan, as under his rule many of them were abused and enslaved. After the coup, Imperions became full-fledged citizen of the Church, equal with Radeons. They have become their greatest allies, following them in the Universe 66501 during the rule of Masaari Crusade. However, when the Crusade was destroyed, Imperions decided not to join Tadjamad, instead remaining in their home in the Quadrant 21.

Now independent Imperion Pan Empire was not exactly succesful, though. As the empire was heavily integrated in the Radeon civilisation, it was facing economic recession and political crisis, struggling to maintain itself. As a result, they had immediately accepted Iovera's request to join the Divinarium, where they flourished once more.

A Species Divided[]

This period of prosperity, however, did not last for long. As time passed, many Imperions, including their leader, Autarch Nalramath, became increasingly frustrated with the domination of Radeon culture in the Divinarium yet again, while others - for example, First Minister Andorrus Anarath - believed that this was a necessary cost for the protection given to them; the Imperion species became divided, its future unclear. This division was then noticed by the Imperions' neighbours from the Cyrandia Cluster, who sought to use it for their own ends; approaching the Imperion territories in Quadrant Agnassana, the agent of the Empire, proposed Nalramath a pact of protection; now with a powerful patron behind him, the rogue Autarch promptly declared the independence of the Imperion systems from the Divinarium (but under the Empire's protection) and proclaimed the creation of the Imperion Pan Empire, free of oppression and lies.

However, many Imperions opposed Nalramath's decision, seeing the Empire as a tyrannical patron no better than the Radeons' clericarchy. While some of them remained in the Divinarium, others didn't and are now branded as traitors by Nalramath's new government, and now prepare to find new allies in the Cyrannia cluster...



Imperions are amphibian creatures, with slimy, glossy skin and webbed appendages. Their ears are highly sensitive to the sound and can change color, which is often used for communication. They are as strong as humans, but slightly less resistant to pain due to their extremely heightened senses. Their leg muscles are highly effective, allowing them to jump on long distances quickly as well as crawl without noise easily.

Imperions have not one but three breathing organs - their skin, their lungs and their gills. As as result, they are as comfortable both on the land and in the water. However, they cannot survive in the enviroment which is not humid enough, and have to wear special stillsuits to minimise the loss of water.

When walking, Imperions usually crawl, but they can walk upright if they want to.


The Imperions' most important and unique ability is their mastery of their own metabolism rate, which can be hastened or slowed by them at will. When in danger, an Imperion can make its very bloodstream run at incredible speed, making him or her able to perform incredible feats of strength and agility - to others, it seems like this Imperion moves in fast motion. However, this exhausts an Imperion physically. At the other side, Imperions can enter hibernation state by slowing their metabolism, allowing them to regain energy quickly.


Imperions are often seen as a polar opposite to their allies, Radeons. They can experience emotions stronger than humans or Radeons, making them highly active and creative but unstable and emotional. Imperions often make decisions quickly and do not think of the consequences. Due to this, they are often seen as insane by other species - however, this is not true and many Imperions are actually quite intelligent. They favor freedom and are often rebellious, and their history was filled with wars and conflicts.


Imperions are the members of the Divinarium and share the culture with the other species of it. However, they also have their own unique sub-society, different from those of Radeons or Fyrvrtha. Imperions enjoy elaborate pleasures like art and music, and are less religious than Radeons, who often see them as perverse. In the so-called Imalith districts of the cities in the Divinarium, many theaters, cinemas and museums can be seen - as well as dens for those who favor other, darker pleasures.


Imperions live together with the other species of the Divinarium, but also have their own districts. These districts have high humidity and are filled with water, allowing them to live comfortably. Elaborate and beautiful tapestries and paintings adorn buildings there, inspiring awe to visitors, and beautiful golden hoverboats skim above the surface of water, connecting various buildings in the districts. Underneath this beauty, however, lies a dark, shadowy world of hedonism, decadence and corruption.


They were our allies for centuries, and have saved us on many occasions. However, their hedonism is not always accepted in the Divinarium...

- Iovera IX

New species... coming from Atlantica, now in Ardenta...

- Infobot Imperious

I like fried Imperions...

- Margrave Fela'thoran


- Warboss Gar'dakkra

Uurgh. I never liked these things.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

The Radeons should be proud to have such expressive souls wiithin their borders, it makes a nice counterbalance

- Alessa Ultanos
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