A small creature with a large obsession over fast things.

Hyperion is a Warrior Empire, and mostly fight all empires that they meet.



The Hyperion are medium sized creatures with strong peach colored skin (Males) and pink colored skin (Females). The males are stronger, yet females are more sociable and smarter. All Hyperion are flying creatures and have 2 heads. The creature is 2-handed, 2-legged and winged creature.


The hands are armed with strong graspers and the legs have one set of feet for sprinting and one set feet for jumping. They have strong antlers and spikes on shoulders that spit a caustic fluid. the arms have large spike on elbows, the front are shorter and the back are longer. They have their spine covered with armor plates, to avoid severe damage, and have a large also on the spine. Both mouth work together and can bite their way to victory.


Despite having the many similarites they also have many differences. The females have their graspers made for better posing. Insted of antelrs they have small tufts of fur, the spikes on shoulders are not present, and also the spike on the elbows are changed to small diamonds. The body is covered with flowers. The eyes are also larger and more prettier (for Hyperion males that is).



The home planet of the Hyperion Empire is planet Hyperia, although inittialy it was Cestus - III before the later was destroyed.


Planet Hyperia spins around the yellow star named Cephren. The life-span of the star is of 7 billion years of which 5 billion have passed.


Planet Hyperia has 3 moons named Cycas, Redas and Fudas. Cycas was conquered and terraformed by the Hyperion Empire.


Early Cell Stage[]

Once released into the world these creatures started fighting thair way into existence. They grew new parts as they evolved. Like the creature itself they were peach colored and feared by all.

Creature Stage[]

Nature didn't spare a nickle in their evolution and they grew into monsters that could kill off anyone. At one point in evolution they gained wings, now they could rise above everything, and so evolved to Sentience.

Tribal Stage[]

They defeated everyone in their path and conquered all opossition, under the leadership of Chieftain Takechi.

Civilization Stage[]

As taught by their ancestors they started conquering all cities, by ground, by water and by air. They developed lots of new vehicles and once had enough power destroyed all opposing ciies with and ICBM. Soon after that they created a spaceship and went of to and interstellar journey to conquer new worlds.

Space Stage[]

Like a snake waiting it's pray, they allied many empires only to thrust their fangs in to the Empires and quickly defeat them.


  • Mostly None- Since they kill off all allies.


  • The Grox


  • Anyone who survives their raids and attacks.

Empire Description[]



The Religion centers upon Zamolxis, the god of the Hyperion Empire. Hyperion believe that he is the one that formed all existance and even lived once on the planet under the form of Chieftain Takechi. The Hyperion Empire believes that he brings luck and happiness to the inhabitants, and protect those who fight for freedom and always wish to live on. The Religion is called Zamolcology and citizens must follow 3 rules:

  • Pray 3 times per day for luck of those who are fighting, and visit the Church of Zamolcology every Sunday to pray for those who have lost their lives.
  • Attend all religious holidays, no matter what.
  • Always keep a clean soul and body.


  • Zamolxis is a Romanian God, that was considered to be the god of all gods. And even once lived on earth as a sage in human form. ( Note:I am not Romanian, we only share a certain part of history together.)
  • The Church of Zamolcology is a pun on the Church of Unitology, from the Dead Space Series (not recomended for those under 18 years).

Media on Hyperion[]


  • Gintaman - Reffers to Gintama.
  • One Park - Reffers to One Piece.
  • Pleach - Reffers to Bleach.
  • Beruto - Reffers to Naruto.
  • C.Cray Man - Reffers to D.Gray Man

Video Games[]

  • Dead Spice series - reffers to the Dead Space series.
  • Spycis series - reffers to the Crysis series.
  • Creature's Creed series - reffers to Assassin's Creed series.
  • Snore - reffers to Spore.
  • Left 4 Evo series - reffers to Left 4 Dead series.
  • Full - Life series - reffers to Half - Life seires.

Quotes from Other Empires[]

One time, my buddy Natneel and his brother Snappy told me about some Empire that started shootin'of it's own colonies for bein' useless. Then one day this other Empire, Hyperion was it?... Came and shot of the Empire's ass and saved dem' Colonies now that was pretty nice, not considering that they took over them later after.

- Prince Lucyan of Fairy Tail Empire.

Buildings and Vehicles[]

About buildings, i was too lazy to make something so i used the "Hellios House Set".

Hyperion C-Spade

A Military - Vehicle with an equal emphasis on all stats. Fast, strog and powerful, it serves as a the Main Grou