Early Origins[]

The Ikiranii were at first very little cells that wobbled about and quickly grew into creatures as Omnivores.

From there, they became very peaceful made large peace treaties with many other creatures, although they were very weak due to the fact that they were often getting the bad end of the deals. They stayed content however, and they always told themselves that what really mattered was the fact that with these alliances there was more happiness in this world. This was not their main problem; there was another creature called the Narkinax that was proving a bit more efficient than the Ikiaranii when it came to growing in power. They had created large nests that looked upon the area from their hills. They used bodies of dead intruders as markings of their territory, and extincting peoples only made them stronger. The Ikiaranii then decided to move on and learned about many new tools.

In tribal, the Ikiaranii found that their ways of peace had payed off. While the Narkinax were still attacking minor tribes, the Ikiaranii were converting tons of tribes into their ways of happiness. This led them to the Feanir Age, or the age of vehicles.

In Civ, they made huge progress and quickly took over tons of Spice on their planet to supply the money needed for large Religious ceremonies that often ended with another city converting to their ways. This pattern worked well until there was nobody left on the planet but the Narkinax. It was at this time that the Ikiaranii must fight with dreaded war vehicles. And they did so, singing "Fai'cov ad ariv pluc zoda", which loosely means "Means to a greater place" in English. All soldiers had made an oath to promise to go back to peace once the war was over. And they did so. The Narkinax were weak due to corruption, and the government did not have enough hold on their peoples to effectively defend itself. King Supereme Zaik'od Vai'vsid IV surrendered and converted to the Ikiaraniian ways to make them progress to Space.

The Ikiaraniian Enlightment[]

Upon the creation of spaceships, the Ikiaranii discovered that they were the only people they ever met that did not have an official language, religion, and currency. By seeing this, they came upon enlightment and invented the Ikiaraniian alphabet, which was the base for their language, Ikiraniian. It was a basic alphabet of 15 letters, each of which have an English equivalent. They are:

  • A
  • D
  • E
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • K
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • R
  • S
  • T
  • U

Their new language allowed them to grow and communicate more effectively, since now all Ikiaranii speak the same language. But the problem was that many people were not sure about the religion they were following, and what were their official teachings. Hence the poet Gad'ni wrote the official teachings of Ikiran. They are that: There is no god, The only objective in this world is to add happiness to this world, and that there is something called,"A means to an end" and it is acceptable. These three teachings were the base of Ikiran and most commoners only know of these basic rules. The people now were tired of trade, because anyone could change the value of an object, so the Ikiaraniian Board of Currency and Value was created. IBCV for short, its point was to make a designated money system and keep it stable. They hence made the Cariov, and 1 Cariov is equal to about 1.76 Sporebucks. They had now became the stabilized empire of Ikiaranii. To this day their new systems have not yet changed.

Famous Ikiaraniian Writers[]

The most famous Ikiaraniian writer was Jepense Dontjesui, a writer who focused on the people in the middle of the galaxy that refused to move from their lands. They, as many peoples do, called them the Grox. They do not hate them, but rather find them interesting, though they have absolutely no wish to be allies with them. Below is one of Jepense Dontjesui's writings on the Grox and why they Ikiaraniians should not ally with them.

It is not out of the question, as that is an absurd way to think; to say everything is very wrong, then everything is placed in a extreme, making for a black-and-white world of thought. That is not the way the world works. The point of alliance is to show the other people that they are willing to accept not only differences, but to flourish the similarities. This means that by alliance, two peoples will show that they are truly happy with each other, and that they have things in common in philosophy. It would be an insult to our people to say we have things in common with the Grox. They are violent. But they are strong. They make up 30% of the sapient galaxy. But against the other, allied 70%, they shall fall. They are like the Narkinax. And we know that they, and all others like them, will fall; the question is when.